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Daniel's Baptism

Hello Family!!

I have so much to say....let's see how fast these fingers can type!!  

The best part of this week was of course DANIEL'S BAPTISM!!!!!! After 9 months and 1 week of working with my adorable buddy Daniel, he finally made it to his baptism day on Saturday!  I don't know who was more excited, me, Daniel, or Xochitl.  The poor kid had to wear a really tight jumper and I was trying so hard not to laugh!  We called it his muscle suit :)  Our branch had 4 baptisms that day and Daniel was the 3rd one in the water.  Our branch President baptized him and as he came out of the water, his mouth was gaping open and he gasped really loud. We all started to chuckle, and then President Alvarado thumped his back and Daniel gasped again!  The cute kid was just grinning from ear to ear :)  Because it was conference weekend he was able to receive the Holy Ghost immediately after, and he was so reverent and concentrated during the blessing.  It was really neat to see him sitting there.  Xochitl cried, and told us later that throughout the entire weekend she was just smiling and as happy as if she herself had been baptized.  I was really happy to see Daniel's primary teacher come to support him, and she brought him a couple of really nice gifts.  One of which was a lion, and without her even saying anything Daniel says "A lion!  I'm Daniel and this is the lion like in the story!"  I LOVE HIM!!

Original missionaries who started teaching Daniel 9 months ago!
Sister Baros, Xochitl, Daniel, Sister Short

My adorable buddy, Daniel

Before Saturday we had a really amazing lesson with Xochitl and Daniel. We used the story of Abinadi and Alma to talk about enduring to the end even if others tease us.  This includes going to scouts, standing up to his friends at school, and even sometimes family members who might tease him about the church.  Then being like Alma, and inviting those friends and maybe even helping them get baptized.  We finished telling the story and then Xochitl amazed us.  She began to teach Daniel the concepts better than we ever could have.  She compared Abinadi to Peter when he denied Christ, and talked to Daniel about being more like Abinadi in those situations.  Daniel is still pretty upset that Peter did that to Jesus :)

We talked to Xochitl last night and she said that she believes her baptism is super close!  She said that Eduardo is starting to soften.  He offered to take Daniel for a haircut before his baptism, and help around the house so she could get things ready to go.  Daniel invited him to the baptism, but he said he couldn't come :(   She hopes to be baptized in the beginning weeks of May.   She knows that Daniel has a greater commitment now, and so does she, so she promised to make a stronger effort to make it to Relief Society and Primary for Daniel.  

XXXX baptism date is coming up fast!  We were worried it wasn't going to happen, but last night he surprised us when he agreed that he was still working towards that date!  We had a lesson about Baptism and Confirmation last night, in which we described the promises we make with God, and the promises he makes with us.  XXXX told us his concern is that he will start off with a blank page, or a fresh start, but that his old doubts will come back and pull him down.  We testified over and over again about the truthfulness of the gospel, and the importance of the Book of Mormon.  He knows that if his testimony is rooted in those, then no doubt will ever be able to overcome him.  He's going to make it...I can feel it!  

Sunday he had work off again and came to both sessions of general conference!  He was on his phone quite a bit so I didn't think he was paying attention, but that evening he was texting us about 5 other talks he had watched online, which ones he liked, and why!  We were so impressed!  The other day he asked us what "Quorum of the 12" and "seventy" mean.  Then last night xxxx let it slip that xxxx has marked as a favorite on the iPad :)  Thank goodness our church is tech-savvy....I don't know if xxxx would progress without it!  His most recent fascination is that his phone can read the Book of Mormon to him, and he doesn't have to figure out the big hard words :)  

We had a really neat family home evening with him at the Curay's home as well.  We talked about temples and we were shocked when he looked at us in amazement and said "how'd you know?!"  Obviously we didn't know anything, but just earlier that week his mom had been on the phone with him and was asking questions about the temple that xxxx didn't know the answers too.  That was a testimony to me that God is in our planning sessions!  xxxx was then really excited to look up the temples and churches in his home town that before he hadn't really realized existed.  

xxxx has had some hilarious moments lately.  Last week he says to us in Spanish "So lets just were on the internet looking for something.....and this website popped up about single Mormon women looking for husbands....what would you do?"  Of course I lost it laughing and xxxx says "No really!  What would you do!"  Turns out xxxx found lds planet's dating site and is considering it :)  I was laughing so hard.....xxxx says "I can't believe you told them about that..."

Oh!  You're probably wondering about transfers....ha.  Ok, so I for sure have 7 more weeks here in Camelback 1st!  The Branch President and Relief Society president called me after transfer news came out to find out if I was leaving or not :)  I'm going to skip my last Sunday in the branch so I don't have to say one told me how hard this part of the mission would be!  I'm still with Sister Pierson, and now I'm also a Sister Training Leader.  However, my STL companion is Sister Lakin so she moved into our apartment with her companion Sister Linford, who came into the mission with Sister Pierson.  We are only over 4 companionships this transfer, so luckily we only have to do 1 exchange a week!  It was sad when Sister Noorda and Medrano moved out....I'm going to miss those nuts :)  A brand new Elder came into our branch and so Elder Thompson left.  Then a native speaking Elder came in as well.  However he got hit by a car and his knee has been hurting, so he's waiting to find out if he has to go home and get surgery.  For now he just tries to walk on it like normal!  Poor Elder Hernandez....

April Fool's prank on the Elders

Monday evening President asked if Sister Pierson and I would go take the new Sister Missionaries contacting at a park.  They were both Spanish speaking so we drove them to a Latino-filled park and I think we talked to everyone there!  My companion was Sister Colina who is originally from Venezuela and obviously fluent, but still very nervous about approaching strangers with the gospel.  I didn't tell her that it doesn't get any easier.....the craziness of it just starts to seem normal :)

Phoenix Zone
The Villa/Selinas family has been MIA this week, but we found them yesterday and he warmly welcomed us back for a lesson this Friday.  To our dismay he tried to go to church on Sunday, but we had forgotten to tell him about General Conference, so no one was at that building :(  I felt so bad!  Bad Sister Short!!!

We had an awesome lesson with Valeria's mom on the plan of Salvation this week.  I swear, I don't know what kind of missionaries taught her 5 years ago, but she had never heard of 3 kingdoms, or a Spirit World!  Everything is so new to her.  She still says she's not ready to come to church though.  We are going to set a date for her to come though....she needs a goal to work towards.

I hope you had a fantastic Easter Weekend, and that the talks from General Conference touched you as much as they touched me!  What a great day to be a member of Christ's church!

 Thank you so much mom for my Easter package, I've worn the shoes everyday since- I love them so much!  And I'm sorry to admit that I've almost eaten all of that chocolate....I need to take it away from my study desk :)  Thank you for the Subway card as well!  My favorite part was the note in each Easter egg :)  I was so excited to open each one and laugh at the funny memories!  Everything about that package made me so happy.  Especially the little piece of heaven :)  I had been wanting to read that....

I love you all so much, we've made it 10 months, now 5.5 months of summer, 2.5 months of kind of summer, and I'm home!  Yeesh...summer.  It's ok, because now I'm driving around town in a shiny red 2014 Corolla :)  I've always wanted a red car!!!

I miss you, I'm SO jealous of your Jeep Safari!!!  Happy Easter!!!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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