Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Here Goes Everything!

Hola Familia!!!

Everyone is getting so excited in their emails!! It must be the Christmas season or something else :)  I did see a tree at Walmart today!
New companion - Sister Linford
This past week has been a blur....again.  But! Now I have Sister Linford and I feel a lot less stressed so that's a plus!  Although I should feel more stressed!! You see, we are now the ONLY two Spanish speaking missionaries from Snowflake to Fort Apache, so we have another Spanish group to take on now. Somehow one of us has to get to church in Taylor once a week, and we have to visit Spanish families out there regularly. I don't know how we are going to manage 2 English wards and 4 stakes worth of Spanish people, but the Lord will provide a way! We hope :)  We are not Sister Training Leaders anymore, and honestly I am relieved!!  I just want to work in my area all day every day!  Exchanges and extra meetings are exhausting.

Sister Linford is from Montana and went to school for a year at Montana State. She plays basketball and loves exercise :)  The mountains up here are a lot like where she is from so she's been pretty weirded out all day.   Since we lived together in Phoenix, we are already really good friends, so it/s fun to have so much to catch up on. Plus, she's an awesome missionary! She knows what she's doing, why she's out here, and we're going to push the plow hard in this area til the very end! I just hope she doesn't make me run outside in the mornings :)

Our investigators are doing well as of right now! Especially Darlia!  In the past she has been hard to set and keep appointments with, but these past couple weeks have been great! When we ask for another time to come over she asks if we can come back the next day!  This week we took one of our members with us that works with Darlia at the hospital. They were already friends and it made the lesson more enjoyable. Somehow we forgot to tell the member that Darlia is going to be baptized in December, but that's ok because Darlia told her herself!  When an investigator starts sharing their baptism date with other people, that's when you know they are committed :)

Bobby is still holding on to the Amish dream, but he is also a super progressing investigator. He reads, comes to church, comes to Tuesday night scripture class, and has great member fellowship. When a stranger asked him if he was LDS this week, Bobby told him, "Yes...I'm researching it." If we can help him have enough personal spiritual experiences, then the Spirit will change his Amish heart :)

Paul and Amanda are really struggling. I think we have hit the bottom-most point of the roller-coaster this week with them. Hopefully that means they will start the biggest uphill climb they've ever reached before!  They are one of those families that makes me wish that we as missionaries could just live with them for a week and remind them to live the gospel :)

MLC meeting - former roommate Sister Tenney.
No, I did not eat the turkey!
We had a Regional Stake Conference broadcast, and we had a row full of families we are working with again! The Martins, Browns, Bobby, and Marie were there. And this week we added Delbert to our flock!  It was neat and they all felt like the messages were for them :)

The Duke family had their 3rd lesson last night and the mom and 2 kids all said they would be baptized!  We have to teach very very simply there and bring the lesson back from a lot of distractions, but it's fun to teach a family who is so eager and willing to learn .

Horror story of the week. I ate deer for the first time! Bumpa would be so proud of me!!  The Rova's made it for us and I couldn't see a way out of it so I ate the deer pieces with forkfuls of rice and chewed quickly. They cooked it well, and it probably tasted good....but I was thinking of mommy deers the whole time I ate it.  Aghh. Yesterday one of Sister Suter's members fixed us pheasant.  I had already been traumatized within the last week so I politely declined.  Seriously. Where am I....the mountains?!

The Martins are the less-active family that recently moved into our area. When they moved they decided they would become active and so far, mom and the 12 year old twins are doing great!!!  Jaxson is getting the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday, Kenzie has her temple recommend now, and we are teaching them the missionary lessons to build their gospel knowledge and to help them establish good habits.  The dad still won't come in the room when we are there, but the aunt who lives there joined us for the lesson this week, so that was huge!
We love them and they spoil us with a weekly meal and Jaxsons drawings :)

Saturday, we had a neighborhood clean-up for one of our wards. Who showed up? My companion and I plus 7 other members. Sister Wesolek and I got to sit on the back of a trailer for an hour and drive through the morning wind, jumping off to pick up trash bags that people had set out.  It was freezing! The best part was we talked to one non-member. He asked the Bishopric member  if Sister Wesolek and I were "Daughters? Wife...s? Or..." Hahaha He replied quickly. "Sister Missionaries!!!" Man that was funny!! The ward mission leader said later that he should have just told him we were wives. Um. NO.

We were garbage men for a day and it was FREEZING!
This Sunday we are speaking in one of our wards. Hopefully I take more than 5 minutes this time :) haha We are speaking on family mission plans and how they affect eternal families. That should be a fun one!  We are excited to get everyone on the same family mission plan though.  That ward needs missionary work to take off like a rocket!!

Those are the exciting events of the week!!! I should have brought my journal with me so I could remember more :p  But hey, the winter wind is freezing my brain so I have a good excuse.  I just want it to snow again! Snow makes the cold weather worth it :) Although,

I am grateful that we haven't had to scrape our car windows very often.  Standing in the cold in a skirt is not my cup of tea!

I love you family!!!  Keep working hard and be good!  I miss you!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short
This trailer is an hour from our apartment. Members drove us out
here.....the lady is a recent convert and her dog loved me!

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