Monday, October 13, 2014

Four Months!!

Two of the best pieces of jewelry!

Dearest Family,

I am SO exhausted.  We got up at 4:30 this morning to go hiking, and the hike was incredibly hard!  At one point the missionaries laughed at me cause I yelled, "My mom would kill me if she saw me!!"  It was super steep with some nice looking drop-offs :p  Ay ay ay, I hate early morning hikes, but my companion loves them so I had to make sacrifices :p  

Hermana Baros and I this morning before the hike!

Thank you so much for my 4 month package!  I loved all of my treats and my cute Halloween stickers :)  I loved your letters this week too, however I'm extremely jealous I wasn't there for your General Conference experience!!  Sister Baros was super happy about the gift you sent her. She yelled "Thank you Short family!!"  That was the only card she got on her actual birthday besides mine!  Her aunt and dad had sent her one earlier in the week, and she got a package yesterday, but on her actual birthday, only from you!  So thank you :)  I also got a package from the Hill family this week which was super nice!  Delicious homemade cookies and U of U socks!  They know me well :)

Still love the UTES!

Last Friday we were able to attend the Phoenix Temple open house and it was incredible! We went at night so as we walked up, it was like walking up to a castle.  Lorenzo and his family backed out last minute, but Liliana was able to get ready in 10 minutes and come, so it worked out well :)  We went with the Curay family from Peru and they are super kind and helpful with Liliana.  We had to park at a water park and then the church has 10 tour buses that drive us to the temple.  The baptismal font was so neat!  The picture behind it is a river, so when you stand in the font, it looks like you're standing in a river!  All of the rooms were gorgeous, and Liliana loved it.  We asked her to prepare to go to the temple one day and she said yes!  Then we asked her what the first step was.  "Bautismo," she says.  So will you be baptized?  No!  Hahaha one day.....

I was on exchanges 3 times this week which was hard :/  I used to love exchanges to escape my companion for a day, but now we are actually becoming friends and so I enjoy being in my area with her more!  It's been a huge relief for us, we talked about it a little and we both feel like a lot of stress is gone because we are getting along well now.  One day while I was on exchanges, Sister Baros had a great chat with Leticia!  Without even prodding her, Leticia told Sister Baros that she had downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone and was reading it, she'd been watching Mormon messages, and she asked her boss for Sundays off so she can come to church.  We hadn't even taught Sabbath Day yet!  We are both super excited to see her progressing so well.  She's had more lessons than the rest of the family though so we have to play catch-up with them this week, so we can help them progress at the same rate next week.  It's so hard to find them all at home!

Sister Penalba and myself before our hike

Me and Sister Penalba taught a great lesson about the priesthood to Rocio.  I've never seen her so attentive in a lesson!  At one point it clicked with her and she said "So you're telling me that if I don't get baptized that I won't live with God?"  I told her "Sadly, no.  And you won't live with your daughter either."  I could see it in her face that something clicked, as if it really hit her how important this is.  She didn't say anything afterwards, she didn't even try to argue.  Her progress is slow, but I love teaching her because though it's slow, the changes she's making are huge.  Especially regarding the Word of Wisdom and Chastity.  She knows it's right :)  

Sister Baros was able to teach Daniel's family twice while I was in Sister Penalba's area.  Both times they read the Book of Mormon and talked to Carlos about being baptized with his family.  We don't have a for sure answer yet :p  Daniel came to church yesterday and got his part for the Primary program :)  It's next week, so hopefully we can successfully get his family there to see him participate!

We found a great new investigator this week!  But she moved back to Guatemala in the same week :p  Her name is Lucrecia and she soaked up the restoration, read the Book of Mormon after our first visit, and said she would find the missionaries in Guatemala.  Apparently she sees them all the time....hopefully its the Mormon ones :)  It stinks to find someone so ready and then have them leave, but at least she left with a Book of Mormon and a desire to learn more in her home country :)

Having fun at a meeting!

