Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Learning English

Good Afternoon (I'm practicing English still :)

First of all, I had no idea how hard switching back to English would be.  Last night at dinner I asked the member "is that how you spell your name también?"  They all just looked at me and I went super red and said "I meant too!"  Also the members have all been making me say the prayers, some just to see if I still speak English.  It's so hard :(. I have to mentally translate things back and remember the language of prayer.  When we walk into a Spanish house I feel so relieved! Sister Erekson really wants to learn Spanish and her last companion was a native so she would get kind of annoyed when Sister Erekson would ask questions about Spanish all the time.  Grrr.  So now with me she tries to speak Spanish a lot of the time and she's all ready improving a ton!  We have had 3 Spanish lessons and she even shared a story in past tense!!!  I was so proud of her :).  It's fun teaching Spanish again.....she's a really good companion :)

Sister Erekson and I are on fire in this area.  She said she saw more success and she was more exhausted this week than in her whole mission so far.   We literally do not have enough time for all the work we have to do.  We have the same work ethic, the same desire to be out teaching, and she has so many great ideas of new people to visit who will actually progress.  We are super excited to see what we can do with this area!!  Within this last
week we got 7 member referrals, the bishop invited us over for dinner with two non member friends of his, one investigator accepted a baptismal invite last night, and 3 Spanish families are committed to fast this upcoming Sunday.  It has felt so good to feel like we are making such an impact so fast.  Plus we never stop laughing and have a grand old time together! 

Kathleen is an investigator that the Sisters had just barely started teaching when I got there.  Yesterday we were on the second lesson with her and Sister Erekson and I had planned to help her accept not only a baptism invite, but a specific date to be baptized.  We finished the lesson and I was a bit skeptical but we got to the invite, and Sister Erekson was bold in inviting her to be baptized by the proper authority! She said yes and then we asked her to work towards a date in July and she agreed without hesitation!  It's our first investigator on date so of course we are pretty ecstatic :)

We had a funny encounter with three Latino men this week!  First we walked by a park and hear little girls speaking Spanish.  I pulled out my Frozen stickers and quickly formed a plan :). We gave them stickers
and learned their names and then asked where their families lived.  Touchdown!  They pointed out 3 different doors!  We went to our appointment and then returned back to those three doors and 3 men were
outside.  To their shock we started jabbering at them in Spanish!  We talked for a little bit and asked if we could return later to teach their families.  The one said, "well we are catholic!"  I said that was OK :). He said "really? That's not a problem?"  I said "no! you can all be Mormons one day!"  Ha ha his face was priceless "Oh sí?!"  His buddy told us that he was a Catholic priest even, but we set up an appointment to return and teach them :).

We met with our new bishop this week from the ward we are white washing.  He was pretty impressed when we pulled out a list of people we had already seen in his ward, a progress record, and that we took notes on everything he told us.  Hahaha from what we've heard the Elders before us had a rough time.  We were pretty impressed with Bishop as well!  He was prepared with 4 part member families for us to visit, has effective ward council meetings, and introduced us to his Ward in sacrament meeting Sunday.  We can feel thick potential in that Ward!
Fun with Photo Booth on Ipad

Oh funny story from Sister Erekson, and this better go on the blog for all you BYU fans!  She and her family got to meet the prophet in his office back in 2008.  Her dad had won an award at work and that was the prize!  Well, they were in his office and she said he pulled out a University of Utah pen that played the fight song.  He turned on the fight song and did a little dance to it!!  :).  She said he also told them that there is a projector screen installed in his office so that he and his wife could watch the games in there :). Awww

Food is going great here :) So far.....I don't want to jinx myself! There is one member, Brother Phil, who looks just like Bumpa and he takes us and the sister we live with, out to eat every Friday at fairly nice restaurants!  I laughed when I got in the car because of how much he looks like Bumpa!  He calls us his little angels :).

Ernie emailed me this week and told me that yesterday he got the priesthood and a calling in the young men's presidency with President Alvarado!!! I'm so proud :).

Well family, that's the excitement from Show Low this week.  I'm excited to be here and especially to work with the Spanish.  Being straight from the valley, I notice soooo many homes that are obviously owned by Latinos it's crazy!  You just have to know what to look for or what radio stations to listen for! Viva la Banda!

This week is my 20th birthday!!!  And I will spend 7 hours of it at church:). Fast Sunday!  Haha yay!

I hope the girls enjoy the beginning of heir summer!!  I can't believe Jensyn has senior sunrise.....so OLD.  I miss you and love you!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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