Monday, November 24, 2014

El lo hizo!!

Happy Thanksgiving Family!!

We are one happy companionship right now!  Lorenzo did it :)  He finally got baptized and is officially a member. I seriously can't describe my happiness level!!!

Me & Lorenzo
When an investigator is getting baptized, the  week prior we have to visit them on a daily basis to help them continue to progress and prepare.  Oh, did we have some good times this week with Lorenzo!   Thursday we brought a member (Hermano Guerrero) with us and he and Lorenzo talked excitedly about his upcoming baptism. Thursday night at 10pm I get the worst call ever.  Lorenzo is cancelling his baptism.  I  couldn't understand him very well, but I could hear him saying something about how he couldn't handle the obstacles Satan was throwing at him, and that he just wasn't prepared and didn't want to be baptized unworthily.  He said he'd call and explain more in the morning.  I had a panic attack.  I texted Hermano Tejada from the branch Presidency, whom Lorenzo adores, and who was planning on baptizing him.  He calls Lorenzo at 11 pm and we get a text at 11:30 saying he thinks he's all right and will call in the morning. TThe next morning I am freaking out, but I call Lorenzo prepared for the worst.  I said "Como esta?" "Bien".  I ask him how he feels. "Bien."  I ask him if we can still plan on his baptism. "Bueno."  I literally yelled hallelujah into the phone!  He cracked up laughing, but I did not think that scare was very funny!  Sounds like he got in a fight with his wife the night before and called us upset.  Friday night he came to our branch Thanksgiving party with his granddaughters and many members came and told him how excited they were for him.  All the investigators went on a church tour and at one point Lorenzo talked about how much he loves gospel principles and invited everyone to his baptism.  I was breathing so much easier Friday night!  Saturday I was just a great big ball of excitement :)  We went to the church two hours early with the elders to fill the font.  Then the elders left.  The font gets full so I check the water.....cold!!!  I was not very happy. I had to wade into the font and find a pole to try to lift the plug. 

Pulling the plug on cold water!

Hermana Ferre, Hermana Short, Loenzo, Hermano Tejada

 I told Hermana Ferre "Oh the things I will do for Lorenzo's baptism!!"  Lorenzo showed up in good timing, and got dressed in white :)  Agh I was so happy for him!  Usually baptisms are pretty well attended, but that day, the room was filled to capacity and they had to set up a few more chairs!  I could not believe my eyes when Lorenzo finally walked into the water :)  Then I start laughing.  Lorenzo was worried about bending backwards so he tried to squat underneath the water :)  Hermano Tejada is confused and tries to bend him backwards again, but this time Lorenzo tries to go forwards.  His granddaughters started laughing so hard!  Me and Hermana Ferre were trying relentlessly not to laugh :)  Finally Hermano Tejada just dunks him backwards :)  He comes back up smiling, but glaring at the little girls :)  It was so adorable and funny!  He got dressed and came  back into the room.  Then comes my next favorite part.  Julio, my other recent convert, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Me and Sister Ferre tried to help him write it, but he wanted to just say what he felt.  And he gave a better talk than I could have!!  I was grinning from ear to ear, Hermana Tenney told me afterwards "You never stopped smiling!"  Julio's  testimony was so strong, and he invited all the people there to make the step of baptism if the hadn't, because he has felt so amazing since.  Me and Sister Ferre had been practicing the musical number with the 3 little girls, and they all wore matching dresses and sang :)  They stared at me the whole time, and I had to help them sing a bit, but the audience couldn't get enough of them, and Lorenzo loved it!  Lorenzo gave his testimony at the end.  Translated he said "I'm happy to be here with you Mormons,"  then he talked about how he knows its true.  It was really neat :)  
Hermana Baros got to come to Lorenzo's baptism!

I love this family!

