Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's a Girl!

Dearest Familia,

The ongoing saying is that if you train, you're a mother, so congratulations to me, it's a girl!!  I am training Sister Ferre (Fairy) and she is amazing!!  I have so much to tell about this week, and then I'll tell you more about her :)

Julio - my first baptism!
So let's start with Julio's baptism :)  Everything was set and ready for his baptism Saturday at 3, it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we get a call on the way to the church, Julio was having some doubts.  Me and Sister Baros started to mega-panic!!  He is leaving for Bolivia in 3 weeks and was worried about not being able to attend church while he's gone for 2 months, so he didn't want to get baptized and go inactive.  We raced to the family history center, looked up Santa Cruz, Bolivia on and found tons of churches.  We called him back to tell him and then told him to pray about it and call us back.  He called us back a few minutes later and said "Ok, I'll see you at 2:30!"  Oh man I've never felt so relieved!!  He walked in to the church looking quite nervous, but smiling none the less :)  The Elders were put in charge of helping him find a baptism suit that fits.  Julio walks out in his white jumpsuit a few minutes later and I lost it laughing.  The Elders had him squeeze into an 8-year- old's baptism suit!  Julio is probably only 5'3" and skinny, but he's not THAT small!  I felt so bad, but I could not stop laughing at his little monkey suit!  He points his finger at me and says "You!  NO laughing!"  Then we were all laughing :)  I ran into the bathroom to find him a bigger suit.  Poor guy....he looked great in white though!  We took pictures, then started the baptism service.  He was really nervous, but only had to be dunked once! 

 Afterwards we asked him to bear his testimony to the group and he did awesome :)  He said "I got baptized because I wanted to start a new life."  He thanked me and Sister Baros profusely and said he knows that this church was true.  It was such a rewarding moment for us! 

 The next day he came to church and was confirmed.  After the blessing he sat down next to me and said, "Wow."  Yay Julio!!  Everytime we bike by his house now we say, "Hey!  A Mormon lives there!"  or "Hey!  That's our recent convert!"  It's been really exciting for me :)  A couple days after Julio's baptism we went to his house and we can all ready see the Spirit working with him as a companion.  He told us his work wants him to work Sundays til he leaves for Bolivia, but he'd rather quit his job instead.  The Holy Ghost is so necessary for conversion!  

On Sunday Xochitl and Daniel came to church on time and stayed for all 3 hours again!  Xochitl continues to participate in class, and loves the messages and teachers.  Daniel always falls asleep and is really calm in sacrament meeting with his mom there too, it's nice not to play babysitters :)  

Xochiltl and Daniel

Lorenzo, Yazury, and the girls also came to church again this week and Yazury even brought a friend!  
This week we went to visit Lorenzo and he said, "Ok, I want you to pick a day between November 1 and November 15 for my baptism!"  We almost passed out in shock.  We said, "Ok, November 8!"  So that's what we are planning for now!!  He's starting to get nervous and making excuses about doctors appointments now, but hopefully with faith and prayers we can help him set the goal he set for himself!!  Another lesson we had with Lorenzo was quite funny.  He was going off telling this long story/parable and I was completely zoned out.  Then I hear him tell us that he is practicing on us.  For when he has to address our congregation after his baptism.  Hahahaha sweet guy :)  In that same lesson his wife Lupita heard him say a word wrong and started cracking up.  She switches to her broken English and says, "You sound like a Japanese!"  Me and Hna Baros lost it!

On Saturday night our branch combined with 2 English wards for a trunk or treat fall festival.  It was so fun!  It also made me miserable.  They had a DJ there and he played so many of my favorite songs it was killing me!  I've yet to feel that trunky on my mission.  I made Sister Freeman sing me, "I Stand all Amazed" and then I felt better :)  I quite enjoyed eating all the free food though!  Pizza, popcorn, scones, and candy! 

Trunk or Treat activity

Planning like party animals

This week two investigators invited us over for "Goodbye Sister Baros" meals.  Selene and her husband made us food on Saturday for lunch.  Shrimp pasta.  I almost passed out when I saw all those shrimp and I had to breathe really slow and heavy to keep from crying.  I tried to explain that I have this thing LIKE an allergy to fish, so Selene says oh!  I have allergy pills, then you can eat it! AGH.  I said something like well, I'm actually just terrified of fish.  They didn't understand.  I was thinking about how to get around this and then Selene offered to dish me a plate of just pasta without the shrimp.  Hallelujah!  I gladly ate that pasta!!  They are such a great family, they're super sad to have Hna Baros leave, but it's ok, they're favorite is still here ;)  Just kidding!  The other meal was with Xochitl and Daniel.  She made us chicken legs with mole (this chocolaty salsa stuff) and rice.  It's not that great, but I was so grateful it wasn't fish that I didn't even care!  

