Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Valley Blood

Hola Familia!

I am freezing all the time up here!!!  All the missionaries who were in the valley for a summer get "valley blood" and 70 degrees feels like 60 degrees. At night when it gets to the high 40's I literally feel like buying a snow suit and wearing a skirt over it. To my dismay I looked at the weather and we are stuck in the 50s and 40s this week.
I miss Phoenix!!

Thanks for the new jacket Grammy!
For all of you who are dying for an update on Goldy the chicken. Mary and David did consume her!! Then Mary threw up for 2 days because she was so upset about it.  I can't believe she actually ate it....

This week we had a lot of fun experiences.  My favorite was taking Marie to the temple for her first time :)  A member of the ward drove the three of us up to Snowflake on Wednesday. Marie seemed to just be soaking in her surroundings and didn't say much. Baptisms would be difficult for her so she watched Sister Wesolek and I do 15 baptisms each.  Then we changed and watched Marie be confirmed for the 30 names. After she was confirmed, one of the temple workers was telling her about how she can come here and be baptized for her own family members. I told the worker that in July, Marie would be able to do the work for her husband. Tears filled Marie's eyes and she nodded and said "Yep! He wanted to be baptized so bad....but he didn't make it."
When the 3 of us went back in the dressing room to change, Marie told me "You can really feel the Spirit here."  She loved the temple, and I was so grateful to be there with her.

Marie's fist Temple trip
Interviews with President went well.  We talked about a few investigators and then he gave a training on working with Bishops.  He told me that he isn't sure about transfers yet, but all the options he gave me included me staying. Who knows though.....that man can change his mind on the spot. I'll be in trouble with a lot of people up here if I leave though.....I've been telling everyone I'm staying!  It's called a step of faith...ha ha ha

Yesterday we had a miracle!! It was stake conference and we had a whole row almost filled of people we teach!!  There were members of our ward behind us and they sent us a text after church to tell us how impressed they were. Haha. It's not us! It's the spirit!  Even though it was stake conference, we had Marie there, Amanda, Paul, and kids, 3 members of our new less-active family the Martins, and then behind us was our new Amish investigator Bobby!  And it was stake conference!  We were pretty excited :)

Now I will explain Bobby :)  Bobby is a man who had religious differences with his family and recently moved up here to the mountains.  He was a normal business man and then something inside him changed I guess and now he wants to move to the mid-west and join the Menonites (similar to the Amish). So he has changed how he dresses, but still uses technology as of right now. Anyway! When he moved up here, he was looking for a church to attend and he met a member named Barry. I don't know how they met because Barry was visiting from Utah!
But Barry was a good member missionary and found which ward would be Bobby's and took him there one Sunday.  We met Bobby that day, but he told us he wasn't sure if he would return. Conference weekend, we saw
Bobby again, he had come to the church and was watching a session of conference by himself.  We lost him after the conference, but a couple days later, a referral for him appeared on our iPads with an address.  Hoorah!  We contacted him that week and set up a return appointment.  He told us that he feels our church is a pit-stop on his journey to Ohio, but that he feels good when he comes. We taught him twice this week.  He read the Book of Mormon in between appointments, made friends with a member of the ward, came to stake conference, and had dinner Sunday night with that member's family!  We invited him to be baptized and he is going to pray about it.  This may not be a "pit-stop" after all :)

Amanda hit 7 days of being smoke-free today!!!!!!!!!!!  We are having a party for her tonight and watching Meet the Mormons. Paul is only on day 4, but Amanda didn't want to wait for him to finish. She earned her party and she wants it now. Hahaha  it was so great this week though. We visited them almost every day and seeing the change and feeling the change in their little trailer was incredible!  Every time we walked in, usually by surprise, there were hymns playing on their stereo.  Amanda had been studying conference talks, reading, and praying hard to fight the temptations and she really seems to be done with that addiction. Paul is still working on it....Amanda's progress has motivated him a ton, and so they are both doing much better.  During the adult session of stake conference on Saturday, Paul and Amanda both shared comments during a discussion on the sacrament. In front of a couple hundred other adults!  Sunday after conference their family met with President Sweeney to check progress and they are still on track for Paul to be interviewed in December :)  I love that
family!!!  Even amidst their success this week, they still had trials.  Their brand new kitten was killed by a neighbor's dog :/  But once again, just like the car accident the week before, they do not let it affect their trust in God.  Their faith is definitely being proven.

Ciara and Darlia are both young moms we are working with.  They both did their reading assignments this week and are now progressing!  Darlia asked us a ton of questions and asked us to start meeting with her fiance as well so they can do this as a family. Um. Of course!!!  Ciara is working on saying daily prayers. Her son Gabriel is 5 and I had him help me say a prayer yesterday. He repeated everything I said and did really well. He was then CRAZY the entire lesson. Til Sister Wesolek started saying the closing prayer. He closed his eyes super tight, folded his arms, and tried to keep up with her and repeat everything she was saying. Haha she didn't realize what was going on, but I watched that cute, crazy little boy, stay calm for her entire, long, prayer :)

This Saturday for Halloween we get to go to the temple with the missionaries. We are probably just going to do baptisms though with Sister Suter and her companion (her mini missionary isn't endowed).  We need to make it home in time for a dinner appointment and our stake trunk or treat :)  Brother Phil is helping us decorate :) 

Oh embarrassing story for the week.  We were in our weekly meeting with the Bishopric and our ward mission-leader, and the senior missionary couple.  The Bishop started to talk about people we were visiting and I said "Bishop, do you want to start with a prayer first?"  Everybody looked at me like I was crazy and someone says "we just finished the prayer!"  The poor second counselor in his dry humor said "Yeah I just talked to God for like 2 minutes, but I guess it wasn't that powerful."  I was tomato red and just hid my face in my lap laughing.  I will never hear the end of that one.....

I love you family!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!! And will someone pay the sun bill please? haha

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short

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