Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Say what?

Querida Familia,

We got some surprising advice from President Sweeney this week.  We told him about the great and abominable church and you know what he told us?  He suggested we attend it with one of our investigators who goes there!! Say what?! He wants us to read about Elijah when he says that the Lord was not in the storm or the thunder or the wind, but in the still small voice.  Then to go to their church and compare the rock music and clapping to the storm. Following their service, we would take the investigator to our church and invite them to pay attention to the still small voice. Its kind of a genius idea, but we are slightly concerned of what will happen when two Mormon missionaries walk into their church.....haha this could be fun.

The last five days are melted together in my head, but we did have some great lessons and experiences :)

Marie is still on fire. This week we taught her the 10 commandments and Sabbath Day. She came to church again on Sunday and really connected with what the speaker was saying in Sacrament meeting. The speaker was giving her conversion story and it was perfect.  Saturday morning we did service for Marie by helping her set up for a yard sale.  I couldn't help but chuckle as we did so because I could hear mom pricing things in my head. I'm still traumatized by when she sold what felt like all of our childhood toys for $20! Or when she sold the
bunk beds and the girls had to sleep on an air mattress....hahahaha mom loves yard sales!!!  Marie wasn't as apt to give away her junk and it cracked me up ;)

Delbert Adams was a miracle this week! This man is probably in his late 50's and lives with his daughter. He is a less-active, active member. Meaning that besides his lack of church attendance, you wouldn't know that he is less-active.  When we go over we have to sit outside, but he has a super comfy porch swing so we don't mind.  Plus we get to watch 50 hummingbirds zooming around in his yard!  And we sit there for an hour while this man talks to us. It's kind of talented  that he has this ability to have a one sided conversation!  He tells us story after story and we look desperately for breaks in his speech so that we can chime in with a gospel principle. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we just have to get out of there before he starts into another series.  But man do we love him :)  He promised us 20 times that he would be at church Sunday, but come Sunday, we didn't see him :/   We stood up to go call him, and there he was in the back of the chapel being welcomed back by some of the members!  He was shaking a bit because he was nervous, but he smiled almost the entire meeting. It has been yeeaars since that man came back and finally he did it!  We were so excited!!!

The Yeomans were adorable this week!!! Sister Yeomans was getting after Brother Yeomans for not letting her work in the yard for longer amounts of time. He didn't hear her very well and thought that she had said something else....we aren't quite sure what. So he responds "Now Joyce, I love you very much!!" It was so cute! Then she says "That has nothing to do with it!" Hahaha later they were telling us a story and Brother Yeomans popped in and pointed to his wife saying "Yeah she's a pretty good-lookin' chick!" We were dying :) We taught them about
Tithing and Fasting, but they both are unable to fast because of medical reasons. So Brother Yeomans decided that he is going to fast from his word searches for a day!  Oh the life of an old couple :)

You wanted a picture of our car :)

Bonnie is a new youth investigator that kind of picked us up.  She was working at Taco Bell and met two Elders and told them she is looking for a church to go to. She's only 17! We contacted her a few weeks ago and she said she couldn't meet with us because her mom was against it.  A week later we got her referral again. We were having a ward BBQ that weekend so we sent a text inviting her and her mom to it.  To our surprise, Bonnie came!  She is super friendly and open! She moved from Alaska this year and her dad was raised LDS so she has gone to church with her grandma a few times in Snowflake. She wants to take the missionary discussions and see if this is the path for her. Of course it is :)  She's pretty hilarious too. Her friends at school have been
asking her "Are you a mormon?" And she says "I don't know yet!" Bonnie said the looks on their faces are pure confusion :) We are just impressed at her desire to find a church for herself!

Paul, Amanda, and the kids got feeling better and came to church on Sunday. Wednesday night we taught Paul and the kids about tithing and fasting. They were so willing...Paige is going to fast for 5 days, and Aiden is going to fast for 2. Haha that is real faith my friends!  Paul and Amanda have all ready been paying tithing, so once again they made our job easy.  Their wedding is next weekend and we are super excited!  Aiden's baptism is that morning, and after the wedding the ward is throwing them a reception. They are a beloved family amongst
our ward members!!

Emily opened up to us last night and admitted to us herself for the first time, that she has friends trying to pull her away from the church. We had an awesome lesson with her last night about Baptism and went over the interview questions with her.  We really stressed the importance of her gaining her own testimony and to stop listening to the voices pulling her all sorts of directions. We talked to her about praying with real intent, meaning that she would act if she got an answer. Her baptism is supposed to be in 3 weeks, so we are really praying for her to receive and recognize her answer.

Golden plate awarded to our clean car!

Ooooh I have been getting pretty peeved this week. Members keep wanting to talk to us about how the Second Coming is going to happen soon!  I think one guessed after September. One even went so far as to ask if we had received a letter stating that all missionaries need to prepare 72 hour kits. No!  If anything -all of these "preppers" have made me thankful for my testimony of a living prophet. He is there to lead us! Unlike the times of apostasy, we are not running around with our heads cut off wondering who to follow and what to do. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, Strengthen your family relationships, and strengthen your testimony through daily efforts.  That is what the Prophet has asked along with the 12 apostles, if we follow them, we are going to be just fine :)  If they start telling us to panic about the Jewish lunar calendar, then I'll start paying attention to this crazy information these ladies tried to feed us. But for now I'll keep my Mormon calendar :) 12 months, 365 days :)  Can you tell I'm annoyed?

Well family, its been a good week, and this one will be a crazy one!  We have to super clean our apartment, move apartments, go to Eager for Zone Conference, and then our big Spanish party is Saturday.  Back
to event planning we go :p

Matching nightgowns!
Everyday someone asks if we are related.

Have a great week at school girls!!!! You will do awesome :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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