Ok now the moment you've all been waiting for.  After 4 1/2 months I finally have a new companion!  I was SUPER nervous Monday night and Tuesday morning.  I had to be at the mission home by 7:45 am on Tuesday and had a trainers meeting with President Sweeney.  Then the trainees came in and we got another 90 minute training about the first 12 weeks.  Finally after building up all the suspense they started announcing the companionship's.  I have to admit, when I saw all of the trainees I picked my favorite one, but didn't dare hope I'd get put with her.  But then they announced our names!  I was so relieved!  Her name is Sister Ferre (Fairy) and she just got here from the Mexico MTC and has 0 Spanish background.  She's from Sandy, Utah (right by Grammy's old house actually) and just graduated from Alta in June!  She turned 19 in September and immediately left for her mission.  I cannot even tell you how happy I am with her.  Last night after lights out we talked until almost 1 in the morning and I can tell we are going to have a really good time together!  She has two little sisters and no brothers just like me :)  She's super bubbly and fun.  Her will come :)  She gets really nervous, especially last night when we taught our first lesson, but she shared her testimony of prayer and followed along great :)  She doesn't like cookies...but I'll fix that!!  Actually, her family eats all organic stuff which I found hilarious that I keep getting healthy companions.  I told her I live off quesadillas, cereal, and frozen waffles.  The best part is she has an iron stomach and will eat anything.  Elder Sessions left for the mountains this week so I wondered who I would get to eat my food!  Sister Ferre will do great!  I'm so excited to train now :)

My new companion.... Hermana Ferre
 Sister Baros took over Sister Wheelwright's place.  So now she's still in our branch, but with Sister Clark.  I don't know how I feel about that yet, I feel like I'm being watched still, but a lot of my stress left with her.  Even though we got along towards the end, it was time for a change for sure!  Sister Penalba left for temple square today :(  I had to say a quick goodbye so I didn't cry.  Same with Sister Mortensen...the night before she left she found a letter for me in the mission home and wrote a note on the back of it for me so I would get it.  If I can be a Sister Mortensen by the end of 18 months, I will have succeeded!  You've got to find Sister Penalba at Christmas time too!  I almost cried when I saw that picture of Mom and Sister Heuea downtown.  That's such a miracle!!!  I miss her so and Sister Heuea! :)  Elder Bowns got a native companion from Costa Rica, I haven't gotten to know him well yet, but he's the new district leader.  And Sister Martinez is training as well.  I'm sure I'll have more stories to tell once I get to know all of them better!  

After we got our trainees we went into the big transfer meeting where President and Sister Sweeney train us a bit and we listened to lots of musical numbers.  I played Come Thou Fount for a trio of missionaries who sang, it was fun to play again :)  It was the same arrangement I played for the Parkinson family in sacrament meeting and I picked it right back up, so that was really good!

This week for Halloween, our day is almost all planned out all ready.  After studies we have 3 hours of weekly planning, and then President gave us permission to go do a session that night and then eat dinner in Mesa!  What better way to spend Halloween right?  Normally we'd have to be in before 6, but now that we're going to the Mesa temple we just have to be in by 8:30.  It's been so long! I'm super excited :)  Especially after going to so many open houses, now I want to go in to a dedicated temple again and do work!

Well I believe that is it for this week!  It's been a roller coaster of emotions, and now I'm just trying to be the best example possible and trying to help Sister Ferre see how fun missionary work really is!  She loved it the minute she got on her bike though, so that wasn't hard!

Happy Halloween family!!!  I can't wait to see pictures! :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short

PS I forgot to tell you, Selene and the boys came to the temple with us this week!  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Transfer Week

Check back Wednesday evening for Adyson's latest update and new companion info.!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A bird pooped on my head!

Hello family!

