Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week and a half in a nutshell...

Querida Familia,

I have so much to tell this week!  

The funniest stories are once again from lessons with Daniel.  This week we were reading the chapter in the Book of Mormon when Nephi builds a boat.  We taught him that sometimes the Lord asks us to do hard things, but we still do them.  So at the end of the lesson we ask Daniel to say the prayer and he tells Heavenly Father, "if there is ever a flood again, I will build the boat."  I had to duck my head fast so he wouldn't see me crack up!  Such a sweet heart.  Also, in that lesson Daniel informed us that he baptized his little brother in their inflatable pool.  Hahaha!  Luckily, he understood it was only for pretend.  We were worried for a second.

This week we painted/vandalized a fence!  You see last Thursday we asked Rafael and Laticia if we could paint their fence on Saturday.  They said yes, but they didn't answer their door on Saturday!  We decided to do it anyway :)  We found the paint bucket in their yard and some rock hard paint-brushes that we knew we couldn't paint with.  Sister Baros makes us walk around the trailer park asking people outside if they had brushes!  Luckily someone did, and we painted their entire fence while they were sleeping!  I was thinking the whole time, "if someone painted my families fence while we were asleep my mom would be livid!"  Luckily, we got a text 3 days later from Laticia thanking us, and I could finally breathe easy again.  I was worried we had vandalized rather than served!  

This past week I rode my bike in my first Arizona rainstorm and it was crazy!  First, it was a sprinkle, then slowly it got harder, and soon we were soaked.  We made it to a members house, but the wife wasn't home so we sat on their covered porch in the dark waiting for the other Sisters to come pick us up and take us home.  The cold rain felt good though in that hot air!  

I also crashed my bike this week :p  It was so dumb!   I'm cruising a long on the sidewalk and some clown face had parked his garbage cans on the sidewalk.  I decided I still had enough room to bike by them without getting off my bike and going onto the street.  There wasn't as much room as I thought :)  I went full speed and my handlebar caught the garbage can sending my body flying forward into the bars (leaving a nice bruise below my belly button)  and the force of the handle bars I guess pushed me side ways so I crashed on my palms on the sidewalk (leaving a nice bruise on my right hand) and then rolled over to have the bike come down on top of me.  Luckily, my backpack saved me from hitting my back or head.  I quickly hopped up and moaned while uncontrollably laughing about the fact that I had just crashed into a garbage can. Sister Baros was trying to be concerned, but she couldn't help laughing too.  I drove by that sidewalk the next day and the people had moved the cans back onto their driveway.  Grrr.  I guess every missionary has to have at least one crash though!

Mission magic worked again this week!  I was craving warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.  AND IT HAPPENED!  We went to our less active member Yasury's house and I walked in to the smell of freshly baked cookies, and sure enough they were chocolate chip!  She also gave us toast with nutella.  Every time we ate a piece of toast, she'd put another one in front of us.  I don't know how many I ate!

Mission magic also seems to come with a price for me though.  So my favorite Mexican dish is pozole.  Well that's what a member served us this week!  I thought it smelled different, but I was too excited to care.  After I'd taken a few bites my companion says "I've never had fish pozole before!"  My body freaked out!  My face went red, I started sweating, tears stung my eyes, and my instinct told me to make myself throw it up!  The other missionaries just looked at me like I was crazy.  All of a sudden, I could smell the fish, taste the fish, and I imagined it swimming through my digestive system and was trying so hard not to burst into tears at the fear of it.  My companion made me try to eat more giving me a guilt trip, so I took a few more bites, avoiding the meat, but I just couldn't do it.  Luckily, the member didn't even notice or care.  Now I know to ask what meat I'm eating.  Dumb fish.  I've never experienced a fear of food like that before!

Sister Orozco (Branch RS President) 
Our investigator Rosio made it to church with her mom again this week!  The best part was that she had her one year old daughter Analisia given a name and a blessing in sacrament meeting!  She had to hold her on her lap and at our next lesson she told us she cried during it, and that she loved it.  We were so happy :)  Rosio is still struggling to commit to live the law of chastity, and giving up tea.  She's a very stubborn woman!  

I got chased by a hyena this week!!!!!!  Ok, so it was actually a chihuahua, but it looked like a hyena with the weird fur it had!  Every time I kicked at it, it got closer!  So I ended up running around in circles while at looked at me menacingly and tried to eat my leg.  The Mexicans in the trailed park watching me thought it was hilarious.  Sister Baros kept trying to talk to them, probably glad the dog wasn't chasing her for once. 

That was also when Sister Baros told the Mexican in Spanish that if they ordered the movie on the back of the pass a long card --it came with Sister Missionaries!  The way she said it sounded so wrong!  She immediately started cracking up and the guy kind of chuckled while me and my companion tried to regain our control.  She has made a lot of hilarious mistakes lately.  When we were looking for paint brushes she asked someone "Do you have something we can paint?"  He looked confused and told us "Yeah, the whole trailer!"  Or the time she asked the ward mission leader if he could wash us, she meant to say-- take us.  Oh Sister Baros, in her defense lavar and llevar are kind of similar!

Last night I had a neat lesson with Sister Grooms!  In my area book I found a man who was supposed to be baptized a year ago this month, but cancelled the day of his baptism.  So I felt like we needed to go find him.  For WEEKS I have knocked on his door, and no one has answered.  Finally this week we walked up to his door and saw him sitting on the couch.  But when we knocked he didn't answer.  So we knocked again.   Still no answer.  So we knocked AGAIN!  And he answers and tells us he wants to meet with missionaries again and wants to get baptized!  Right as we were about to leave I had the thought to ask him why he wants to get baptized.  He said because he knows he needs to.  Me and Sister Grooms met with him again yesterday and he told us he can't come to church because he works Sundays.  So we challenged him to tell his boss he'd like to go to church and then pray because in 1 Nephi 3:7 it says the Lord will provide a way.  He told us he would and that he would also pray about a baptism date.  We are so excited!

We are hoping to have our first baptism on August 16th.  Sister Mortensen and Mackillop were teaching 10 year old Emmanuel when we first got to our area, and since he had a baptism date they continued to teach him even though technically he's ours.  Well his baptism date fell through twice because he wasn't showing up for their appointments, so they handed him off to us.  His new date is the 16th and every time he prays in our lessons he prays that he can get baptized soon.  He's so excited, we just have to get him to stick to his appointments!  His mom is very supportive of his decision to get baptized, unlike Daniel's.  So that's a relief!

And that has been the last week and a half in a nutshell!  We will have P-Day again on Monday so you'll get another email soon :)  I'm learning a lot about becoming a good follower..... I guess it's about time I'm the one being bossed, right Jens and Kars?  ;)

Have a fantastic week!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short
We found a hiking group at the top of the mountain last week.  They made us say a prayer with them, and then take a picture.  I love Mexicans!

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