Monday, October 5, 2015

Embrace the Crazy

Visiting Xochitl

 Buenas Tardes Familia!!!

It's been a crazy 5 days, but a lot of good things have happened.  Mission Leadership Council, General Conference, and surprisingly, quite a few lessons!!

Thursday night we drove to Scottsdale and none of us were really hungry because we stuffed ourselves with Brother Phil for lunch. So we didn't stop for dinner and got to Scottsdale at 7:30pm instead of 8:30 like we were expecting. I couldn't avoid the temptation so I texted President Sweeney when we got there and asked if I could go visit people in Phoenix. He said "Yes. Go...." haha so we flew out of the mission home and headed to my little pueblo :) Before we left I called Ernie to get his new address and he told us that he wouldn't be home for another hour. So we ran to Xochitl's first and Daniel answered the door. He told us his mom is sleeping and I said, "Well tell her it's me!" He left and I could hear them in the backroom "It's Hermana Short!" "Seriously?" "Yes!" She came running out and gave me a huge hug and then we talked for 30 minutes :) Apparently she has become good friends with Lorenzo's wife Lupita who got baptized a couple months ago. Lupita is the one that told Xochitl I was getting married. This time she told Xochitl that I was a reserved person because when I was here, I never told Lupita my first name. Haha oh boy. It's cute that she still talks about me so much though :)


We went to Ernie and Jairo's house afterwards. They moved out of Julio's house and live a few streets down. They were both really excited to see me and wanted me to come back the next day to eat with
them. Ernie holds a temple recommend and is going to get his patriarchal blessing soon. Jairo is a slacker and plays drums at the Christian church in stead of going to Camelback 1st. He didn't seem
sorry at all about it, so I just left him alone and will pray for him to somehow learn the lessons that he needs to.

Jairo & Ernie

MLC on Friday went well and we drove straight home afterwards. We focused in the meeting on finding our "why" for serving a mission and helping other missionaries to create a vision for where they are going and who they are becoming. President is really focusing on teaching missionaries the doctrine so that they are obedient, rather than making them be obedient out of fear. Reminds me of the talk from conference about the little girl who wouldn't stay buckled :)

Saturday morning we watched conference with our less-active, Delbert Adams. That was my favorite session of conference and a lot of the messages were geared towards the excuses that Delbert gives us so it was perfect!

Saturday afternoon we watched the session with Marie at her house. She had some snacks ready for us and once again, the messages were for her. That was the session with the young adults talk and surprisingly that was one of the ones that Marie commented had really related to her. Specifically in staying out of debt. She told us a neat story of how this week she didn't have enough money to pay a bill that was going to start to create some problems. So she prayed about the situation and what to do. The next morning, she checked her bank account and had an extra $100 in there!! Someone had anonymously paid to Russ' funeral fund that night and the money was just enough to get her by. All because she paid her tithing the week before :)

After conference and dinner, we did quite a bit of Spanish work. We taught Joselin and Sandra about following the prophet by blindfolding Joselin and making her follow my voice around the house til she found the picture of Jesus :) We took her ice cream because she finished her scripture calendar and had read til 2 Nefi! So we made her a new calendar.

After that lesson, we were driving past some less-active hispanics in their area and saw the Gonzalez family outside doing yardwork. They were spreading rock in their driveway. We refused to leave until they let us help them. We had never met Hermano Gonzalez before, he always refused to come out of his room when we visited. He wasn't much friendlier this time, but he let us help and hopefully saw our desire to love and serve his family. Their daughter Jennifer is the only active member in their family right now. She is 15 and keeps holding on. Her seminary teacher has been a huge help for her, and she is an awesome example for her family. She watched conference all by herself at home!

We saw the familia Marquez that same night and taught them about prophets. They agreed to read the Liahona when it comes out with the conference addresses in Spanish. Hermana Marquez also told us about a recent convert, Edith, who was taught in this area by Sister Ferre.  She had moved to Snowflake about 6 months ago, but has recently moved back into our area! We saw Edith yesterday and I'm super excited to be able to teach her. Sister Ferre and Sister Erekson always talk about
her :)

Sisters Wesolek, Suter, Arnold & me

Sunday morning we watched the morning session with the Gardner family.  Not the Gardners dad met, but his brothers family. Their son Sam recently came home from the MTC for medical reasons and since he learned Spanish while he was there, we asked him to help us with our Spanish family home evening tonight. He's nervous, but excited, and we are glad we will be able to use him :) His mom made us baked french toast for breakfast!

Sunday afternoon we just went to the stake center. There was a non-member who came though, and a youth that needed a friend, so we are glad we went!! We then ate dinner with a family who has crazy
little boys. One of them invited us to his baptism and a Cafe Rio dinner afterwards. They had me sold when they said Cafe Rio!! They also have non member neighbors attending so we will have finding
opportunities as well :)

Paul, Amanda, and kids have been sick, so we haven't seen them in 2 weeks!!! It's killing us, but there's nothing we could really do :(  Hopefully they get better this week and quit passing the illness back and forth.

We have a lot of work to do to get our investigators progressing again. On the bright side it looks like a lot of our less-active are starting to progress!! If only this was a perfect world and everybody
progressed at the same time :) It would take the fun out of working for it though!

I hope you all enjoyed conference :) I saw you on TV!!!!  It was so fun to see you on the screen....I was watching it at Marie's house and all of a sudden I was like "HEY!!! That's my mom!!!!!" I ran to the TV and pointed at you and dad and barely saw the top of Jensyn's head when the screen changed :) It was awesome!  I told everyone all weekend that I saw my family on TV :)
I wish I had a picture of it!!! I love you so much!!!!

Have a great week family :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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