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Another Week in the life of a Sister Missionary

Dearest Family,
This week went by in a flash!!  Then again I feel like every week does, but now there's only 2 weeks left in the transfer!  We will get transfer calls not this Saturday, but the next.  I don't have any idea what will happen.  Some missionaries think me and Sister Baros will stay another transfer.  Others think I'm training, but really it's all a bunch of guesses.  Usually President warns us if we are going to train, and I haven't gotten a warning so probably not this transfer. 
This week we had some great and crazy experiences.  First of all we had two lessons with Daniel's 15 year old brother Carlos!!  Daniel helped us teach him the Plan of Salvation, and then later we taught the restoration to Carlos, his mom, and a family friend that was visiting.  When we taught the Plan of Salvation we talked about the Pre-earth life and Carlos turns to Daniel and says "What?!  You never told me that!!"  Daniel laughed and helped us explain it.  Such a cute kid :)  We asked Carlos and their mom to be baptized, and they said they would if they felt it was right!!!  We have an appointment with them Tuesday.  The coolest part thought was that we asked Carlos to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet.  We checked up on him yesterday to see if he had done it and he said "Actually yeah!  And I had a dream about it!"  Come to find out, Carlos had a dream that night that he was watching the First Vision as if he had been in the woods.  He said he woke up and didn't talk much that day, because it was all he could think about.  Aghhh so cool!!!  We have high hopes with that family!  Hopefully if Daniel and Carlos are asking their parents to be baptized, they will soften their hearts, and want to hear the lessons as much as their kids do.
Daniel is really into scouts right now.  His cub scout leader bought him the scout book and he loves reading it.  He's been trying experiments from the book and then tells us about them :)  His cub scout leader is amazing.  She picks him up every Tuesday without being asked, bought his book out of her own pocket, made sure he got his permission slip filled out, and tons more.  She even told us she's been praying for him and asking advice from her missionary son.  We love seeing member missionary work in action!
A new investigator we have is Marta.  Haha oh Marta.  She is a friend of a Dora Zamora in our Spanish Branch.  She doesn't really have her own place right now, and is living with a friend outside of our area, but when she met us at Dora's house she decided she wanted to meet with us, but not any other missionaries.  So we have taught her 2 lessons over the phone now.  She's crazy!!!  She texts us all day and tells us weird things.  It's like we are her personal twitter account.  We will get texts that she has a tooth ache, or she doesn't feel good, or praise the Lord sort of texts.  She also is very easily offended so we have to be very careful with how we word everything, and we are scared to tell her we can't meet with her because she might never trust missionaries again!  We have to ask President Sweeney today if we can continue teaching her.  She came to church yesterday with Dora though!  Sister Baros asked her if she felt the Spirit and she said "Well the important thing is I fixed my friendship with Dora."  We can never tell how serious she is about learning.
I spoke at church yesterday!  I was the last of 4 missionaries speaking again so I hoped they'd run out of time for me like they did last time, but they decided to skip the intermediate song so I could speak :(  I gave a 5 minute talk on Home and Visiting Teaching in Spanish :)  Afterwards a lot of people thanked us as missionaries for speaking and someone told me they loved my Spanish :)  I learned this week that natives like to hear Spanish with an American accent, because it's smoother sounding like English.  I guess it's like when Americans say they like English or Australian accents, Mexicans like Gringo accents!  I still would rather sound Mexican though :)

me, Sister Martinez, Sister Grooms, Sister Mortensen 
Meals this week had its ups and downs.  We ate Peruvian food 3 times this week and it's...interesting...I definitely feel for Kassidy!  The Curay family in our ward is from Peru, and they're the ones that sent mom that picture of us eating.  Monday night after FHE at their home they fed us these beef sandwiches which were delicious!  On Wednesday though....she made fish soup and noodles :( :(  The Sisters were trying to hide the fact that it was soup, but I caught Sister Mortensen shaking her head discreetly to keep Sister Martinez quiet, and then I realized what was going on.  Thankfully those two love me, so they ate my fish soup :)  I had to eat the noodles, but those were welcomed compared to fish soup!  Last night we ate at the Curay home again and this time she made us pork, rice, and lentos which are like beans with bacon.  They didn't taste bad, but not my favorite either.  One Sister bought us a Subway platter this week which tasted so good!  It felt like forever since I'd had Subway!  Her house though is one of the few houses I've been in where my germaphobe instincts go on high alert!  One sister sat on the bed, and the wheel the frame was resting on moved so the bed fell and all these bugs ran out from under the bed.  It was disgusting!!! 
Lorenzo did not make it to church this week :(  But he came to FHE at the Curay home!  Sister Mortensen and Martinez brought a family of their investigators and we invited Yasury and her family, but only Lorenzo came.  The best part was when he bore his testimony to the other investigators and seemed to be trying to convert them to be Mormons.  It was hilarious!  He's always so proud to tell us when we stop at their house now that he's been reading the book of Mormon.  He asked me this week "Who is Urim and Thumim?"  It took me forever to get what he was saying because he kept telling me they were brothers in the Book of Mormon.  Finally, I realized what he was talking about and explained that they were tools not people.  I was just glad he was reading and asking questions! 
We had Zone Conference this week with President Sweeney and it was really inspiring!  He had us watch clips from the speech Elder Bednar gave at BYU Education Week last week and it got us really excited.  He said that the missionary efforts right now are a trickle compared to the flood of the Gospel that is predicted in the scriptures.  He also announced that there is going to be a movie released to theatres October 10 called Meet the Mormons!!  And President Sweeney says we get to go to the movie theatres to see it!!  We watched the trailer for it and it looks super neat, hopefully you all get to go see it. 

If you can't see the trailer below (only shows up on PC's)  go to:

This week we had a relief society activity in the branch where we played Bingo with things to do to prepare for the Sabbath.  Our investigator Liliana was able to join us and had a great time!  We have been starting to wonder about Liliana though because she forgets things easily, and zones out quickly in our lessons.  Yesterday, we went across the street to visit Liliana's sister, Selene, and not only is she also interested in taking the lessons with her 2 boys, but she gave us some insight on Liliana.  Apparently, when Liliana found out her daughter had mental and physical disabilities it caused neurological problems for her.  Selene told us she used to be very talkative, always had lots of friends, but since Angeles was born she has changed immensely.  We are excited to continue working with both of them, and we're glad to know what Liliana is going through so we can prepare to teach her on a slower and simpler level now.  After we left Selene's house last night her son Christian (12) runs outside and says "Hey you guys want some cake?"  Selene had cut us some pieces of chocolate flan :)  It's like eating pudding in jello's weird but kind of tasty!
We taught Julio the law of Chastity this week, luckily he was all ready in agreement with everything we taught and it wasn't awkward.  He didn't get work off yesterday so now we have to move his baptism date :/  Investigators have to come to church twice before they get baptized.  He told us again though that he has a meeting with his manager to discuss his schedule.  We're praying for a miracle :)
Irais is a newish investigator.  We've taught her and her 4 girls 3 times now.  This last time was Friday and we went to set up a time for the next Friday, but the oldest daughter Yelitza thought that was too far away and wants to meet with us today :) She's a sophomore and said she wants to serve a mission because in her words "you guys touch lives!!"  We've invited them to be baptized, but Irais wants the approval of her husband, and right now they don't have it.  Yelitza was also hesitant because she thought she'd have to dress like us.  We had to explain that we can wear normal clothes too :)
That about sums up my week!   It's less of a summary and more of a detailed explanation, but it covers all the important things :)  
Have a great week at school and work :)  September is such a nice month in Utah....if only....
I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU
Hermana Short

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