Part of the difficulties of exchanges is being in a trio.  Me and Sister Penalba are a hoot together, but throw in Sister Clark and it's a struggle.  I pretty much stayed silent the whole time because Sister Clark hogs all the teaching.  It was frustrating!  But I'm trying to stay positive, so I'll stop there.  That night though I was pretty upset.  We were headed home with the other 2 sisters on bikes down a busy street.  I (of course) was leading the pack because we had to go fast, and I knew the way.  Mom. Stop laughing :)  Well, they're all following me and I'm checking behind me to make sure they're keeping up.   I almost get to our turn and I thought I heard someone yell.  So I turn around, and I'm completely alone!!  They had all taken the turn before, and no one followed me!  That street is so scary in the dark!  I whipped my bike around and started speeding back up this street, I look down the next street and can see their bike lights in the distance.  Two of them finally stopped to wait for me and it was all the patience I could muster to not freak out.  Agh! it was so scary!  They're like, "We yelled for you!"  Well yes sisters, but someone still has to follow me!  You can't all just leave me!  Crazies!  Me and Sister Wheelwright were laughing about it later though because we realized that before our missions we would have just raced home and met them there.  But because it makes us panic to be companion-less, it was so much scarier!  Oh missionaries :)

Selene and her boys didn't come to church again :(  We were able to have a lesson with them AND they're dad though!  That was awesome!  He said he'd keep learning if we can ever find him at home :p  Not much hope there....he's never home!

Did I tell you we are Facebook missionaries now?  Apparently, we are getting iPads in November (I'm not holding my breath) so we are starting to go to the library and using Facebook.  It's weird...and hard!  I so badly want to look at the pictures of my friends who have gotten married, or message family members, but we have strict rules!  We are allowed to message non-member friends and less-actives, and ask them to have skype lessons with us.  We can also post mormon messages or like last week I put something on there about Meet the Mormons.  I talked to my inactive friend in Cedar City on Saturday that I used to work with.  It was weird to talk to someone from home, but cool to be able to invite her to go see the movie and go to church with my buddy James since she works with him :)  We'll see if she does it!  Sister Sweeney says if you invite an investigator to your house for a lesson, I can teach them 2 lessons over skype, and my family could be the members present!  So crazy!  I don't know if I could handle it, that'd be hard!  The work is getting crazy with social media!!

Cafe Rio for Sister Baros birthday!!

Sister Baros' birthday this week was fun.  That day the Elders made her a cake, Sister Orozco made brownies, we went to Cafe Rio for lunch, and the temple open house!!  Her parents sent her a package that she got yesterday full of birthday decorations and a cake to bake.....haha a little late!  But it's ok she loved it :)

Phoenix Spanish District

Today on the top of the mountain I got Bible Bashed by this college student!  She couldn't have been much older than me, and she's a bible studies major.  She was super smart!  Sister Salas had some good answers since she knows her Bible well, and I couldn't get much in with Sister Clark standing right there, but none the less, the 4 of us had a good chat!  Her main argument is that by faith alone - we are saved.  After she left, Sister Salas said, "Sister Short push me off this mountain!  It's ok, you're faith, not your works, will save you!"  We had a good laugh, and she told me to study the Bible really well because it will help in answering questions like those.  I guess I better start reading :p  

Sister Salas

The weather here has been so nice!  I saw people (OK, so I snuck a peek at a football game on a TV) in Michigan wearing jackets and I thought, "Oh!  I forgot most of the US is cold right now!"  It was a weird realization!  I think I'm going to be cold this winter though, our house is 78 degrees and sometimes it feels like 55 to me!  My body adjusted to heat!  Not cool!  (Haha see what I did there? :)

All right, I think that's it this week.  We have zero exchanges this coming week so I'm thrilled!!  We hope to take 3 or 4 of our investigators to the temple this week too, so hopefully it will be an awesome week!

I love you!   Tell Jensyn to stay away from parked cars :)  Hehehe I can't wait to hear about that one!  I knew I wouldn't be the first to hit another car!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!

Hermana Short 

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