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Goodbye Phoenix.....Last week on the Streets!

Arizona Scottsdale Missionaries
Hola hola!!

This week was CRAZY.  I felt like a sad chicken with my head cut off.  I can't remember the order of anything so I will tell things in stories.  

Thursday we had two appointments with Concepcion and Xochitl.  We got to Concepcion's house and she was cooking this giant pan of rice.  She told us it was for Xochitl.  Well that's odd!  I started to get a little more suspicious when Xochitl texted us to confirm our appointment.  When we pulled up to her house several familiar cars from the branch were there!  We walked inside and they had created a surprise goodbye party :). Xochitl and her friend had spent all day cooking and had also bought me a giant chocolate cake!  The Curiels' were there, Concepcion, Pres. Alvarado, Nelly, and Marta :). It was so cute to see Xochitl so involved in the branch already!  That meant more to me than the party!  They sang me Happy Birthday early and then Nelly smashed my face in the cake.  Hahaha it was so fun!


On Friday we had dinner with Valeria and when we got there she said she had a surprise for me.  She made me go look in the kitchen and there stood Sister Clark!!  It was so good to see her! We ate fajitas for dinner and then ran to the church to fill up the font for Ernie.  When he got there he had just changed into his suit and he saw Sister Clark walk in....I thought he was going to cry. Then came Sister Ferre and he had all his sister missionaries there!  His baptism went really well and afterwards he bore a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I am so proud of him!!!

Sister Clark came for Ernie's baptism

Sister missionaries who taught Ernie: Clark, Ferre, Short & Pierson
Ernie got baptized!!
Ernie was one of the saddest to say goodbye to :(. He wrote me two cards and gave me a giant present full of Frozen stuff and M&Ms because the first time we we visited him I ate a ton of their M&Ms :).  He made my favorite meal on Thursday and had balloons to celebrate the occasion!

Sunday Pres. Guerrero and his wife fed us and invited several families from the branch.  AKA party #4.  She made my favorite....Carne asada, guacamole, and corn on the cob :)  Their kitchen table has a glass top and I between the table and the glass they put the business cards of all the missionaries that have eaten there.  My card was in there and I gave them a picture of the 3 of us at their sealing for the table as well.  Pres. Guerrero decided he wants it in his bishops office though :p.  Hermana Guerrero knows me well and gave me a new t-shirt as a parting gift :). It's a nice ASU one too!  Pres. Guerrero thanked me over and over for what I've done for the branch.  It was a super sweet dinner :)

President Alvarado was the Branch President
for most of my time in Camelback!

After church that day we had a meeting with Brother Orozco since he's our new branch mission leader. (Hip hip hooray!!!!!).  After the meeting he was shaking all the missionaries hands and then he turned to me and said "YOU, Woman, are one he-- of a missionary." It was an interesting choice of words but he continued by thanking me for working so hard, then he started to cry!!!  It just showed me that I really had no idea the different lives I had touched. 

Monday night was party #5 with the Orozcos, Dora Zamora, Ernie, Valeria, and Susana.  Sister Orozco made my favorite chicken wraps with cilantro sauce.  That whole dinner I was just dreading goodbye.  When the time finally came, Sister Orozco and Valeria both broke down crying and then I was crying.  Sister Orozco had knitted me a scarf and Valeria had printed me off  pictures of the three of us and wrote me a super nice card.  They are just too good to me!

I said goodbye to Octavio and Nereyda this week.  Octavio asked if he could oppose me leaving like the guy opposed the branch president in church.  He said he was sure the branch would join with him in raising their hands :). We said goodbye to his sister as well and she told me to come back and marry her son.  No!!  Sister Zamora tried to set me up with one of the elders this week too.  AND brother Martinez tried to get me to wait for his little brother.  Seriously I'm not getting married any time soon people!

Dora also told me that on the day I go home she's going to make posters and wait at the airport too say goodbye! She's so sweet :)

Concepcion and Xochitl both gave me bracelets, Hermana Ramos gave me lotion and jewelry, and president Alvarado bought me a ton of cookies.  I almost needed an extra bag just for the stuff I got this week!  

Finally on Tuesday I really had to leave.  I had a pretty bad attitude about going to the mountains and I "knew" I wouldn't love it like I did the valley.  Well, every mile we drove closer to Show Low I fell a little bit more in love.  It is GORGEOUS here.  Everything is surrounded by pines, it's quiet, it's clean, there is cold water that you can drink! And it's not a billion degrees!  I realized that while I wasn't very willing to change, I needed it.  I needed to get away from everything I knew and learn to teach a different people, a different style, and take a break from the worries and problems in Phoenix.  I feel great!. Camelback 1st will always be in my heart, but I'm going to enjoy this new chance to serve.  

View outside our apartment!
Show Low, Arizona

When I wake up I feel like I'm at the cabin!  All the houses are hidden inside the forest and sometimes we take dirt roads! It's gorgeous!!!! Except I'm really nervous about moose.....

My new companion - Hermana Erekson

Last night was hilarious though!  We finally pulled into Show Low at 8 pm after 3 hours of driving and a stop for dinner at Del Taco.  Sister Erekson (my new companion) told me we had to run a bible to someone real fast so we hopped in the car and left.  Well wouldn't you come some police lights.  We pull over and he tells us that my companion forgot to turn her lights on and that our insurance was expired.  We explained who we were, gave him all the info, and he went back to his patrol car for what felt like 20 minutes.  He comes back and gives us a warning then asks if his K9 can check our car for drugs!!!  We had to stand by his passenger door while the K9 sniffed our car.  I said "Did we pass?!" Trying to joke, and he said we were clean and to take a seat back in the car.  Hahahaha we are trying so hard not to explode laughing at this point.  He told us he did that so he can tell the courts that he checks everyone for drugs not just a certain race or something.  Whatever!!!  We finally got the bible to the lady and she ended up not needing it anymore.  Ohhhh man what an adventure :)

Our area is 2 wards and a Spanish group in a 3rd ward.  We have lots of people to visit....mainly less actives.  I was told they average only 1 lesson a day though so hopefully that changes quickly.  I'll go crazy!!  We have 11 less active Spanish families so hopefully I'll stay up with my Spanish pretty easily :).  

Thank you so much for your prayers this week, the adjustment is going so much smoother than I could have hoped for.  I love you and miss you!!!!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short
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Sister Linford - one of my old sister roommates!

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