Monday, June 15, 2015

Running from the Cops

Dear family,

Yesterday we were wishing that the police kept the Sabbath day holy and didn't work.  We were just leaving church and heading to a lesson when a cop started following us.  He didn't have his lights on, but he
was following pretty close so I jokingly told Sister Erekson he was checking our plates.  Well sure enough he followed us around a turn and then flashed us with his lights!!  We were trying not to laugh as
we got pulled over for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  They didn't have updated information on the car insurance so we got let off pretty fast, plus we think he was a member, but needless to say....we are on the Show
Low city's most wanted list apparently!

Besides that little mishap....we saw a huge miracle on Sunday!!!  The ward mission leader's son is about to leave on his mission and lately one of his non member friends has been attending church.  The non-member, Tyler has come about 7 times now, but when we met him a few weeks ago he didn't want to be pressured into meeting with us.  So we begged and begged his buddy Sam to invite him to a lesson with him. Well all this week Sam's family was out of town, so the lesson never happened.  But nevertheless, in walked Tyler on Sunday by himself!  We
said hello and then left him alone.  He sat next to another one of his high school friends in sacrament meeting in a white shirt and tie :) That friend's mom approached us after the meeting and said, "Tyler wants to take the missionary lessons, can you come over today and teach him?"  We were so stinkin excited!!!!  Tyler had all ready talked to them about how he'd felt the spirit at church throughout the last month, how he wanted more out of life, and he even asked one friend "If I join the church can I go on a mission too?"  Oh man....this kid is so prepared :)  His mom did mention that the fact that we are cute sisters helped him agree to learn.....but we are
going to ignore that since he was coming to church before he met us :)

Sunday, right after church we went to the Hall's home (Tylers best friend) and they helped us teach him the restoration.  He has little to no knowledge about there being a God, Jesus Christ, or any other
gospel principle.  It's like teaching a little child and he soaks everything up.  His friend had all ready given him a Book of Mormon and taught him how to pray, so we invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if he is really there.  Then Sister Erekson boldly asked him to be baptized in September when he comes to a knowledge that these things are true.  And he agreed  !!  We have another appointment with him tomorrow at the Hall home to teach him the Plan of Salvation. We're pretty excited about this kid :)

The neatest thing is that this last week we planned for Tyler, and we planned for him to become a new investigator.  When his buddy Sam went out of town though we thought that plan was down the tubes.  Spencer
Hall and his family really pulled through a miracle for us, and it was neat to see God's hand in this work for Tyler.  It was another confirmation that we can make the plans, but God is the one that really makes them happen.

Our roommates: Sisters Erekson, Lords, Johnston

Robert is our other investigator from the Rainbow Lake ward.  He too accepted a baptism date for September!  We can see that he is really trying to turn his life around for the sake of his family, and he always accepts the tasks we give him.  The problem he's working on right now is getting Sundays off of work.  He says he wants to be at church, so now he just needs to put prayer and faith to work.

I really need to get a picture with the cute old couple the Yoeman's. We taught them about King Benjamin this week and related them to him in that though they may be old, their testimonies can touch many :)
We didn't call them old though!  Also after a bit of begging, Sister Yoeman agreed to let us mow her lawn for her!  We were in heaven to get to do yard work....its been so long!  She had quite the forest, but we got it all taken care of in 2 hours :)  She wanted to do it herself, but her husband (who makes us call him Brother Joe) is super
protective of her.  He told her "Joyce!  You're on a downhill slide, let them do it!"  She didn't like that very much, but we were stifling our laughs :)  They're adorable!

Kathleen wasn't able to meet with us.  She told us she's going through something hard, but would appreciate our prayers right now.  She said she knows she needs to keep reading the scriptures though and she'll
be ok.  Hopefully she will be ok to meet with us this week.

Our drive to one of our Ward's!  It's beautiful!

In Spanish work we kind of had an embarrassing moment.  We found a family in our "former investigators" list so we went to visit them.  They were open to us coming over a different day, and super nice to us so when we left we were convinced we had just met a family prepared for baptism.  We went to visit a less active Hispanic family, the Marquez, afterwards and they start telling us about another inactive Spanish family they know.  They described perfectly the family we had just met.  Awww man, they were nice to us because they are members!!!  Hermano Marquez thought it was hilarious that we thought the Mora's were investigators.  None the less we met with the Mora's later that week and they told us we were like angels sent from heaven.  They
said they want to come back to church, but they didn't make it on Sunday and we don't know why :(

Sandra is our only Spanish investigator.  She made us lunch this week and then she and her daughter made me a birthday cake and made me wear a crown while they sang to me.  Aww :)  We watched Meet the Mormons
with her in Spanish and she loved it!!  This week we are hoping she will come to church for the first time with her member neighbors.

Brother Phil took us to a new delicious restaurant this week.  Its called Darbis and they won for best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich :) After lunch Brother Phil drove us past George Straits cabin!!  I totally went to George's "ocean front property in Arizona" :)  

George Straits cabin!!

"Ocean front property in Arizona"

We were hoping he was home so we could TTI him, but it didn't look like he was there :(  He had elk statues in his yard and I almost went running because I thought they were real moose.  Ay ay ay.  We got home and we couldn't find our phone.  Ha.  I can officially say I accidentally left my phone at George Strait's house :)  Brother Phil was nice and retrieved it for and phones.....

My one year mark was pretty in-exciting.  Miles stones aren't as exciting as they used to be....we just worked like normal :)  It is weird though when I can say "1 year ago...." and the following story
is from my mission.   Arizona has been good to me :)

Su Casa salsa & Texas rolls in my ONE Year package!!

That's about it for this week!  One more week til girls camp!!!  We need to find supplies...haha hopefully Brother Phil can find his tent for us.

I love you family!!!!  Happy Fathers day Daddy!!!!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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