Yes, it's true, I got pooped on!  I was innocently riding my bike when I heard/felt something hit my helmet.  I thought it was just a branch that hit my helmet, but when we met up with other missionaries for lunch at Salsitas, Hermana Wheelwright informed me of the white gunk on the top of my head :/  So gross!  Luckily it came out with a napkin pretty easy so I could keep working the rest of the day.  Dumb birds!  They had super good aim to get it right through the crack in my helmet as I rode past!

My two missionary role models - Sister Mortensen & Sister Wheelwright

Julio is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!  He had his interview yesterday after coming to church and we are super excited to finish off our last transfer together with a baptism!  Pray that he won't cancel....last year he called and cancelled the day of his baptism :( He has work off and is planning on being at the church at 2pm on Saturday, so hopefully everything runs smoothly!  He has been our golden investigator willing to do everything we ask.  He had no addictions to give up, no problems with doctrine, and is going to be a branch president someday....we know it!  I started to doubt if he was really ready this week, because the process with him has almost seemed too easy.  I prayed hard to know if we should really go through with his interview.  That night we taught him a lesson and reviewed the interview questions with him to help him prepare.  I felt at peace and could sense that he is truly ready.  Yay Julio!!

This week we went to the Phoenix temple twice!  First we went with the Ramos family.  The dad and kids are semi-active, and the mom is a non-member.  They happened to have their grandma from Mexico visiting so she went with us too!  She's a member and in Mexico lives about 3 hours from the Heromoseo temple.  They loved it and we loved spending the evening with them.  Their daughter Abril is just a little younger than Karsyn and it's fun to be around her because she reminds me of her :)  She constantly has questions about what we can't do on missions and why. "Can you go to concerts?  Can you watch TV?  Can you watch movies?  Don't you get bored?  All you do is work?"  It's funny, we're trying to convince her to prepare for a mission, but she's not having it :)  Sister Ramos was hilarious in the temple.  All of the wood is Cedar wood and she asked us if we knew what that was.  Then we walked into the chapel in the temple and she tilts her head back and takes a huge whiff and sighs contently.  I was trying so hard not to laugh!  Apparently it's the best wood in the world :)

The second temple trip was with Lorenzo and his granddaughters.  Yazury bailed on us, but her girls loved it!!  As we were taking the bus to the temple grounds I told Yza that temples are like our castles because we are daughters of the King (Heavenly Father) so we're princesses!  She thought that was just great :)  When we walked into the celestial room I asked the girls if they felt like princesses.  Yza looked at me and said "No."  I didn't know what to say so we just kept walking, then she turns to me and with a smile says "Ok, Now I do :)"  It was so cute!  They are now convinced they want to get married in the temple, and Lorenzo had lots of questions about being sealed as a family.  (More miracles with that family to come!)

Yasury, Yukey, and Yza

Bus ride to Temple open house
Lorenzo and Granddaughters

I love going to the temple open house because I LOVE being in the temple.  The Phoenix is probably my new favorite :)  There are some new paintings inside that are incredible!!  As we were walking through I started to panic a little that so many people were seeing what a temple looks like!  It's become so sacred to me that I felt like we should all be wearing white and holding recommends.  At the same time, it's so great for other people to be able to see how focused the temples are on the Savior and his teachings.  It's a great learning experience for investigators!  

Phoenix Temple

Hopefully you were able to see the video we put on facebook!  Hermana Toledo (the blind lady) made us pancakes and breakfast burritos one morning this week, then filmed us singing "As Sisters in Zion" in Spanish.  She couldn't see what she was filming so most of it is just our heads, but it's still good!  She's amazing :)

Saturday the branch president bought us Salsitas, for 11 missionaries!  I didn't feel very good that day though, I was exhausted all day and that night at dinner I couldn't eat anything!  I felt bad because the member made a ton of food, and it was taquitos with salsa which I normally eat plenty of, but man I was not feeling so great!  It might just have been eating too much at Salsitas or because I was super dehydrated....actually it's probably because I didn't drink any water.  Whoops!  But I'm fine now!  It wore off later that night and I was fine as we taught lessons, weird little sick spasm there.

Speaking of sick, we keep hearing things about Ebola?  A member got us pretty freaked out the other night.  Hahaha yesterday I was sitting next to Daniel during the sacrament and he says "You know Ebola?"  "Yes?"  "It's like Rise of the Planet of the Apes where all of humanity is going to be destroyed."  Oh little boys!!  

