Monday, September 7, 2015

Wedding Bells and a Baptism

Buenos Dias Familia!!!

So many great and also hilarious things happened this week. I will
tell the funny stories first so I don't forget.

Saturday we went to Aidan's baptism and sat next to Brother Gardner, our ward mission leader.  As we are waiting for Aidan to change after the baptism this 8 year old named Quinn, who is probably 3 feet tall, walks right up to Brother Gardner's lap and with a thick lisp says, "Excuse me Brother Gardner, but could you please scoot over one chair so that I can sit by the Sheeshter Meeshionaries?"  Brother Gardner said "Umm...sure!" He scooted over and Quinn plopped himself down right next to me!  That evening at the wedding reception, Quinn
plopped himself at our table and said, "I told my mom I was going to sit with the Sheesters."  The next day at church Quinn asked his mom if he could sit with us, but she said he needed to sit with the family.  Five minutes later he walks up to us and says, "I just want you to know that you are welcome to sit with my family if you'd like!"  He is the cutest kid, and has a nice big crush on the sheesters!


Then there is 3 year old Hyrum.  We saw him and his mom at Home Depot last P-Day and his mom told us that Hyrum keeps trying to tell her something about the Sister Missionaries and Valentines day. We saw them at Aidan's baptism and I said, "Hi Hyrum!  What are we doing on Valentines day?"  He looked at us very seriously and said, "Well, it has to be in the dark." Ha ha ha we lost it!  Then he said something about Valentines and hearts. Man, Sister Erekson and I have got a good following here!  Plenty of dates to cash in on in a decade or two :)  A catholic lady at Walmart today could not believe that people never ask us out on dates.  We didn't tell her about our gaggle of little boys :)

The Brown/Prince/Phillips family had a big weekend this weekend!  Saturday morning 8 year old Aidan got baptized and the Primary litteraly provided everything. A baptism journal, towel, and the President was even sweet enough to take him out yesterday and do baptism pictures :) She had an album for his mom and a big framed one of him for the baptism. His active grandparents did the Baptism talk, baptism, and confirmation. Paul gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and did a great job!  He was super nervous and shaking, but I think it meant a lot to him and the family to be able to do that for Aidan.

Amanda, Paul & Aidan

That afternoon the Gardner's drove us up the canyon for Paul and Amanda's wedding. They had as much ward support as they did family support. We were super pleased with how much the ward did for them.  Some of the ladies took Amanda to get her nails done, bought her 9 wedding dresses to choose from, curled her hair and did her make-up.  For this woman who raises her kids in a 5th wheel trailer, her wedding was pretty extravagant. Paul whore a plaid shirt, bolo tie, and a giant gold belt buckle that said "PAUL".  ha ha ha  And the dog
was the ring bearer.  It took Paul a while to cut them off of his collar :p  Another member made a cute wedding cake, and members provided all of the food and decorating for a reception.  At the reception we got to meet Paul's anti-Mormon parents who disowned him when he started going to the LDS church.  They actually entered the building and conversed with members all night long!

Paul & Amanda

The neatest outcome of this weekend was in fast and testimony meeting on Sunday.  Paul stood up to bear his testimony and the first words out of his mouth were "I know this Church is true." He told everyone that he knows its true not just because of the scriptures and because the Holy Ghost told him, but because of the amount of service and fellowship he has seen.  I teared up a little bit.  His testimony was so simple and so sincere.  Amanda's parents gave Paul his own scripture quad with his name engraved and he was pretty proud of them.

I went to Luna, New Mexico on exchanges this past week. It was really pretty and foresty, but I would never want to serve in that area!  Those 3 sisters single handily cover 1/3 of the land area of our mission. They drive so. much.  They say Luna makes you loony because of how much travel you have to do.  Yikes I was ready to come back to Show Low!

While I was gone Sister Erekson met with Marie and she is still progressing well. This week will be her baptismal interview!!!  She told them this week that she has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And even though she had family in town staying at her house, she took one hour to come to Sacrament meeting.  The gospel has become super important to her and her conversion is strong.

Emily has been too busy to meet with us this week. So we decided to be nice and go visit her at her work. She works at a coffee hut, but she told us and Bailey told us that we could get a frozen hot chocolate.  Well....lets just say Sister Erekson and I broke the word of wisdom today! That thing totally had coffee in it!  Luckily we got it for free and could chuck it :p  Bailey said that Emily must have gotten confused between the frozen hot chocolate and the frozen mocha.  Apparently its happened in the past.  At least we sinned  innocently......ay ay ay

Bailey - our chauffeur 

Tonight we have a big Spanish Family home evening at the church.  We are hoping to build up these family nights and show the Stake Leaders how willing members are to attend church if it is in their language!!
President Sweeney is backing us up so we feel confident that with hard work and the Spirit we will get our branch back. :)

Our trip to Scottsdale was good.  The main subjects of our training were the atonement of Christ and how we can improve as leaders in our teaching and in our use of time.  Now this week, Sister Erekson and I have to reciprocate half of those training's and give them in 2 different zones. One on the Apache Reservation and one to our own zone.  This job takes us out of our area a lot!  But President talked about that at MLC and reminded us how many miracles we will see when we are in the area because of the time we have taken out to serve our
fellow missionaries. When I look at Paul and Marie I can only testify of that :)

Sister Erekson and I begged President to give us another transfer together! We wore matching clothes and took "Refuse Transfer"  pictures....literally :)  He said it looks like she will be leaving though :/  We knew it would probably happen, but we are still pretty bummed.  

Matching clothes at MLC's to convince Pres. Sweeney
to leave us together :)

Hopefully I get another companion that I love to finish off my last two transfers.  It doesn't sound like there are many Spanish trainees coming in so I don't have to worry about that luckily!! Transfers stink :p

Well that's it for this week.....more exciting adventures ahead I think!!  I hope you all have a great week this week.  

I love you, I Love You, I Love You

Hermana Short

Brother Gardner our Ward mission Leader.  We are his favorites!
I told Brother Cochenour in the background that he was not allowed to
wear that hat, but he didn't listen :)

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