Monday, October 6, 2014

Drumroll Please!!!

Hermana es fuerte!


This week has included some fantastic experiences!

Daniel is on date for baptism!!!!!!  After a lesson with him and his mom this week she agreed to prepare with Daniel for November 1st to be baptized!  We are going to be praying hard for this date to go through because she didn't seem too sure about it, but we know it's possible and we are super excited for Daniel.  His mom Xochitl doesn't feel like she's gotten answers to her prayers about the church yet, so that's what I'll be praying for this week.  We hope to baptize Xochitl, Daniel, and the older brother Carlos on this day....sadly the father has zero interest, but hopefully the testimonies of his family members will soften his heart.

The lesson we had with them this week was cute.  We put a picture of the temple on a table in their house, and we made footsteps representing the steps we have to take to go to the temple.  Daniel looked at the steps and pointed to baptism and the temple and said, "These are the only two I haven't done!"  We all looked at his mom and then after talking about baptism again, she agreed to pray for an answer and prepare for November 1st.  This is a dream come true for us and for Daniel!

Now I'll talk about conference.  I am SO JEALOUS you met Elaine S. Dalton! She's my idol!!! I still remember when I got to sit in her office chair on our tour in Young Women's :)  I want to see the pictures!  During that second session on Saturday I was thinking the whole time, Hey!  My family is in the audience right now!  I thought it was super neat and fitting that you were in the session of general conference when a Seventy gave his talk in Spanish :)  All the Spanish missionaries in the Stake Center got super excited when they announced that :)  We all put on the Spanish translation headsets to listen to that talk, and the one on Sunday in Spanish.  The rest we listened to in English.  Did you know Richard G. Scott speaks fluent Spanish?  He personally records his talk in Spanish to be played as the translation during Spanish!  Sister Baros listened to his talk in Spanish and I heard a little bit, it was so neat!

Sister Baros's mom sings in the Tabernacle Choir so that was funny because all the missionaries would loudly whisper, "Sister Baros there's your mom!" Every single time they sang :)  I decided mom needs to join MoTab so that I can see her in April!  Haha

Saturday in-between sessions we went to a baptism for two little girls in Sister Baros' first area.  I was getting super impatient because no one was being reverent, there was this little boy that practically screamed through the entire thing, and I was starving!  We got back late to watch conference which just made me more ornery.  Then Dallin H. Oaks got up to speak and talked about getting rid of the Spirit of Contention.  Haha chastised!!  Then another speaker talked about the importance of morning prayers and how it is the way you put on your daily armor to face the world.  I realized that Whoops!  I had forgotten my morning prayers that morning :p  The apostles speak truth!  Morning prayers make a difference!  

The closing prayer of the first session made me choke up :)  When the Brother prayed to bless the missionaries, their parents, and their grandparents I was so grateful!  A lot of people pray for the missionaries, but a lot of us are worried about our families and so it was nice to hear him pray for them.  

I don't have a favorite talk, but I loved Elder Neilson's talk about Joseph Smith and gaining a testimony of him NOW.  If he was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, and if the Book of Mormon is true, the church is true.  I encourage you all to pray about Joseph Smith this week.  Even if you all ready have a testimony of him.  I learned on my mission that even when you have a testimony, praying for re-confirmation builds your testimony and reminds you what it feels like to get answers to specific prayers.  I can't imagine what the future holds, but I think we all need stronger testimonies of that great prophet to prepare ourselves to "defend his good name."

One fun thing we got to do this week was watch Meet the Mormons!  GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND!!!  We received broad casted training from Elder Holland to encourage all members to go see the film on opening weekend, which is this weekend the 10th and 11th, IF they are able.  If the film makes a big opening weekend debut, then the media will talk about it, more people will talk about it, more people will see it, and eventually there will be a rise in people willing to let missionaries into their homes.  It's hilarious and great for families. Elder Holland said there's 3 things to know about the movie.
1. It's a real movie, in real theatres
2. It is First Presidency Commissioned
3. All net proceeds go to the American Red Cross

I'm so excited for you to see it, you'll have to tell me which one is your favorite story :)  All right I'm done advertising now....but it's just so great! Obviously, my favorite is the Navy Football Coach!

