Monday, July 13, 2015

Servicio sin Sol

Buenas tardes!

Show Low seems to want to be Seattle!  We have gotten so much rain!!!  Last night the roads flooded for a while because it was raining so hard.  Luckily its keeping away the forest fires.  Last year they had a bad one.

Within these last 5 days we did a lot of service and knocked a lot of doors.  Summer time takes everyone out of town and slows down their progress, so we have been getting frustrated :p But the work moves on and school starts in 2 weeks!

Thursday, we had District Meeting and Sister Erekson and I got put in charge of a get to know you game. We made everyone write down 3 things about their companion and give us the list.  Then we chose two missionaries at random.  One was a missionary and had to teach a principle of the gospel using the 3 points about the other missionary "investigator."  Then the group had to try to figure out what the 3 things were.  It was hilarious!!  Sister Christensen is a Senior missionary and she had to teach me using my 3 points.  So Sister Christensen starts telling the story of the Brother of Jared and how they were probably afraid of the fish getting into the barges, and
when they got to land they were probably afraid of mother moose attacking.  I looked at Sister Erekson and she was dying laughing....she thinks she's so funny!  Now all my district knows about my ridiculous fear of moose!

After the meeting we had a service project for a member who was moving out.  We had a mini missionary, Makenna, with us that day and the 3 of us got put on wall cleaning duty.  Well this lady has 4 young kids, and man do they like to dig for gold!  Wall wiping quickly turned in to booger scraping!!!  We were laughing pretty hard and told the member what was happening.  She was disgusted and blamed it on her twin boys.  Well, Sister Erekson and Makenna went into the oldest daughters room to clean her walls, and there we found the culprit!
The twins had nothing on her! Oh the things we will do for members :)

That day we also had a lesson with the Valenzuela family.  She used to be the Relief Society President when the branch was still here, but now she and her husband are both inactive.  I was so bold with them it made me nervous!  President Sweeney said to be though. He pointed out to me (and I should have seen this sooner) that they aren't coming to church because they think they are not succumbing to the Stake's desire for them to integrate into other wards.  Its such a Latino way of life....your way or the highway.   I told them, "I know we are being bold, but we do it because we love you and want what's best for you."  Brother Valenzuela said "You just want us to be happy like you two are happy."   Exactly :)  He invited us over for dinner this week and promised to be at church this upcoming week.  Now we just need to try the same tactic with the other 20 Latino families.  I'm determined to get them back!!!!

We saw another miracle that night as well.  We went to visit Jade and Brooklyn from girls camp, but only their mom, Kendra was there when we got there.  Usually she is very cold towards us and turns us away, but
that day she was friendly and told us we could come over to visit!  Her kids won't be home til next weekend, but she said we could come over and visit with her before they get home.  That was such a miracle.....her support of her girls will be so important in their conversion!

Friday was the High School's service day.  They have a pretty old school and they didn't have funds to hire people to fix it up, so they called in the community.  We spent 2 and a half hours that day painting the cafeteria walls white. It was fun till all the paint fumes started getting to our heads. :)  So many members and non members came.  It was actually pretty neat! The superintendent is a member and was super excited to see us there too. Brother Phil took us to our favorite pizza buffet afterwards and I think I won the award for getting enough food for your money....I was an empty pit that day.  :)

Saturday, we had another mini missionary, Kaitlyn, with us.  Sadly for her it was one of our slowest days in a long time!  We probably knocked on 20 doors of formers, potentials, and referrals, but not one let us in!  We did meet Rick and Ben though.  They were sitting on their front porch and Rick called out hello to us so obviously we went to talk to him :)  He was smoking and drinking, but Ben was a grandpa and not doing any of the above so we felt safe.  Haha.  Rick started telling us about how much he loves Jesus and wanted to sing us a song about him.  He told us about all the homeless people under bridges that he used to sing to, and how he would let them camp out on his living room floor.  Such a nice man :)  Ben kept trying to interrupt him and get him to stop.  It was entertaining for sure!  Ben knows the Bible like the back of his hand and the two of them wanted to test us.
They asked us what we know about Jesus so we bore our testimonies to them on the Savior.   Apparently we passed because they took Restoration pamphlets, promised to read them, and said we could come over again this week. Sister Erekson seemed skeptical, but I think they're awesome :) hahaha

Sunday was our normal 6 hours of church and then after church we went to try to visit the Butler family.   We took Alexis with us after dinner to visit Paul and Amanda who are the most prepared people I've met. Amanda is a returning less-active and Paul is an investigator.  They've been coming to church for about a month now, but between moving and some sicknesses they haven't been able to have us over.  Finally yesterday we set an appointment.  Their tiny trailer was covered in pictures from the gospel art kit, and the whole family was at church Sunday.  Paul and Amanda have a lot of changes to make in their lives, but their goals are so high and so incredible!  Paul told us he wants to be baptized so that he can be a member of the church and work towards getting the Priesthood.  They want to get married right away so they aren't living in sin, and then they want to be sealed within the next five years.  Their son, Aiden, turns 8 in September and they are helping him prepare to be baptized.  We were amazed by the Spirit in their home....we didn't know what to expect from them, but they have all ready progressed a long way on their own.  Now we get to help :)

Its been a wet week, but we love every minute of it :)  Even the days where no one is home....we still find experiences like Rick and Ben to put a smile on our faces :)

I love you family, I think about you every day!  Have a fantabulous week :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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