Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a bit muddy this week!

¿Qué pasa Mufasa?  :)

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving already???  Happy Turkey Day!! As you know, I'm not a huge fan of the holiday because it means a dinner of rolls, pickles, and peanut butter-filled celery for me, but since my food pallet has expanded in the past year, maybe I will enjoy it more :)  However I am pretty bummed about missing a 2nd Black Friday.  Seriously....Wal Mart today had all of their signs up and were doing preparations....I miss that crazy day!

We are spending Thanksgiving with the Brimhall family. We thought we would have 3 or 4 families invite us over, but almost every one we talk to is going to the valley for we are just lucky to have the Brimhall's still around!!! Plus we love that family so we are excited.  In the morning we are going to join the Young
Single Adult ward for a turkey bowl (since our normal wards don't even know what that is!), and after dinner we are going Christmas Caroling to some old folks homes :)  I'm excited!

This week was another good week, but we have started to get quite a few people who ask us to come back "After the holidays." Nevertheless, we just find new people to teach:)  For example, this week we met Mary and Eric.

Mary and Eric were referrals from the Elders. Eric is a member of the church, but Mary is not...yet :) They have a 7 month old daughter and live in a tiny cabin.  Mary really wants to get baptized. Eric introduced her to the church in the last place that they lived and she had attended one or two times and loved it. She told us she wants to get baptized asap! Ok!  She was sick with the flu on Sunday and couldn't come, but we hope to see their family progress.  We hope Eric will make some changes in his life as well and be able to baptize that would be neat!

The Gutierrez family is the new family that we picked up last week from Brother Miles. We taught them again and I thought the lesson was fantastic!!! The 8 year old and 7 year old were paying super good attention, and everything was was pretty great I thought!  Then at the end, the dad told us that this was great and all, but he is a Catholic, and if he ever goes back to church, it will be the Catholic church. Agh!  We committed them to read and pray and they said they would. When we tried to set up another appointment though, he told us he was busy Saturday and Sunday  was football, so maybe the next week.  Looks like we need to find a different way into their hearts :)

Cazzie was hilarious this week.  She had been awake for at least a few hours that day so she was more "with-it" than other times :) After we taught our lesson we asked if we could come sing to her on Thanksgiving. She then told us the funniest story about the Relief Society.  She told us about one of her favorite shows, "The Voice,"
and how on Tuesday nights, you have to wait til the very end of the show to see who gets eliminated.  She said that on Tuesday they were just about to announce who was leaving and the Relief Society President poked her head into the room and asked if Cazzie would accept a visitor. Cazzie told her yes, thinking to herself that she
could mute the TV and then still see who won.  Well, then in walked Sister Coons and 12 other women!  She was just appalled because they stood in front of her TV and insisted on singing folk songs.  In Cazzie's opinion, "they could not sing!!"  Sister Linford and I were laughing so hard when she told us that story.....Cazzie's facial
expressions were priceless.  She needs a DVR :)

After Cazzie, we saw Janice Peterson. She is 90!  We had to yell  for her to hear us and she kept telling me that she couldn't hear my companion. Hahahaha.  The best part was we were teaching her about God as our Heavenly Father and her phone rang. It was her son. She told him, "I'm just visiting with these nice girls who came to talk to me. They are from the...the....Gideons."  We could hear the son on the other line say "Who are they??"  She said "These girls!  They don't have very many Mormons in Wisconsin, but there are quite a few here, so I am learning."  ha ha ha So we are now the Mormons from Gideon :)

Alex and McKara's family is our newest and greatest find.   We got a referral from a girl saying she was Alex's sister, he is a member, and that he was ready for missionaries. So we drove by their house for a few nights and no one was home. Finally, we saw a family car home, so we knocked.  The wife, McKara invited us right in!  They have 2 sons, a 4 year old, Bannon, and an 18 month old, Chayden.  She told us they have lived there for a year, but have been inactive for 4 years.  The best news to hear though was that she and Alex had been talking about
coming back to church, and being able to be sealed to their sons!  We were so excited!  We set up a return appointment for Saturday, and met with them again. This time we got to meet Alex, and he really was as
willing to come back as his wife. She had made us dessert and they talked with us about prayer, scripture study, and coming to church.  They committed to do all 3 things.  Sure enough, 10 minutes  before sacrament meeting, in walks the family :)  They stayed for all 3 hours, Bannon loved his primary class, and McKara told me as they left that they would come next week too.  It was SO neat. Alex's sister that sent us the referral is on a mission in Pennsylvania, and I wish we could contact her to tell her what happened!  They are as grateful to come back, as we are to have a family to teach.  It is a neat feeling :)

I'm getting over my cold still, but the cough won't go away! It's so annoying! Yesterday I had to run out of Relief Society 3 times so I could go cough outside for 5 minutes.  You'd think I was quitting smoking or something.  Last night I think I coughed all night long.  One sister told me that in the middle of the night I sat up and yelled
"Seriously!!!" ha ha ha Brother Gardner tried to help and gave me some cough medicine, but we got home and saw that it had 10% Alcohol content in it! We thought that was a little excessive so I didn't take it. ha ha

It's bad enough that I have an endless cough....but everyone else is getting sick too!  Kendra and her kids were sick this week, so they cancelled a lesson. Amanda and Paul are STILL sick and we only got inside the door once this week. When we did, Amanda was rocking back and forth on the couch and almost completely zoned out. Apparently she had an abscessed tooth and was in a lot of pain. We asked if she wanted a blessing and she started to cry and tell us she wasn't worthy for one. We convinced her otherwise and had the Elders come over. She sobbed through the blessing and gave us a hug afterwards, but the rest of the week we couldn't get in again.  Patience, patience, patience....

Last night was a really fun night.  The Nashville Tribute band is a popular band among missionaries.  They have an album about missionaries, Joseph Smith, Trek, and the newest album is called Redeemer. They came and did a fireside for our stake last night and it was fantastic :)  Before the show they wanted all the missionaries to
meet them in the Young Women's room for a prayer.  They all shook our hands and asked where we were from, and then the lead guy gave a speech about how much he appreciates missionaries.  It was cool that they took that time out for us, we probably had 14 missionaries there!   One of our members in the Rainbow Lake ward invited an investigator to the concert and we are meeting with that same investigator this Sunday, so we are excited!
Due West & Nashville Tribute Band member

Due West & Nashville Tribute Band member

Dan Truman from Diamond Rio & Nashville Tribute Band

So those are probably the highlights of the week!  This week we have 4 hours of zone conference, Thanksgiving, and we are working at the local "Festival of the Trees," for a few days this week and next. A member is in charge of it, and wants us to serve there and it will help us be out in the public. Sounds fun to me! Hopefully it's not
outside though.....uh oh.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!  Have fun watching the Macy's Parade and eating cinnamon rolls :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

Sister Linford found my monkey and my ipad!

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