Monday, November 2, 2015

Rolling with the Punches

Hola Familia,

I can't believe it's been a week already, and that this is the last week of the transfer!!! I keep telling stories like they were from months ago and my companion says, "yeah I was there." Whoa my inner clock is really off!!! Maybe mom's weekly countdowns are making it panic :)

Let's start with the miracle of the week! Paul made it a whole week without smoking!!!!! That's the longest he has gone!!!  Amanda slipped up this week, but she felt really bad about it and resolved to get rid of this addiction once and for all.  They didn't make it to church yesterday because they were sick, but hopefully they get better and
get moving again.
Roommate - Sister Suter
Also, Delbert came to church!!!  He's one of the most stubborn less-actives I know,  but he promised he would come and there he was.  He is also meeting with Bishop this week, he made his own appointment!!! With a little encouragement...haha because we all want to see him get to the temple :)

Bobby is still doing awesome!  We tried to set a baptism date goal with him, but he said he is still being drawn to Ohio so he didn't want to set dates yet. Although he feels like the Lord is leading him down the right path. He came to the Book of Mormon study Tuesday night, church on Sunday, and we had a great lesson with him in a
members home on Friday.  He continues to progress, but we think he'll have to take his Thanksgiving trip to Ohio before he can sense that the Spirit is in Christ's church, and what he imagines Ohio will be like, is not what he will actually feel.

Halloween was fun, we got to do a couple things out of the ordinary, but otherwise it was a slow day. We tried to visit 15+ people in the morning and we only got into one door. That door had a less-active lady behind it and she set boundaries with us. She told us that she is NOT a reactivation opportunity, but we can come hang out there and fill a slot of our time with her if we want. Ha. As productive as that would be.....we decided to try to work with her sister instead. We couldn't share a message with both of them there, so we just got to know them both better. The 2 sisters live with their friend, and between those 3 women they have 4 little girls, 4 dogs, 30+ bunnies, 3 cats, gerbils, a turtle, fish, and a secret pet that we promised not to tell anyone about....yet.  Hahaha it was a cool pet though!!!

Halloween at the Gardner's

After trying to visit all those people we headed to the temple with Sister Suter and Crandell.  Sister Crandell is a mini missionary and isn't endowed yet so we all did baptisms and confirmations. Then we ran back to Lakeside for dinner with the Gardner's. I ate a delicious taco soup and homemade salsa. Heaven!! We then went to our stake trunk or treat and handed out candy and pass-a-long cards.

We helped an old couple move into our ward this week. They had an interesting food storage supply. We put away dozens of parmesan cheese cans, caramel syrup, water, and soup. They will be eating good :)

I went to Fort Apache this week and had a great learning experience!  We went to visit a less-active woman with no teeth. She had us stuff a lot of junk into her closet as a service project and then we sat in her kitchen to share a short message. Let me describe this kitchen to you. DISASTER. I sat there looking at stained walls, stained and dirty floors, food everywhere, and a smell I can't describe. As I sat there, I got distracted thinking how hopeless this place was. There is NO way that place could ever get properly cleaned. How could the Spirit be
there? Was teaching the gospel even going to do anything to help this family? Then I realized the sister I was exchanging with was about to share a Mormon Message on her iPad. I turned to face her and soon
heard Elder Hollands voice coming out of that little iPad.  The Spirit filled the room and I realized how much hope that family really had because of the gospel.  I realized that a prophet's voice can literally touch any corner of the world, and it does! And it does bring hope and it does bring light to little kitchen on an Indian reservation. The Lord showed me how wrong I was that day.

This email seems shorter than usual, but it really has been a slower week. I will email again next Wednesday because of transfers. It sounds like I'm staying in this area with a new companion!

Stay tuned for how that goes!!!! I am ECSTATIC to be staying here again :)

I love you family!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and letters....some weeks I need them more than you think :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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