Monday, March 9, 2015

9 months and Laboring (get it?) bahaha

Querida Familia,

The last 5 days have been quite the blur.  My companion is picking everything up super fast and I'm able to rely on her a ton.  I honestly don't feel like I'm training, she's a super hard worker, is very focused, and has a lot of great ideas for the people we teach.  This has been such a blessing!  

Our investigators though are going to make me pull my hair out!  Not one of them came to church yesterday.  We had 8 committed to coming and they all cancelled.  Some had good reasons, others gave no reason.  I was so frustrated!  Plus Octavio and Nereyda had a fight so they didn't come, Concepcion went out of town, and Jario had a class at the DMV for his job.  Valeria came, but her sister Suzana slept in.  The only super great thing that happened was that Yazury came to church and we didn't even ask her to this week!  And her daughter Yukey got interviewed for her baptism on Saturday! That was probably my favorite part.  Cute Yukey turned 8 in February and is finally getting baptized on Saturday.  At church I asked her who she wants to baptize her and she looked at me and said "You!!" Hahaha sorry Yukey, I can't :)  I was honored though!

Camelback Branch missionaries
Xochitl and Daniel's baptism is starting to really stress me out.  She has to get married before March 21 in order for it to go through!  On Friday we went to ask her if the wedding is still going to happen and with tears in her eyes she told me that they are fighting again and now he doesn't want to get married.  She told me her baptism is "not a matter of will!  I'm decided!" she said.  She just has to wait on him.  We fasted with her this weekend so that she could find the way to make this happen.  1 Nephi 3:7 God will provide the way!  In the meantime we are on our tip-toes with our fingers crossed, praying diligently.  We have an appointment with her tonight to talk about the role of Joseph Smith in the church.  A part of her still thinks we worship him :p  ay ay ay
She did not come to church on Sunday because she said she worked til early Sunday morning (that's normal) and then said she had insomnia?  That's a new excuse from her.  Daniel told us they were going to come at 11:30 after his mom slept a bit, but they never came :/

We had an awesome lesson with the Selenas family this week.  Two awesome lessons actually!  I don't know why that led to them not coming to church though :/  The first lesson we took Hermana Toledo.  Bahaha you should have seen their faces when we led a blind lady into their house!  They felt super awkward at first...I guess I should have warned them, but they wanted to hear a convert testimony so we brought her!  It turned out really good, Hermano Selenas just thanked Hermana Toledo up and down for coming and sharing how her life has changed through the gospel.  The second time we taught them this week we taught them the Word of Wisdom.  Apparently the dad used to be an alcoholic, but was able to quit a few years ago.  Every now and then they drink a beer or a cup of coffee, but they were very willing to let all of it go :)  

Lorenzo's wife Lupita still really wants to be baptized, but she keeps leaving the house on Sunday mornings and doesn't come to church :/  We're going to have to stalk her house next week and not let her leave.  I secretly think Lorenzo purposefully takes her other places so he doesn't have to bring her to church.  This week he told us he wants her to go to a different branch :p  That man.... it's funny though because he will help us teach her the lessons and bear his testimony!  But when she's not around he's a different Lorenzo.  

Ernie is our only progressing investigator.  He still can't come to church on Sundays yet, but he got a promotion at work (blessing!) and should be able to rotate his schedule within the next few weeks so he can come to church.  Though he didn't come to church, he did make the 30 minute trek out to Scottsdale last night to watch a Missionary Musical Fireside we had!  The more good experiences he has in the church the better :)  He also came to Sports night on Friday without Jairo, so we know he's coming to events on his own now, and not just because he follows Jairo everywhere :)

We were only able to teach Concepcion once this week, but it was a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation.  She took an extra pamphlet from us, put it in her purse next to a Restoration pamphlet and said "These aren't mine."  Meaning that she's going to give them away to the people she knows who need them :)  Although she left town and couldn't attend church yesterday, she was still able to help us.  We asked her to call Xochitl and encourage her and just be a friend in the church for her.  Xochitl really really trusts Concepcion and just loves her.  So Concepcion responded and said to send her the number :)  Doug told us that his mom is an AA councilor and gives speeches in conferences all the time, so she knows how to deal with people going through rough spots, and I hope she can help us get Xochitl into the font next Saturday!

This musical fireside I've mentioned a couple times was last night in Scottsdale and it was really neat.  It was all music from missionaries, youth in the stake, and then a gospel choir was invited for one number.  It was all about Christ and coming unto him, and I left that meeting feeling spiritually super charged!  It was one of those meetings I wish I could have recorded!  

This isn't the fireside.  Hermana Toledo asked us to sing for her and then posted it to Facebook! 

Today for P-day I believe we are going out to eat with the Elders in our branch since President Alvorado gave us lunch money, and then we are going to watch Ephraim's Rescue in the Elders' Apartment's theatre.  It's a good change-up to an average p-day!  

President Sweeney emailed me and said that I'm secure for 12 more weeks here in the Camelback 1st branch.  hahaha in the words of the Branch President, "This branch is your mission!"  This transfer is only a 5 week transfer and the next one is 7 weeks because of a mission president's seminar in the middle.  So transfers will come up fast this time!  Maybe I'll get really lucky and be transferred right before June :)  That would make my year mark!!  

I love you family!!  9 months down, 9 more to go!!  I hear the last 9 months go by way faster than the first can do it mom!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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