Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Good-bye Sister Erekson

Hola Familia!!!!

This week was transfers and my twin and I finally got separated. :(  It was really hard
for both of us. We both tried to be tough....and then we cried :(  We weren't excited about it at all, but change is part of missionary work and it will be good to be able to learn from another companion.

 I am with Sister Wesolek now (pronounced Wes-lock) and she is from San Francisco. She's been out 8 months and was in Snowflake that whole time. Her Spanish is pretty good for always being in the mountains!! She's a lot different than Sister Erekson and I've had a hard time adjusting so far, but I'll be fine. Its part of being a missionary!!! We are STL companions too, so we have 4-5 exchanges to do in October and 2 MLC's in the valley for this transfer. I like having the extra job though I decided :) A little bit of "normalcy" and I don't feel demoted. hahaha

new companion - Sister Wesolek

      None of our big investigators are progressing right now. Paul and Amanda are having a hard time living the Word of Wisdom :/ They had us over for dinner this week though!! Paul's parents rented them a cabin for 2 nights for a small family vacation. Since we can't eat in their 5th wheel trailer, they invited us to join them for dinner on their vacation! They had us go mini golfing with them, fed us pork-chops, and we had a lesson on baptism and confirmation. They were honest with us about the progress on their goals, and then they went fishing on Sunday and didn't come to church. Ay ay ay. Aidan made a hilarious comment at dinner though. He was trying to memorize where we are from and said "Ok, you're from Boise, and you're from......hairyboy?" Hahaha close "hairyman!"

      We did have a pretty good lesson with Nury though! She wanted to speak to a Mormon bishop, so we took our ward's old bishop that speaks Spanish. She told him about all her questions and concerns and he asked if he could invite his son over. His son served in Peru, which is where Nury is from, so they got along right off the bat!!  Bishop and Easton told her things that we have told her 5 times, but
it worked coming out of their mouths apparently :p Good thing we had them there! She committed to try living the Word of Wisdom (no tea) for 2 weeks, to test it out and see if it is a true principle. We were cracking up as she brought out box after box of tea.  She held up a picture of her deceased mother and swore on her mother that she wouldn't drink any. Hahaha we did not make her do that!!! She just wanted us to know she was serious I guess! 

Brother Phil

Maria Barilla was our miracle Spanish investigator that was so excited for us. But she has had to work two jobs these past two weeks and couldn't meet with us. We stopped by last night anyway and took her a large print Book of Mormon. Over the phone she told us she had been reading the Book of Mormon, but it gave her a headache from focusing on the tiny words. She was excited about her new book!
Marie is still doing awesome :) She got her visiting teaching assignment this week and Sister Erekson and I silently chuckled. Marie was assigned to visit good old Cazzie. We were worried about it for a
little bit, but now I think it will be a good thing. :) Cazzie loves converts and Marie has a lot of patience :)

      We saw a lot of our Spanish less-active families in the last week. We are trying to get everyone to commit to come to the next Spanish FHE. The Mora and Cortez family are awesome and come every
time, but we have to really work on the other ones :) Sister Mora even cried when we went to visit their family. Because of FHE and a visit from some ladies in their ward, they started saying family
prayers and she said they have all ready seen the changes in their family. Love them!!

Tonight we are seeing Marie and teaching another after baptism lesson, and hopefully we will get to watch part of conference at her house this week. We also have the after-camp YW activity that we have been trying to get Zoey to go to. 

The Gardner Family

Tomorrow we have studies, weekly planning, and then the drive to the valley.  Friday is MLC, but I don't think I'll get to visit Camelback this time. I am going to try to in November. So many things to do!! So little time!!!      

Oh how could I forget!!!!! We went to a wedding this week. In an Episcopal church!!! We went by so Sister Erekson could say bye to Mary Telstad and she invited us to her last-minute wedding two days later.  We went and we were glad we did because there were probably only 10 other people there! Half of them under the age of 10! It was very interesting.....the "Father" was very laid back and goofy. We talked to him afterwards and thanked him for what he does, then made the mistake of asking what makes Episcopalains different from other people. He gave us a 20 minute history lesson on how their church came about. Then he told us that he's a radical and believes a bit different then everyone else though. He thinks God is a loving God who wants us to come unto him. Hmmm sounds like a Mormon :) He told us he doesn't claim that their church is the only true one, but everyone has pieces of the truth. Haha we need to get this guy some missionaries!!!

At dinner one night they had an 8 year old autistic kid. I was sitting next to him and he wanted to read me 3 of his favorite books.  Then he wanted to build a puzzle with me. I got distracted talking to the family and I heard the kid say "Excuse me!" I turned around and said "Sorry! What can I do?" He said "I farted. So I said excuse me." hahahahaha we all died laughing :)

In service news this week, we helped a hoarder pack up a small section on her desk for an hour. She's trying to move, but at the rate that she is saving junk, it will take 2 semis to transfer everything in her tiny trailer! Yikes. Then another day we helped a member family stack up their winter wood. It was going great til one piece of wood had a herd of black widows came out of it!!! Ok maybe only 3, but thats enough to make me jump out of my skin!!   

The Yeoman's

 Well I'm running out of time, but I will email again in 5 days :) I can count p-days on two hands now mom! :) I have a lot of work to do before those fingers are gone though! Pray for me to adjust well this transfer :) haha I can do hard things!!!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU
Hermana Short

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