Speaking of church, yesterday was full of miracles!!  Daniel was able to participate in the Primary program and did awesome!  Even when he didn't know all the words to the song, he would mouth the sounds the conductor was making :)  He got up at the microphone and said his part "Temples make it possible for families to be together forever" and then after the program ran off to his primary class :)  His mom wasn't able to make it to sacrament meeting because it started early this week :(  But she came to the 2 classes and even made a comment in Gospel Doctrine!  I could see her nodding along to what was being said, and she'd follow along in the scriptures with me as people read.  She even wore a dress and did her hair nice!  It was awesome!  Unfortunately, because she didn't make it to sacrament, she can't be baptized on November 1st. :(  We are going to have to reschedule her and Daniel's baptism dates, but at least she's coming, enjoying, and progressing.    

Julio also came to church for the first time and loved the Primary program :)  He and Lorenzo fellowshipped each other during class.  Speaking of Lorenzo!  He had quite the experience in gospel principles!  The patriarch teaches that class and was very in tune with the Spirit this Sunday. He jumped into a story about some recent converts he helped teach who refused to set a firm baptism date.  He said that isn't ok!  And they shouldn't wait to be baptized, so the recent convert set a date and was baptized.  He looked Lorenzo right in the eye and said "What do you think about this?"  After class Lorenzo approached Hermana Baros and told her he's changing from February to November, "Pero esperate!" (but wait!)  I need to think about it!  So now we are letting him think about which date in November :)  Agh finally!!! He thinks Patriarch Mortensen is right up there with the Prophet in terms of importance and really respects him.  

I was sad to hear about Patriarch Saunders, patriarchs are incredible men!  Patriarch Mortensen is the patriarch for the Spanish branches in our stake and he is amazing.  He's 88 years old and probably won't live much longer, but he LOVES teaching our investigators in Gospel Principles on Sundays.  He has had personal relationships with I think the last 5 prophets.  We will be in class and he'll start a story with, "The last time I was on the phone with President Hinckley...." or "The flowers over there, yes, President Monson and his wife sent them to me a few years ago!"  When the Gilbert temple was dedicated President Monson personally called and invited him.  We love listening to his stories!!  He learned Spanish on his mission, served as a temple president and mission president in several South American and US spanish speaking areas, and continues to use it today in his callings.  So neat!

Liliana and Cristian also made it to church this week!  Cristian's parents and brother Yahir didn't make it, but he really wanted to come so he came with his aunt Liliana.  He was suuuper nervous and acted upset the whole time, but when we talked to their family last night, he was saying he loved it and his mom said he told her he enjoyed it!  Right before he left church the YM president talked to him and invited him to activities and introduced him to some of the boys.  I think that helped a ton!  Liliana loved church, she wants to keep coming, but not get baptized. Ay ay ay. 

Ay chihuahua!

We are quite disappointed with Rafael and Leticia right now.  They are off baptism dates as well  :(  We rode by their house one night and caught Rafael smoking.  He tried to hide it, but I called him out on it and he chuckled embarrassed.  I said "hermano!  Deja de fumar!"  Which basically means"quit smoking!"  We rode away disappointed, then returned later to see if Leticia was home.  She was.  With a beer in hand!! AGH.  Apparently they've been lying to us about their Word of Wisdom progress....more work to do now :/

 I had a great mail week this week!  Thank you SO much for my skirts mom!!  I love them and they all fit great!  Grammy also sent me a shirt that I love and the Loveridges sent me a Halloween package full of treats which was great!  I'm spoiled :)  Thank you!  And thanks for printing off those pictures for Sister Mortensen mom :)  She loved them, and you made my life a whole lot easier seeing as this is my last P-day with her here!  

Hermana Short & Hermana Baros- companions for 4 1/2 months!

Next week I will be emailing on a Wednesday because of transfers.  After 4 1/2 months I'm finally getting a new companion!  A brand new one!  President Sweeney told me again this week and said I'll do "superbly."  I on the other hand am starting to freak out.  I barely know anything!  I don't want to ruin a missionary!!  I'll be praying hard this week, that's for sure!

Phoenix Spanish District

We get an all day P-day today!  At 6pm Sister Sweeney is hosting all the Sisters in the valley at the mission home for dinner and a devotional/FHE.  We are super excited :)  Everyone loves Sister Sweeney and her food!

