Monday, September 21, 2015

Conference + Temple + Exchanges + Baptism = I'm exhausted

Hola familia!!!

This has been the most stressful, busy, crazy, and rewarding week I can remember!!  If transfers weren't next week I would say I can finally breathe, but there's always something new to stress about isn't there? :)  I'm not training....and I'm probably not leaving.....but what poor sister do I get to torture next? ;)

Monday night was our Sisters Conference.  I had been so stressed about it all day, and we took P-Day time to go set the room up cute and have everything ready to go.  We raced to Marie's baptism interview and realized the interviewer was long-winded and a story teller so we ran to pick up some chili from a couple members.  We got back just in time to hug Marie and race to Show Low for the conference.  We are about to start the meal with a prayer when I realize everyone looks nervous and panicked.  I asked what was going on and come to find out that 3 of the Sisters had they put on lavender essential oils.  One of the other sisters is allergic to Lavender and as the smell filled the room, her lungs started to burn and she rushed outside crying.  Are you kidding me?!  We had to pack everything into another room and our cute set-up was useless now.  The 3 sisters who put it on had to go in the bathroom and scrub their skin to try to get the scent out. Ha ha ha that would happen to us.  We ate, had training, and then cleaned up and shipped out.  It was fun to be with all the sisters,
and the training has already increased obedience and morale among mountain missionaries, so it was worth all the stress :)  But I am extremely glad its over!  The trainings were on "Being the Snow White in the 7 Dwarfs" which basically is not being afraid to correct the Elders. Ha ha was needed.  The best part was that Sister Erekson and I got the Elders in our zone to send us videos of them imitating one of the 7 dwarfs. We won for best laughs of the night ;)  Then we had one on covenant keeping, communication, and companionship with the Holy Ghost.  It was a good night :)

Sister missionaries in the Mountain area of Scottsdale Mission
Tuesday was our temple trip.  It is so nice to be able to sit in the temple and just focus on what you see and hear.  No stress, no one calling us, no to do lists....just focus. :)  The Senior couple in our area took 4 sisters to eat afterwards at Taco Bell too which is a plus ;)

Sister Arnold and Suter.....the roommates!

Sister Missionaries of Show Low Zone

Missionaries in Show Low zone
Wednesday, after a lesson with Marie we swapped companions and I went to the Apache Indian Reservation for 24 hours. That was enough :)  They have as many wild horses as people, dozens of filthy sick dogs, drunk people wandering everywhere, and run down houses filled with generations of families.  The nice thing about the Apache people though is that they are humble, kind, and very receptive to missionaries.  Its rare to get turned down. But no one has cars down there so the missionaries have a hard time getting investigators to church.  Their church is tiny and has maybe 10-12 benches in the chapel. The baptism font is underneath the stage.  You just move the floor and bam there is a font!  It was definitely interesting to see,  but the hard thing about that area is all of the sad stories everyone has. And they tell the missionaries everything!!

Wild horses in Ft. Apache
Thursday evening I got back to Pinetop/Lakeside and we worked in our area for the evening.  Friday we had an awesome lesson with Amanda and Paul at Bishop's house. They set goals for Amanda to receive a temple recommend!  

Saturday, we decided last minute to go to the church 30 minutes earlier and start filling the font. Good thing we did because it barely finished before everyone got there!!  Marie arrived excited....too excited to sit down :)  She stood by the door and greeted everyone that came in :)  She had 4 non-member friends show up, lots of her
member friends from work, and about a dozen people from the ward. It was an incredible turnout!  She bore her testimony after she was baptized and told everyone about "the girls" which are us :)  She told the story of driving and hearing the Holy Ghost, she talked about Russ and how she is going to do his work for him, and she told everyone that she knows this church is true :)  Now that is a tender moment for a missionary :)  The best part is that the next day was her birthday.  She told us "So that means I'm a new born 55 year old!"

Filling the font!

Members who started teaching Marie about the gospel

Saturday, we had almost an entire less-active Spanish family at church!!  In our second ward, Amanda gave a talk on living the gospel :)  She was suuuper nervous, but did a great job and it was obvious how much this gospel has changed her life around.  Our third meeting was when Marie got confirmed and to our shock, we looked across the room and saw Roberta Boon!!  She is the less-active with the southern accent and non-member Husband.  She just showed up!! She even stayed for all 3 hours and loved it.....miracles do happen :)  Mike was asleep, but we know we can get him to come next time :)  Everyone was so good to Marie and Roberta at church. They were both welcomed warmly and had smiles on their faces :)

Monsoon season is finally over!

Last night was pretty cool!! We hadn't been getting responses from Emily, but we figured she would be at the youth fireside Sunday night so we went to check it out.  Sure enough she was there and said her phone is broken and can only accept calls.  Amanda and Paul had also come to the fireside which was so good for them!!  The main speaker was one of the missionaries in the movie "Saratov Approach." He told the story of his kidnapping and related different parts to choosing to serve a mission, living worthy, and slowing down to enjoy the little moments in life.  It was really neat!

Funny story of the week, last night we were eating in a BYU fan home.  They had 3 young kids and Sister Erekson and I were trying to corrupt :)  Being a Boise state fan, Sister Erekson asked 8 year old Ella, "Do
you like horses or cougars better?"  She thought about it and I added "or birds!!!"  She continued thinking silently....her dad waiting anxiously for her answer.....and 4 year old sam piped up "or giraffes!!!"  We all cracked up and decided there needs to be a team with a giraffe for a mascot :)

15 Months!!
This week our goal is to see every single investigator and less-active that we have been working with. Sister Erekson needs to say good-byes and some people are long over due for a visit.  You would not believe
how hard some people are to contact!!

Its been a crazy week, but there were a lot of great rewards :)  Just another week in paradise they say ;)

I love you family!! Happy Birthday Friday Karsyn!!!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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