Monday, February 2, 2015

We're having a baptism!......x2!!!!!

Aloha Familia!

So missionaries are pretty stinkin' excited when one of their investigators gets baptized.  Well imagine the excitement of Sister Clark and I, because we are having a double baptism!  Concepcion and Jairo are both prepared and they both passed their interviews this weekend so we are doing a joint baptism!!  Wahoo!!  I'll give you the updates on them.

Like I said last week, I was starting to have doubts about Jairo and whether or not his baptism was really going to go through.   Monday after P-day we went to his house to teach him and Ernie and one of the first things Jairo said was, "So what do I bring to my baptism?"  I was shocked!  We talked to him about what being baptized means and explains that this isn't something that he can just give up in a few years, he will be a Mormon for life!  He said "Ok."  We told him he couldn't ever drink coffee again.  He said "Ok."  We told him a few other changes that would have to stick with him and he said "Ok."  We finally asked "Jairo, why do you want to get baptized?"  He said very simply, "This is between me and Jesus.  He did it, and it's a commandment, so I do it."  I had nothing left to say!  I've decided Jairo exemplifies the scripture where it tells us to be meek and submissive like a child, and easy to be entreated.  I doubted him because he accepts everything we teach so easily.  Rather, he just listens and accepts a message that he knows as truth.  He's amazing :)  He was on time and prepared for his interview, and apparently passed with flying colors.  He bore his testimony on the atonement, Joseph Smith, and how he knows we have a living prophet. He came to church again yesterday for all 3 hours, and at the end of the 3rd hour he stretched and said "Ah, que rico."  Which literally means "How rich." or "How great."  He's told us he'll help us teach lessons in the future and even asked if he could go to Germany or somewhere to be a missionary like us :)  Too bad he's almost 45!

Concepcion has continued to be our miracle.  We taught her about prophets this week though and got our first struggle!  We ended the lesson with "Concepcion, will you follow the prophet?"  To which she responded.  "No.  Not yet."  I thought she was kidding and started to laugh....but she didn't laugh...she was serious!  We left her with a Liahona article to read and a video to look up.  Later that week when we went to visit her, she had read 6-7 articles in the Liahona, loved the one by the prophet, and decided she can follow him :)  Phew!  Another time this week we went over, but she was about to leave so we only stayed for a little bit.  Her son and his friend were home so we introduced ourselves and invited them both to church.  They gave us a firm maybe for next week. We sat down to talk to Concepcion for a minute and she told us she would bring her friend to her baptism.  We responded "And your sister!  And your son!"  She told us no, and that she hadn't even told her son she was getting baptized, and that she wasn't going to tell him! Agh!  We almost went crazy.  We told her she had to invite him and that she should do it right then so we could see!  With a little prodding she invited him in, and told him the news.  He was super nice, told her congratulations, and that he would be there :)  We said a prayer before we left, and afterwards Concepcion began to cry and told us she just feels happy.  She had her interview morning before church, and Sister Clark and I waited anxiously outside the church classroom.  After about 30 minutes I peeked through the window on the door and could see her saying the closing prayer, and tears running down her face.  She finished and just grinned.  When she came out of the room we looked at her with hope and anxiety, she nodded her head, and we attacked her with hugs :)  She too came to church yesterday and participated in Relief Society, marks her manual up with a high lighter in gospel principles, sat by and fellow-shipped Xochitl, and was excited to have her baptism announced in every meeting.  She is going to do great things in this branch!!

We had an awesome family home evening with the Guerrero family and Octavio and Nereyda.  They didn't even fight in front of us this time!  Also, miracles do happen.  They had said prayers together 2 nights in a row for the first time in their entire marriage.  Nereyda told us she felt different at home.  Like there was more peace, and she felt safer.  I wanted to shake them and say "We've only been asking you to do this for 2 months!!!"  It just goes to show the power of members, and that when they invite, miracles happen. We went over to their house for service and while Nereyda was in the studio working, we helped Octavio with house chores.  He had us clean the kitchen first.  Well my magic eraser got pretty gross and beat up so I threw it away.  Since I didn't have another one, I left Sister Clark to finish the kitchen, and I asked Octavio what I could clean the wood in the family room with.  He looked at me, looked at the one wall we hadn't scrubbed in the kitchen, and said "You forgot to clean this!"  My bad!  He found me a new sponge and put me to work scrubbing the wall.  Seriously, that man was more of a clean freak than mom!  He was very specific on what rags and what sprays we could use on the surfaces.  It was funny :)

