Monday, October 19, 2015

Fast Week

Supporting the Gardner's niece - Emilee's Warriors!!

Hola Familia!

This week is a complete blur in my head. We had two exchanges, service projects, and 20 lessons!!!  I can't remember the last time we had that many lessons, but there are a lot of less-active people who are letting us into their homes to teach right now, so we have been blessed!!

Tuesday, I made a reappearance in Fort Apache for exchanges. It was a lot less shocking to me the second time :)  We taught 6 lessons that day and some are less-actives with very little comprehension level, but some are investigators who are progressing really well!  Everyone was preparing for a funeral and wake that happened this last weekend.  When a Native American dies they hold a wake. Which is like a viewing, but for multiple days. A lot of people think that the longer the wake is, the more that person was loved. I believe the church has asked that members only have them for 1 or 2 days though. It's sad how many people die on the reservation every week. There is always a wake to go to!  We ate dinner with a member there and she cooked us pork and
tortillas over a charcoal pit. It wasn't too bad :)  I reenacted the story of Goldy the chicken for the Sisters in the trailer that night.....their faces were hilarious!

Wednesday we had another exchange, this time with the sisters in Luna, New Mexico.  Sister Jackson came to my area with me and I learned a lot from her.  She is one of the most obedient and successful sisters I know!  We have been friends since the beginning of my mission and it was sad for both of us to know that she was leaving 4 days later.  She broke down crying at one point because she was so sad that she wasn't going to be
a missionary anymore!  It was so sad....

We taught Marie that day and she showed us her shiny new temple recommend!!! :)  We are going to do baptisms with her this upcoming Wednesday and we are super excited :)

Dinner Marie made us....
Saturday, we had 2 big service projects. It was only 3 hours total, but my body felt like it was drained of 24 hours worth of energy!  The Rainbow Lake Ward had a wood splitting/stacking project at 8 in the morning.  So we stacked wood into trucks for an hour so they could be hauled to the members homes that needed it. Then we got sent by the Bishop with Brother Gardner and some young men to help a non-member move from Show Low to Lakeside. No problem! Then we saw the house. The whole basement was chuck full of junk. Bag after bag after bag of yarn, boxes of hundred year old clothes, broken knick knacks, and plenty of animal hair. The young men and Brother Gardner hauled out all the big furniture onto a trailer and drove it to the new house.  That left my companion and I, plus two other ladies, to haul the junk from downstairs to the upstairs. It looked like hoarder heaven in that living room!! We couldn't stay any longer because we had plans, but I definitely learned the importance of packing before moving!!

Paul and Amanda are doing pretty well with the 15-steps as of right now. They messed up a couple of times during the week, but now we believe they are 5 days clean. We had a lesson with them on Friday and
showed them the video called "Bearing our Burdens with Hope." It's from the conference talk about the guy who gets his truck stuck in the snow and not until he weighs down the truck with wood, can he get out. We
told them that following 1 or 2 of the 15 steps is like only putting in 1 or 2 logs. They have to follow all 15 steps to get the spiritual traction they need to escape this addiction. It must have hit them where it needed to because at the service project on Saturday, they stepped away to brush their teeth and use cinnamon mouthwash :)

Saturday night we went and saw the Trujillo family. Hermano Trujillo was even there and we took some time to talk with them and see how they are doing. During the conversation, he mentioned making us eat a chiltepin. It's a tiny red pepper that is super spicy.  All the Spanish missionaries have talked about someone making them eat one, and I had never done it! So I told him I wanted to.  I decided to be smart first though, and I made my companion try it first. She died a little bit, but then she was still alive so I decided to try it.  It was HOT.  I
guzzled mango juice and then Hermano gave me a quesadilla to eat.  I fulfilled the challenge though!   We talked to them about coming to our Spanish FHE tonight and asked them to bring the treat. Hopefully with an assignment they will for sure make it!!

Sister Lords returned for a visit!
Kendra is one of the less-active we have been working with and we had a cool experience this week.  We had planned to go by her house one evening without setting an appointment first. We knocked on her door and her son Drake answered. Kendra was sitting on the couch and just stared at us.  I couldn't tell if she was just tired or if she was annoyed that we had come over. It turns out that she was in a state of disbelief! She told us that she had to give another training to her addiction recover group and was super nervous. She said, "I JUST got done praying for help."  Then we knocked on the door :) I had always heard those stories about missionaries, but it was really neat to live it!  We helped her plan the training and even got to attend her group the next day to support her.  All the people in that group come from come crazy walks of life, but they are all trying to turn their lives around and it was neat to see how much support they give each other.  The group's director is LDS and he invited us to give our own training! So tomorrow, we get to speak on the Atonement at this addiction recovery center :) It has to be Christian based and not push the LDS religion, but that's fine....its an open door!  We are pretty excited :)

Besides that, this week we have interviews with President, 2 service projects, probably 10 already set lessons, and a temple trip with Marie!! It should be a great week :)

I love you family!!!!!! Good luck at school and work!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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