Monday, October 20, 2014

A bird pooped on my head!

Hello family!

Yes, it's true, I got pooped on!  I was innocently riding my bike when I heard/felt something hit my helmet.  I thought it was just a branch that hit my helmet, but when we met up with other missionaries for lunch at Salsitas, Hermana Wheelwright informed me of the white gunk on the top of my head :/  So gross!  Luckily it came out with a napkin pretty easy so I could keep working the rest of the day.  Dumb birds!  They had super good aim to get it right through the crack in my helmet as I rode past!

My two missionary role models - Sister Mortensen & Sister Wheelwright

Julio is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!  He had his interview yesterday after coming to church and we are super excited to finish off our last transfer together with a baptism!  Pray that he won't cancel....last year he called and cancelled the day of his baptism :( He has work off and is planning on being at the church at 2pm on Saturday, so hopefully everything runs smoothly!  He has been our golden investigator willing to do everything we ask.  He had no addictions to give up, no problems with doctrine, and is going to be a branch president someday....we know it!  I started to doubt if he was really ready this week, because the process with him has almost seemed too easy.  I prayed hard to know if we should really go through with his interview.  That night we taught him a lesson and reviewed the interview questions with him to help him prepare.  I felt at peace and could sense that he is truly ready.  Yay Julio!!

This week we went to the Phoenix temple twice!  First we went with the Ramos family.  The dad and kids are semi-active, and the mom is a non-member.  They happened to have their grandma from Mexico visiting so she went with us too!  She's a member and in Mexico lives about 3 hours from the Heromoseo temple.  They loved it and we loved spending the evening with them.  Their daughter Abril is just a little younger than Karsyn and it's fun to be around her because she reminds me of her :)  She constantly has questions about what we can't do on missions and why. "Can you go to concerts?  Can you watch TV?  Can you watch movies?  Don't you get bored?  All you do is work?"  It's funny, we're trying to convince her to prepare for a mission, but she's not having it :)  Sister Ramos was hilarious in the temple.  All of the wood is Cedar wood and she asked us if we knew what that was.  Then we walked into the chapel in the temple and she tilts her head back and takes a huge whiff and sighs contently.  I was trying so hard not to laugh!  Apparently it's the best wood in the world :)

The second temple trip was with Lorenzo and his granddaughters.  Yazury bailed on us, but her girls loved it!!  As we were taking the bus to the temple grounds I told Yza that temples are like our castles because we are daughters of the King (Heavenly Father) so we're princesses!  She thought that was just great :)  When we walked into the celestial room I asked the girls if they felt like princesses.  Yza looked at me and said "No."  I didn't know what to say so we just kept walking, then she turns to me and with a smile says "Ok, Now I do :)"  It was so cute!  They are now convinced they want to get married in the temple, and Lorenzo had lots of questions about being sealed as a family.  (More miracles with that family to come!)

Yasury, Yukey, and Yza

Bus ride to Temple open house
Lorenzo and Granddaughters

I love going to the temple open house because I LOVE being in the temple.  The Phoenix is probably my new favorite :)  There are some new paintings inside that are incredible!!  As we were walking through I started to panic a little that so many people were seeing what a temple looks like!  It's become so sacred to me that I felt like we should all be wearing white and holding recommends.  At the same time, it's so great for other people to be able to see how focused the temples are on the Savior and his teachings.  It's a great learning experience for investigators!  

Phoenix Temple

Hopefully you were able to see the video we put on facebook!  Hermana Toledo (the blind lady) made us pancakes and breakfast burritos one morning this week, then filmed us singing "As Sisters in Zion" in Spanish.  She couldn't see what she was filming so most of it is just our heads, but it's still good!  She's amazing :)

Saturday the branch president bought us Salsitas, for 11 missionaries!  I didn't feel very good that day though, I was exhausted all day and that night at dinner I couldn't eat anything!  I felt bad because the member made a ton of food, and it was taquitos with salsa which I normally eat plenty of, but man I was not feeling so great!  It might just have been eating too much at Salsitas or because I was super dehydrated....actually it's probably because I didn't drink any water.  Whoops!  But I'm fine now!  It wore off later that night and I was fine as we taught lessons, weird little sick spasm there.

Speaking of sick, we keep hearing things about Ebola?  A member got us pretty freaked out the other night.  Hahaha yesterday I was sitting next to Daniel during the sacrament and he says "You know Ebola?"  "Yes?"  "It's like Rise of the Planet of the Apes where all of humanity is going to be destroyed."  Oh little boys!!  