Interviews with President Sweeney went really well this week.  The first question he asked me was, "How do you feel about training?"  Ahh!  He said there aren't very many Spanish sisters coming in, but he's pretty sure I'll train one of them next transfer.  The part I'm most excited about is that I will stay in this area for another transfer!  That will make 6 months!  I am so excited :)  He said, "Sister Short how long have you been in this branch?"  I said "Not long enough!!!"  He ended the interview by telling me how proud he is of me and that he never worries about whether or not I'm working hard!   I felt really good coming out of that interview :)

This upcoming Friday is Sister Baros' birthday and we have tickets to go to the Phoenix Temple open house with hopefully Lorenzo and Yasury and her girls.  We are so excited!  A sister in the branch is making us breakfast that day, and Sister Jackson and Sister Gariki are going to Cafe Rio with us :)  Hopefully, it will be a good birthday for her!  

I have some hilarious quotes of the week this week.  At least I thought they were pretty funny...maybe they won't be over email :)  At dinner one night I realized that being from Panama, Sister Penalba probably doesn't know some classic American Jokes.  So I said, "Sister Penalba, why did the chicken cross the road?"  She looked at me for a second, then threw her hands in the air with exasperation and said "I don't know!  I just want some chicken ok?!"  We all died laughing!  Then we tried to get her to tell us some jokes, but she couldn't think of any.  A couple seconds later we were arguing over how to say "horse" in Spanish and she corrected us.  We all laughed and she said "That wasn't a joke!  Why you laughing??"  Then of course we laughed harder :)  Oh how I love that Panamanian!  

Hermana Penalba and Hermana Short

My other funny story comes from a conversation with my companion.  She was trying to lock up our bikes and was bent over fixing it when I asked, "How do you say "cast out devils" in Spanish?"  She whips her head up and says "What?!  The cat got baptized?!"  Hahaha I'm laughing just thinking about it!  You're probably wondering why I asked that question in the first place, one of our potential investigator ladies had a weird feeling in her home so I was trying to explain it in Spanish.  What Sister Baros heard was much funnier though!

Missionary Parking

Oh also, I discovered a Marijuana lab this week, in the Patriarch's bathtub!  We were there cleaning his house since he can barely even move, and I found it.  His son who sometimes lives there put it in there and when I told Patriarch he said, "No, it's a kiwi plant!"  "No Patriarch, kiwis grow on trees."  Ay ay ay.  The Elders told President Sweeney, who called me to get my story.  Hopefully, it doesn't go on my record :)  hahaha! We told the Stake President, and now it's in his hands.  It was quite a scary thing to find though!  Poor patriarch :(

Relaxing after service at Stake Patriarch's home

We taught Lorenzo one or two times this week, but we've decided we can only teach him with member presents from now on.  He keeps telling us we are beautiful and he loves us and wants us to come over all the time, he's like 65, but it's still weird.  He concentrates better when members are around.  One day while we were there though, his granddaughter Yza came running out the door, stood in between me and my companion, looked proudly at her grandpa and said, "Soy la mormona mas chiquita!"  meaning "I'm the littlest Mormon!"  It was adorable!  I stuck my tag on her, handed her a Book of Mormon and made her take a picture :)

Last night we taught Selene, Cristian, and Yahir about tithing.  When we asked them to keep the law of tithing after baptism, we started to talk about their baptism date again.  Selene told us that first she wants her husband to take the lessons so that they can do this together.  That's what we've been trying to do!!!  This week is fall break for her kids so we are hoping to be able to teach the entire family once this week.  I am so happy she wants this for her whole family though, not many people see the importance like she does.  Cristian the 12 yr old was the only one who read out of the Book of Mormon this week, and Yahir didn't even complain about saying the opening prayer.  I love that family :)  

Leticia is still progressing, and we are going to contact their family every day from now on to make sure they can be ready for their baptism date of November 1st.  Leticia and her 17 yr old daughter Carolina came to Friday Night Sports night this week and loved it!  They brought their friend Rita, her nieces, and little boy.  EverFriday we play volleyball and soccer at 7 with our investigators and less actives to get them to mingle with members.  We are seeing more and more success every week!  When people find friends on Fridays, they feel more comfortable coming on Sundays.  We hope.

Julio has a firm baptism date of October 25th now!  He said starting Sunday the 19th he has all Sundays off, so if he comes that Sunday then President Sweeney said he can get baptized the next Saturday!  He's excited, we're excited, and we just love Julio the golden investigator :)

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jens, Kars, Grammy, Dunn Family, Rowan, Great Grandma Short, and Lacey (college friend) for sending me letters this week!  They made my week!  Even though I almost cried when I saw Lacey's engagement announcement, I can't believe I'll miss her wedding :(  The sacrifices of a missionary are so hard sometimes! 

I hope you all enjoyed conference, it was incredible :)  I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy!  Enjoy October weather!  I'm enjoying mornings and evenings, but still dread the afternoons :p

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short

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