Well I can't wait to let you know all about transfers!!  And the baptism we are going to have!  It will be a great week for sure :)  Thank you for your letters, support, and prayers.  They go a long way for me!!  

I love you.  I Love You.  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short or as they say it here "Chorts"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Four Months!!

Two of the best pieces of jewelry!

Dearest Family,

I am SO exhausted.  We got up at 4:30 this morning to go hiking, and the hike was incredibly hard!  At one point the missionaries laughed at me cause I yelled, "My mom would kill me if she saw me!!"  It was super steep with some nice looking drop-offs :p  Ay ay ay, I hate early morning hikes, but my companion loves them so I had to make sacrifices :p  

Hermana Baros and I this morning before the hike!

Thank you so much for my 4 month package!  I loved all of my treats and my cute Halloween stickers :)  I loved your letters this week too, however I'm extremely jealous I wasn't there for your General Conference experience!!  Sister Baros was super happy about the gift you sent her. She yelled "Thank you Short family!!"  That was the only card she got on her actual birthday besides mine!  Her aunt and dad had sent her one earlier in the week, and she got a package yesterday, but on her actual birthday, only from you!  So thank you :)  I also got a package from the Hill family this week which was super nice!  Delicious homemade cookies and U of U socks!  They know me well :)

Still love the UTES!

Last Friday we were able to attend the Phoenix Temple open house and it was incredible! We went at night so as we walked up, it was like walking up to a castle.  Lorenzo and his family backed out last minute, but Liliana was able to get ready in 10 minutes and come, so it worked out well :)  We went with the Curay family from Peru and they are super kind and helpful with Liliana.  We had to park at a water park and then the church has 10 tour buses that drive us to the temple.  The baptismal font was so neat!  The picture behind it is a river, so when you stand in the font, it looks like you're standing in a river!  All of the rooms were gorgeous, and Liliana loved it.  We asked her to prepare to go to the temple one day and she said yes!  Then we asked her what the first step was.  "Bautismo," she says.  So will you be baptized?  No!  Hahaha one day.....

I was on exchanges 3 times this week which was hard :/  I used to love exchanges to escape my companion for a day, but now we are actually becoming friends and so I enjoy being in my area with her more!  It's been a huge relief for us, we talked about it a little and we both feel like a lot of stress is gone because we are getting along well now.  One day while I was on exchanges, Sister Baros had a great chat with Leticia!  Without even prodding her, Leticia told Sister Baros that she had downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone and was reading it, she'd been watching Mormon messages, and she asked her boss for Sundays off so she can come to church.  We hadn't even taught Sabbath Day yet!  We are both super excited to see her progressing so well.  She's had more lessons than the rest of the family though so we have to play catch-up with them this week, so we can help them progress at the same rate next week.  It's so hard to find them all at home!

Sister Penalba and myself before our hike

Me and Sister Penalba taught a great lesson about the priesthood to Rocio.  I've never seen her so attentive in a lesson!  At one point it clicked with her and she said "So you're telling me that if I don't get baptized that I won't live with God?"  I told her "Sadly, no.  And you won't live with your daughter either."  I could see it in her face that something clicked, as if it really hit her how important this is.  She didn't say anything afterwards, she didn't even try to argue.  Her progress is slow, but I love teaching her because though it's slow, the changes she's making are huge.  Especially regarding the Word of Wisdom and Chastity.  She knows it's right :)  

Sister Baros was able to teach Daniel's family twice while I was in Sister Penalba's area.  Both times they read the Book of Mormon and talked to Carlos about being baptized with his family.  We don't have a for sure answer yet :p  Daniel came to church yesterday and got his part for the Primary program :)  It's next week, so hopefully we can successfully get his family there to see him participate!

We found a great new investigator this week!  But she moved back to Guatemala in the same week :p  Her name is Lucrecia and she soaked up the restoration, read the Book of Mormon after our first visit, and said she would find the missionaries in Guatemala.  Apparently she sees them all the time....hopefully its the Mormon ones :)  It stinks to find someone so ready and then have them leave, but at least she left with a Book of Mormon and a desire to learn more in her home country :)

Having fun at a meeting!

