Monday, May 18, 2015

The 24 Hour Week!

Buenos Dias!

I feel like this week went by faster than any other week in the literally felt like 24 hours!  I was even having a hard time remembering what happened so I could write about it!  I did remember some key points to share though.

One last hike with the Zone leaders!

Ernie!! Last Monday evening we were going to have a good heart to heart with Ernie and tell him that if he doesn't feel ready then he needs to tell us so we can make new goals and plans for him.  Well he was ready!  He bore his testimony to us that he knows this is what he's supposed to do, and he's gotten that answer through a lot of study and prayer.  I was shocked!  We went through the baptism interview questions with him that night and sure enough....he was prepared :)  This Friday is the big day for him and I am ecstatic!  There's no better way to finish off my time here in Camelback 1st.   I am so proud of him.  Yay Ernie!!!

Xochitl and Daniel are doing fantastic!  We met with Xochitl this week to reteach the Plan of Salvation as part of her recent convert lessons.  She started telling us about how she had been studying the scriptures and she found a verse in the Bible about how before we were formed in the belly, God knew us. (Jeremiah 1:5)  She was so excited to have proved the plan of Salvation through her own scripture study :)  Daniel is also taking his baptism very seriously!  Xochitl said that when Junior tries to torment Daniel, Daniel will say to him "Junior don't make me mad!  You know I have anger problems, but I got baptized so I can't fight back!"  He's adorable :) 

Julie is a former investigator that we decided to stop by this week.  As we pulled up to her house, we saw her outside so we jumped out of the car to go talk to her.  She invited us in!  So I ran back to the car to grab my scriptures.  Well...while I was jogging to the car, there was a piece of the cement sticking up reasonably high, but I wasn't paying attention and didn't see it.  So I hit it with my foot and went flying!!  I don't remember much except for trying to save my face from hitting :)  I got a good scrape on my knee, bruised my hip, scraped my hand, and bruised my pride, but I was fine.  Julie felt bad so I tried to play it off like it didn't hurt when really it stung so bad!!!  Oh well, she wants us to start visiting her again so something good came out of it :)

Ouch!  Don't run in church shoes!

Valeria did a 24 hour mission with us this week!  She slept over Friday night and was with us all day on Saturday.  We love her and she did an awesome job! 

Lupita was soooo close to coming to church.  But on Friday her doctor told her she's on house arrest.  She had walked on her injured foot too much and caused it to heal the wrong way.  So they refixed it and told her she's stuck at home for 15 days.  She also tried to show us her foot but I closed my eyes....those things make me queasy.  

The Villa/Selinas family was supposed to be baptized next week, but they aren't quite ready.  They are still searching for answers.  They told us they want to keep learning from us and they will tell us when they are ready to set a new baptism date.  Fair enough :)  We taught about the prophet this week and they had a lot of questions, but are always willing to do their homework to find answers for themselves.  

This is the week our mission has been waiting for!  Ipad week!!!  Wednesday night will be like Christmas Eve, waiting for the big day on Thursday to finally come!  A general authority (Elder Evans) is coming to introduce them to us and scare us into being obedient.  Basically ;)

This Sunday I volunteered to speak in Sacrament meeting.  I felt I owed it to the branch to give them my last words.  Hopefully I can contain myself and attempt to portray through words how much I love them.  

Out of 17 recent converts in our branch since October.  3 were at church on Sunday :p  We as missionaries are trying to really emphasize retention of recent converts in our branch!  For dinner messages we have been taking each member a list of names and most of them have no idea who the converts even are :/  Also we are the highest baptizing unit in the mission right now. I'm pretty baptisms apparently aren't our problem.

Sisters Lakin, Pierson, Linford and Short

Well those are the big news stories of the week!  This next week is going to be CRAZY for me.  Remember I won't email again until next Wednesday, but I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk/cry about.  Sister Orozco was my first dinner in the mission, and on Monday she's having us over for my last dinner here in Phoenix.  It will be a rough one :(  But! Learning experiences are in store for me I'm sure so I will keep "enduring".  Haha thanks mom :)

I love you family!  Thank you for your letters and love :)  I miss you!!!!!

Love,  Hermana Short

Sister Pierson fell asleep in studies so I covered her in soap and later lotion :)

Flying beetles attacking us!

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