Jimena with Ashley's "Frozen hair"

Ok here is a food update for this week, well actually just for because I could not believe how much I ate!!  First for breakfast I had a good sized bowl of Cinnamon Life Cereal.  4 hours later, Sister Orozco had me and Sister Clark over for lunch.  I ate 2 giant chicken wraps, 2 brownies, and ice cream.  4 hours later, I finally felt like I was starting to recover from lunch, when we went to go see Jairo.  He had made us Guaraches.  Which is basically a carne asada tostada on an English muffin, topped with lettuce, salsa, cheese, and actually I don't remember what else.  They are so filling!  And I ate 2!  Sadly, that was at  and dinner was at with Hermana Curay.  She fed us chicken, with a good-sized helping of rice and beans.  After that, I was dead!  But then 2 hours later our branch president called and offered us Dairy Queen shakes!  How could I possibly refuse that?!  Needless to say, I was a little bit full that night.  This week I also ate arroz tapado again.  Which is rice, meat, raisins, and eggs all mixed together with a lot of oil or grease, I don't know what it was, but it was greasy.  

Thursday We had exchanges with some sisters in Mesa who are in English work or "white work" as we Mexicans call it :)  I was the one who went to Mesa and though I struggled to teach in English, it was kind of fun, I felt like a real missionary....not that I'm not....but all the missionaries in the movies speak English :)  Also it felt like Utah because this little piece of Mesa is thick with members and there's only a few houses on the street that aren't.  It rained a lot that day and they are on bike, but luckily members drove us everywhere.  I got to pick fruit!  We did service and I got to climb into a tangerine tree and pick a couple hundred tangerines.  I got some good scratches, but it was fun :)  We also vacuumed this lady's house who has 3 dogs and I couldn't count the cats.  The poor lady can't even breathe because of all the hair in her house!  Her vacuum was clogged with hair too which was gross.  Ay ay ay, I will never have an animal that sheds!  Let alone 10 of them! Ok there might not have been that many, but who knows...half the furniture was for the cats.  They were the creepy kind too with the creepy eyes and aghhh.  
Hermana Baros, Tenney, Short, Clark, Mackillop, Martinez

On Saturday We went to the sealing for the Guerrero's in the Gilbert temple.  That temple is huge, and sooo pretty.  The sealing was in Spanish and it was really neat to see my first live sealing.  Out of the 25 guests there 10 were missionaries, and in her testimony Hermana Guerrero referred to us as the 10 angels in the sealing room.  She cried when she walked in and saw us all there.  We love that family, and it was so fun to be a part of that day with them.  That evening most of the branch met at the church for a party.  It was so cute to see our less active families there, especially when they started dancing, and even Nereyda and Octavio danced together!

Hermanos Elisa y Mario Guerrero 

I am super excited for tonight because we are going to the Mesa Visitor's center with Concepcion, Ernie, and Jairo to watch Meet the Mormons in Spanish

. We are a little worried about getting there because the Curay's are supposed to take us, our investigators, the Elders, and their investigators!  Luckily a couple of them can drive themselves, I guess it's just a branch party in Mesa tonight.  

Well that is about it for this week. Except for the 2 spiritual thoughts I picked up in church yesterday.  The first came from one of the Elders when he said "Missionaries leave their families for a short period of time so that others can be with their families forever."  That hit me so hard!  That is exactly why I am here :)  The other thought had to do with the dense fog that we had yesterday morning.  We couldn't see more than 200 feet in front of us.  Hermano Pineda was saying in his testimony how the fog is like life, and Christ is like the headlights on our car.  We can't always see what's up ahead, but the headlights help us see enough to keep going.  

I love you family!  I miss you like crazy and I love reading your letters :)  Go Patriots!

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

PS Happy Groundhog day :)

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