Part of the difficulties of exchanges is being in a trio.  Me and Sister Penalba are a hoot together, but throw in Sister Clark and it's a struggle.  I pretty much stayed silent the whole time because Sister Clark hogs all the teaching.  It was frustrating!  But I'm trying to stay positive, so I'll stop there.  That night though I was pretty upset.  We were headed home with the other 2 sisters on bikes down a busy street.  I (of course) was leading the pack because we had to go fast, and I knew the way.  Mom. Stop laughing :)  Well, they're all following me and I'm checking behind me to make sure they're keeping up.   I almost get to our turn and I thought I heard someone yell.  So I turn around, and I'm completely alone!!  They had all taken the turn before, and no one followed me!  That street is so scary in the dark!  I whipped my bike around and started speeding back up this street, I look down the next street and can see their bike lights in the distance.  Two of them finally stopped to wait for me and it was all the patience I could muster to not freak out.  Agh! it was so scary!  They're like, "We yelled for you!"  Well yes sisters, but someone still has to follow me!  You can't all just leave me!  Crazies!  Me and Sister Wheelwright were laughing about it later though because we realized that before our missions we would have just raced home and met them there.  But because it makes us panic to be companion-less, it was so much scarier!  Oh missionaries :)

Selene and her boys didn't come to church again :(  We were able to have a lesson with them AND they're dad though!  That was awesome!  He said he'd keep learning if we can ever find him at home :p  Not much hope there....he's never home!

Did I tell you we are Facebook missionaries now?  Apparently, we are getting iPads in November (I'm not holding my breath) so we are starting to go to the library and using Facebook.  It's weird...and hard!  I so badly want to look at the pictures of my friends who have gotten married, or message family members, but we have strict rules!  We are allowed to message non-member friends and less-actives, and ask them to have skype lessons with us.  We can also post mormon messages or like last week I put something on there about Meet the Mormons.  I talked to my inactive friend in Cedar City on Saturday that I used to work with.  It was weird to talk to someone from home, but cool to be able to invite her to go see the movie and go to church with my buddy James since she works with him :)  We'll see if she does it!  Sister Sweeney says if you invite an investigator to your house for a lesson, I can teach them 2 lessons over skype, and my family could be the members present!  So crazy!  I don't know if I could handle it, that'd be hard!  The work is getting crazy with social media!!

Cafe Rio for Sister Baros birthday!!

Sister Baros' birthday this week was fun.  That day the Elders made her a cake, Sister Orozco made brownies, we went to Cafe Rio for lunch, and the temple open house!!  Her parents sent her a package that she got yesterday full of birthday decorations and a cake to bake.....haha a little late!  But it's ok she loved it :)

Phoenix Spanish District

Today on the top of the mountain I got Bible Bashed by this college student!  She couldn't have been much older than me, and she's a bible studies major.  She was super smart!  Sister Salas had some good answers since she knows her Bible well, and I couldn't get much in with Sister Clark standing right there, but none the less, the 4 of us had a good chat!  Her main argument is that by faith alone - we are saved.  After she left, Sister Salas said, "Sister Short push me off this mountain!  It's ok, you're faith, not your works, will save you!"  We had a good laugh, and she told me to study the Bible really well because it will help in answering questions like those.  I guess I better start reading :p  

Sister Salas

The weather here has been so nice!  I saw people (OK, so I snuck a peek at a football game on a TV) in Michigan wearing jackets and I thought, "Oh!  I forgot most of the US is cold right now!"  It was a weird realization!  I think I'm going to be cold this winter though, our house is 78 degrees and sometimes it feels like 55 to me!  My body adjusted to heat!  Not cool!  (Haha see what I did there? :)

All right, I think that's it this week.  We have zero exchanges this coming week so I'm thrilled!!  We hope to take 3 or 4 of our investigators to the temple this week too, so hopefully it will be an awesome week!

I love you!   Tell Jensyn to stay away from parked cars :)  Hehehe I can't wait to hear about that one!  I knew I wouldn't be the first to hit another car!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!

Hermana Short 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Drumroll Please!!!

Hermana es fuerte!


This week has included some fantastic experiences!

Daniel is on date for baptism!!!!!!  After a lesson with him and his mom this week she agreed to prepare with Daniel for November 1st to be baptized!  We are going to be praying hard for this date to go through because she didn't seem too sure about it, but we know it's possible and we are super excited for Daniel.  His mom Xochitl doesn't feel like she's gotten answers to her prayers about the church yet, so that's what I'll be praying for this week.  We hope to baptize Xochitl, Daniel, and the older brother Carlos on this day....sadly the father has zero interest, but hopefully the testimonies of his family members will soften his heart.