       Thank you so much family for your prayers.  We had that one huge scare, but after our prayers, and our district's prayers, and the prayers I knew would be said at home, I knew he would eventually do it.  Lorenzo's a member, and a great one at that!  He all ready told us he'd come teach a lesson with us this week :)  Yesterday he brought the girls to church and was confirmed.  President Alvorado gave him a neat blessing and he was just so  happy :)  Miracles do happen!

       So now some of the funny Lorenzo stories from this week! One day he was complimenting us as usual, and I had to be strict with him and tell him to stop.  He says to me in Spanish "I know I know, or else (Imitating me) "I'll send the Elders to teach you!"  We got a good laugh out of that one :)  That same lesson I said "Lorenzo, has anyone told you that you have to shave your mustache to get baptized?"  He flipped! "Calmate!!! Calmate!!"  Which means "Calm yourself!"  I tried my hardest to be serious and he says "Show me a picture of Jesus, he has a moustache!"  We were laughing so hard, we showed him pictures of Joseph Smith and President Monson and said "Things have changed!"  He just kept yelling "Calmate!"  We finally told him we were kidding after laughing to the point of pain!

Love the mustache!

     His granddaughters adore us, and I am going to cry when I have to say goodbye to them one day.  They're mom didn't come to the Thanksgiving party, or church :(  So I got to play mom.  "Sit down!"  "Eat that!"  "Don't play on that!"  And I would hear, "Hermana Short can I go play?"  "Hermana Short can I go to the bathroom?"  It was exhausting.  But!! Me and Sister Ferre were able to keep them on the benches and entertained through all of sacrament meeting!  It took a lot of notebook paper, and everything I could find in my bag, but they did it!  Now I owe them treats and pencils...haha.  They always give us giant hugs now and color us pictures and ask when we're coming over.  The best was seeing them sing at the baptism :)

    We Valley spanish speaker sisters got a great Christmas present this week!  We found out we get to work at the Mesa Temple lights twice a week!  We went to a training this week and it sounds like we will just be roaming the grounds speaking Spanish for 3 hours.  We are super excited!  I will need some winter clothes though.....

     We weren't able to teach Daniel's family this week, but we did talk to Daniel outside for a bit.  He started telling me about his dog that died a few weeks ago and started to cry.   Oh it broke my heart!  I told him that pets go to heaven too, and that maybe Manny is playing catch with Jesus.  Playing fetch might not be doctrine, but he quit crying and started laughing so I did my job :)

      We taught Selene's family this week about the atonement to try and help them feel the spirit and a desire to take the sacrament.  Selene wasn't very receptive this week, and flat out told us they probably won't come to church.  We are going to try a couple more times, then say goodbye :(

     Ruben (the old one) learned about the Plan of Salvation this week.  He always reads what we tell him, and listens, and asks questions.  We still just need to find out if he's really a member or not!

     Ruben (the young one) and his boys learned about the Restoration this week.  We invited them to be baptized and Ruben said yes, then changed to maybe, but his boys can?  We are going to try to straighten that out this week with a church tour :)  We need to get them to church!  During their lesson we turned to the page in the pamphlet where it shows Isaiah writing on a scroll with two other old men (scribes?) watching him.  We said "what do you see here?"  Joseph says "Uhh God, Jesus....." and Ruben Jr says "And Santa?"  Bahaha no, not quite!
       We also taught Julio's roommates Ernie and Jairo the Restoration this week.  They were receptive, might take a little more push to keep commitments, but look at Lorenzo...we like challenges!  Julio leaves this week for his 2 month trip to Bolivia :(  He will be greatly missed!  

    This Thanksgiving we are eating with the Curay family.  The ones from Peru....I just hope they make a couple normal Thanksgiving foods.....ok, honestly I just want my normal plate of rolls and corn :)  We have to have appointments in order to visit people, we don't have any as of right I'm not exactly sure what else we'll do!  It will be a surprise  :)

    Well family that's all I have time for today, but I love you and will send a letter soon!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!   31
 days til Christmas!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short

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