Speaking of church, yesterday was full of miracles!!  Daniel was able to participate in the Primary program and did awesome!  Even when he didn't know all the words to the song, he would mouth the sounds the conductor was making :)  He got up at the microphone and said his part "Temples make it possible for families to be together forever" and then after the program ran off to his primary class :)  His mom wasn't able to make it to sacrament meeting because it started early this week :(  But she came to the 2 classes and even made a comment in Gospel Doctrine!  I could see her nodding along to what was being said, and she'd follow along in the scriptures with me as people read.  She even wore a dress and did her hair nice!  It was awesome!  Unfortunately, because she didn't make it to sacrament, she can't be baptized on November 1st. :(  We are going to have to reschedule her and Daniel's baptism dates, but at least she's coming, enjoying, and progressing.    

Julio also came to church for the first time and loved the Primary program :)  He and Lorenzo fellowshipped each other during class.  Speaking of Lorenzo!  He had quite the experience in gospel principles!  The patriarch teaches that class and was very in tune with the Spirit this Sunday. He jumped into a story about some recent converts he helped teach who refused to set a firm baptism date.  He said that isn't ok!  And they shouldn't wait to be baptized, so the recent convert set a date and was baptized.  He looked Lorenzo right in the eye and said "What do you think about this?"  After class Lorenzo approached Hermana Baros and told her he's changing from February to November, "Pero esperate!" (but wait!)  I need to think about it!  So now we are letting him think about which date in November :)  Agh finally!!! He thinks Patriarch Mortensen is right up there with the Prophet in terms of importance and really respects him.  

I was sad to hear about Patriarch Saunders, patriarchs are incredible men!  Patriarch Mortensen is the patriarch for the Spanish branches in our stake and he is amazing.  He's 88 years old and probably won't live much longer, but he LOVES teaching our investigators in Gospel Principles on Sundays.  He has had personal relationships with I think the last 5 prophets.  We will be in class and he'll start a story with, "The last time I was on the phone with President Hinckley...." or "The flowers over there, yes, President Monson and his wife sent them to me a few years ago!"  When the Gilbert temple was dedicated President Monson personally called and invited him.  We love listening to his stories!!  He learned Spanish on his mission, served as a temple president and mission president in several South American and US spanish speaking areas, and continues to use it today in his callings.  So neat!

Liliana and Cristian also made it to church this week!  Cristian's parents and brother Yahir didn't make it, but he really wanted to come so he came with his aunt Liliana.  He was suuuper nervous and acted upset the whole time, but when we talked to their family last night, he was saying he loved it and his mom said he told her he enjoyed it!  Right before he left church the YM president talked to him and invited him to activities and introduced him to some of the boys.  I think that helped a ton!  Liliana loved church, she wants to keep coming, but not get baptized. Ay ay ay. 

Ay chihuahua!

We are quite disappointed with Rafael and Leticia right now.  They are off baptism dates as well  :(  We rode by their house one night and caught Rafael smoking.  He tried to hide it, but I called him out on it and he chuckled embarrassed.  I said "hermano!  Deja de fumar!"  Which basically means"quit smoking!"  We rode away disappointed, then returned later to see if Leticia was home.  She was.  With a beer in hand!! AGH.  Apparently they've been lying to us about their Word of Wisdom progress....more work to do now :/

 I had a great mail week this week!  Thank you SO much for my skirts mom!!  I love them and they all fit great!  Grammy also sent me a shirt that I love and the Loveridges sent me a Halloween package full of treats which was great!  I'm spoiled :)  Thank you!  And thanks for printing off those pictures for Sister Mortensen mom :)  She loved them, and you made my life a whole lot easier seeing as this is my last P-day with her here!  

Hermana Short & Hermana Baros- companions for 4 1/2 months!

Next week I will be emailing on a Wednesday because of transfers.  After 4 1/2 months I'm finally getting a new companion!  A brand new one!  President Sweeney told me again this week and said I'll do "superbly."  I on the other hand am starting to freak out.  I barely know anything!  I don't want to ruin a missionary!!  I'll be praying hard this week, that's for sure!

Phoenix Spanish District

We get an all day P-day today!  At 6pm Sister Sweeney is hosting all the Sisters in the valley at the mission home for dinner and a devotional/FHE.  We are super excited :)  Everyone loves Sister Sweeney and her food!

Well I can't wait to let you know all about transfers!!  And the baptism we are going to have!  It will be a great week for sure :)  Thank you for your letters, support, and prayers.  They go a long way for me!!  

I love you.  I Love You.  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short or as they say it here "Chorts"

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