The lesson we had with them this week was cute.  We put a picture of the temple on a table in their house, and we made footsteps representing the steps we have to take to go to the temple.  Daniel looked at the steps and pointed to baptism and the temple and said, "These are the only two I haven't done!"  We all looked at his mom and then after talking about baptism again, she agreed to pray for an answer and prepare for November 1st.  This is a dream come true for us and for Daniel!

Now I'll talk about conference.  I am SO JEALOUS you met Elaine S. Dalton! She's my idol!!! I still remember when I got to sit in her office chair on our tour in Young Women's :)  I want to see the pictures!  During that second session on Saturday I was thinking the whole time, Hey!  My family is in the audience right now!  I thought it was super neat and fitting that you were in the session of general conference when a Seventy gave his talk in Spanish :)  All the Spanish missionaries in the Stake Center got super excited when they announced that :)  We all put on the Spanish translation headsets to listen to that talk, and the one on Sunday in Spanish.  The rest we listened to in English.  Did you know Richard G. Scott speaks fluent Spanish?  He personally records his talk in Spanish to be played as the translation during Spanish!  Sister Baros listened to his talk in Spanish and I heard a little bit, it was so neat!

Sister Baros's mom sings in the Tabernacle Choir so that was funny because all the missionaries would loudly whisper, "Sister Baros there's your mom!" Every single time they sang :)  I decided mom needs to join MoTab so that I can see her in April!  Haha

Saturday in-between sessions we went to a baptism for two little girls in Sister Baros' first area.  I was getting super impatient because no one was being reverent, there was this little boy that practically screamed through the entire thing, and I was starving!  We got back late to watch conference which just made me more ornery.  Then Dallin H. Oaks got up to speak and talked about getting rid of the Spirit of Contention.  Haha chastised!!  Then another speaker talked about the importance of morning prayers and how it is the way you put on your daily armor to face the world.  I realized that Whoops!  I had forgotten my morning prayers that morning :p  The apostles speak truth!  Morning prayers make a difference!  

The closing prayer of the first session made me choke up :)  When the Brother prayed to bless the missionaries, their parents, and their grandparents I was so grateful!  A lot of people pray for the missionaries, but a lot of us are worried about our families and so it was nice to hear him pray for them.  

I don't have a favorite talk, but I loved Elder Neilson's talk about Joseph Smith and gaining a testimony of him NOW.  If he was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, and if the Book of Mormon is true, the church is true.  I encourage you all to pray about Joseph Smith this week.  Even if you all ready have a testimony of him.  I learned on my mission that even when you have a testimony, praying for re-confirmation builds your testimony and reminds you what it feels like to get answers to specific prayers.  I can't imagine what the future holds, but I think we all need stronger testimonies of that great prophet to prepare ourselves to "defend his good name."

One fun thing we got to do this week was watch Meet the Mormons!  GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND!!!  We received broad casted training from Elder Holland to encourage all members to go see the film on opening weekend, which is this weekend the 10th and 11th, IF they are able.  If the film makes a big opening weekend debut, then the media will talk about it, more people will talk about it, more people will see it, and eventually there will be a rise in people willing to let missionaries into their homes.  It's hilarious and great for families. Elder Holland said there's 3 things to know about the movie.
1. It's a real movie, in real theatres
2. It is First Presidency Commissioned
3. All net proceeds go to the American Red Cross

I'm so excited for you to see it, you'll have to tell me which one is your favorite story :)  All right I'm done advertising now....but it's just so great! Obviously, my favorite is the Navy Football Coach!

Interviews with President Sweeney went really well this week.  The first question he asked me was, "How do you feel about training?"  Ahh!  He said there aren't very many Spanish sisters coming in, but he's pretty sure I'll train one of them next transfer.  The part I'm most excited about is that I will stay in this area for another transfer!  That will make 6 months!  I am so excited :)  He said, "Sister Short how long have you been in this branch?"  I said "Not long enough!!!"  He ended the interview by telling me how proud he is of me and that he never worries about whether or not I'm working hard!   I felt really good coming out of that interview :)

This upcoming Friday is Sister Baros' birthday and we have tickets to go to the Phoenix Temple open house with hopefully Lorenzo and Yasury and her girls.  We are so excited!  A sister in the branch is making us breakfast that day, and Sister Jackson and Sister Gariki are going to Cafe Rio with us :)  Hopefully, it will be a good birthday for her!  

