Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....miracles!!!!

Buenos Dias Familia!!!

We have seen a billion and one miracles this week and we are excited for what is to come!!!!

Let it Snow!!
Yesterday we saw the most miracles in one day.  We have been asked to find out what our Bishop's vision is for missionary work and then to do it. Well the Rainbow Lake Ward bishop wanted every family to have a family mission plan. So we made one up in Ward Council and then I volunteered Sister Linford and I to speak about it in sacrament meeting. The plan has 3 steps....

1) Pray for missionary opportunities, for the missionaries serving in
your ward by name, and pray for the people they teach by name. 

2) Hold a weekly family council to discuss your family's missionary
work that week

3) Invite someone every month to an activity

Yesterday we both spoke about the new plan for 15 minutes each, and then the Bishop stood up and verified everything we said and asked his members to please do it.  That night we had just gotten home and we got a call from one of the families in that ward.  They were currently doing step 2 and having a family council about missionary work. They called to ask who we were teaching so that they could start fulfilling step 1. THEN! They said they were inviting a family to a Christmas FHE on December 7, so "would we like to come?".  I think my companion and I almost passed out.  They did all 3 steps the day they heard about the plan! That is how to take a commitment and do it! Good job Wengert family!!

That evening another family in that same ward had the 2 of us, and a less-active family over for dinner and FHE. Their fellowship was incredible...they even got them to go to ward choir after church.  It seems that the Rainbow Lake Ward is really getting excited about missionary work!

Another brother from that same ward approached us last Sunday and told us he had someone for us to visit. He told us that his barber lives in our ward boundaries and this guy's family is very important to him.  W

e stopped by a few times, and finally found Henry on Saturday. We told him that Bill had sent us to meet him. Henry invited us right in, had us sit on the couch and introduced us to his wife and 4 kids. An entire family!!!!!!!  The oldest is 8 and the youngest is 8 months.  They said they would definitely let us teach lessons to their family and that their kids would love to learn too. We feel we are basking in miracles!

Another miracle is that in our other ward, Brother Adams came to church for the 3rd week in a row. That is a huge record breaker according to Bishop!  He is meeting with Bishop on Wednesday and then is only a few steps more away from returning to the temple.  His smile is almost as big as ours :)

Also yesterday....yes it was a great day! We taught 3 kids of a less-active. None of the kids are members, and all really want to get baptized!!! They told us they were so close to getting baptized in the past, and then their parents got divorced and the baptism plans got lost in the process.  The oldest is 15 and she and her sister were two of the girls that came to girls camp this summer. The 15 year-old knew what a prophet was, who Joseph Smith was, and offered to say the closing prayer after the lesson. So now we have 3 more investigators
on date! The tricky thing will be them asking their dad to let them go to church on Sundays with their mom.  Split custody is not easy to work with for parents, let alone missionaries!!

Paul and Amanda had another rough week.  We just have to keep waiting and praying, hoping that something will get them back up on their feet.

This week we are very proud of our Rainbow Lake Youth.  We went to the opening exercises of their mutual night and they had invited and successfully gotten 2 less-actives there, and 4 non-members!!!  They are professionals!  One of the non-members who came was our old investigator Emily.  Bailey told us this later, but apparently Emily said that she wanted to cry when she saw us because she has missed the missionaries so much. Bailey said "Well, do you want to take the lessons again??" Emily told her that she does, but her dad has asked
her not to. NO! On the bright side, the Wengerts daughter and Bailey decided to invite Emily and take my companion and I out to dinner this week.  Seriously....they are better missionaries than I will ever be!
So this week we get to go to dinner with the 3 of them and hopefully a miracle happens with Emily :)

Well, it is very white and cold outside.....and now I have to go brave the outdoors.  I love you family!!!  Think warm thoughts for me!!!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Short

This sweet Hermana asked me to translate her
 Patriarchal blessing typed in English into Spanish!
What an honor!

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