I have some hilarious quotes of the week this week.  At least I thought they were pretty funny...maybe they won't be over email :)  At dinner one night I realized that being from Panama, Sister Penalba probably doesn't know some classic American Jokes.  So I said, "Sister Penalba, why did the chicken cross the road?"  She looked at me for a second, then threw her hands in the air with exasperation and said "I don't know!  I just want some chicken ok?!"  We all died laughing!  Then we tried to get her to tell us some jokes, but she couldn't think of any.  A couple seconds later we were arguing over how to say "horse" in Spanish and she corrected us.  We all laughed and she said "That wasn't a joke!  Why you laughing??"  Then of course we laughed harder :)  Oh how I love that Panamanian!  

Hermana Penalba and Hermana Short

My other funny story comes from a conversation with my companion.  She was trying to lock up our bikes and was bent over fixing it when I asked, "How do you say "cast out devils" in Spanish?"  She whips her head up and says "What?!  The cat got baptized?!"  Hahaha I'm laughing just thinking about it!  You're probably wondering why I asked that question in the first place, one of our potential investigator ladies had a weird feeling in her home so I was trying to explain it in Spanish.  What Sister Baros heard was much funnier though!

Missionary Parking

Oh also, I discovered a Marijuana lab this week, in the Patriarch's bathtub!  We were there cleaning his house since he can barely even move, and I found it.  His son who sometimes lives there put it in there and when I told Patriarch he said, "No, it's a kiwi plant!"  "No Patriarch, kiwis grow on trees."  Ay ay ay.  The Elders told President Sweeney, who called me to get my story.  Hopefully, it doesn't go on my record :)  hahaha! We told the Stake President, and now it's in his hands.  It was quite a scary thing to find though!  Poor patriarch :(

Relaxing after service at Stake Patriarch's home

We taught Lorenzo one or two times this week, but we've decided we can only teach him with member presents from now on.  He keeps telling us we are beautiful and he loves us and wants us to come over all the time, he's like 65, but it's still weird.  He concentrates better when members are around.  One day while we were there though, his granddaughter Yza came running out the door, stood in between me and my companion, looked proudly at her grandpa and said, "Soy la mormona mas chiquita!"  meaning "I'm the littlest Mormon!"  It was adorable!  I stuck my tag on her, handed her a Book of Mormon and made her take a picture :)

Last night we taught Selene, Cristian, and Yahir about tithing.  When we asked them to keep the law of tithing after baptism, we started to talk about their baptism date again.  Selene told us that first she wants her husband to take the lessons so that they can do this together.  That's what we've been trying to do!!!  This week is fall break for her kids so we are hoping to be able to teach the entire family once this week.  I am so happy she wants this for her whole family though, not many people see the importance like she does.  Cristian the 12 yr old was the only one who read out of the Book of Mormon this week, and Yahir didn't even complain about saying the opening prayer.  I love that family :)  

Leticia is still progressing, and we are going to contact their family every day from now on to make sure they can be ready for their baptism date of November 1st.  Leticia and her 17 yr old daughter Carolina came to Friday Night Sports night this week and loved it!  They brought their friend Rita, her nieces, and little boy.  EverFriday we play volleyball and soccer at 7 with our investigators and less actives to get them to mingle with members.  We are seeing more and more success every week!  When people find friends on Fridays, they feel more comfortable coming on Sundays.  We hope.

Julio has a firm baptism date of October 25th now!  He said starting Sunday the 19th he has all Sundays off, so if he comes that Sunday then President Sweeney said he can get baptized the next Saturday!  He's excited, we're excited, and we just love Julio the golden investigator :)

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jens, Kars, Grammy, Dunn Family, Rowan, Great Grandma Short, and Lacey (college friend) for sending me letters this week!  They made my week!  Even though I almost cried when I saw Lacey's engagement announcement, I can't believe I'll miss her wedding :(  The sacrifices of a missionary are so hard sometimes! 

I hope you all enjoyed conference, it was incredible :)  I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy!  Enjoy October weather!  I'm enjoying mornings and evenings, but still dread the afternoons :p

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Short