Monday, August 18, 2014

Contando Bendiciones

Que Pasa Mufasa? :)

This has been a fantastic week, and I think next week is going to be even better!!  I'm so excited!!  First of all we found out that our temple trip is this Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am soooooo excited.  I feel like not being able to go to the temple whenever I want has been one of the hardest sacrifices of my mission.  I have been craving temple attendance, so I'm pretty sure this Tuesday is going to be the best!  We are going to the Mesa temple which is about 20 minutes away.  The Glendale one is like 90 minutes away, and the new Phoenix one will be about 50 minutes, so for now Mesa is closest to me.  We haven't heard if we get to help with the open house, it's not in our mission, but we will definitely be able to take investigators to the open house.  I don't know if we will have shifts at the open house to help. 

I did go to the Mesa temple this week to walk the grounds and visit the Visitor's Center though!  We took our investigator Rocio, her mom Hermana Barron, and Rocio's daughter Ana.  We watched the Christus, God's Plan for Families Display, and a movie about Christ's life.  Rocio said the Christus was her favorite, it was cool listening to it in Spanish :)  She isn't very open with feelings, but I could tell it was making her think and that she could feel the Spirit.  She probably won't be getting baptized on the 30 because she still won't commit to keep the law of Chastity, but she loves learning and apparently told the Branch President that she still has a desire to get baptized eventually!

Rocio, Ana, Hermana Baros, me, Hermana Barron

Yesterday a miracle occurred.  Yasury is a recent convert/less active member that we work with weekly.  Her parents Lorenzo and Lupita aren't members, but they live with her.  This past week, I passed by their house with Sister Doolhoff to set an appointment for another day and Lorenzo pulled up a chair in front of me and asked me what I was going to teach him today!  Um ok?  My first thought was Word of Wisdom, I don't know why.  So I taught the Word of Wisdom, he told me didn't have any problems with keeping it, and promised me he'd keep it for the rest of his life.  (He's 68)  There were some hilarious parts to this lesson though.  First Lorenzo loves to hug the sister missionaries.  He's such a grandfatherly man and loves missionaries!  So we shake his hand and he pulls us into a hug!  Well hahahaha after his lesson he hugged us again and then we left.  As we are walking to our bike Sister Doolhoff says "Did he kiss you???"  I started laughing and said, "No, did he kiss you??"  she says, "Yes!  On my neck!!!"  I almost died of laughter!  She was so traumatized!!  I'm cracking up just thinking about it!  Come to find out, while I had been chatting with Yasury after the lesson Lorenzo had been calling Sister Doolhoff "Bonita" and trying to figure out the color of her eyes.  Oh man, I seriously can't even tell you how hard I was laughing.  BUT!  That was not the miracle obviously.  So in that lesson I asked Lorenzo why he wasn't at church the past week and he told me he just didn't have time.  I pretended to cry and he promised me with his hand raised that he would come this week.  Eh I've learned not to trust promises from these people.   Sunday we call him anyway and he doesn't answer so we are feeling kind of sad because 0 of our investigators were at church.  We are sitting in gospel principles 2nd hour (Sacrament is 3rd hour) and all of a sudden I hear Sister Baros gasp and her jaw is on the floor.  I look at the door to the classroom and Lorenzo is standing there in a white shirt and tan pants!!  I jumped from my seat and ran all but screaming to greet him.  Lorenzo. Came. To. Church.  He listened intently the whole class, following along in the scriptures and the lesson manual.  And what was the lesson on?  The word of wisdom!!  It clarified things I hadn't covered when I taught it to him earlier.  Divine intervention that I had the thought to teach him that this week! Then he went to Sacrament meeting with us and again was listening more intently than I was!  During the hymns he would share my hymn book and follow along each verse with his finger while I sang the words.  He's such a cute old man!!  He tells us he wants to be baptized in February when his granddaughter turns 8, but we're going to try to change his mind.  He came to church all by himself!  NONE of our investigators do that.  We always have to find them a ride or chase them down.  He's so prepared and willing to learn it's incredible.  We just might have to push him in the font to help him realize it :)

We taught Daniel this week, and I finally got a picture with him!  We taught him about service this week and read the story of Ammon from the Book of Mormon.  He was a little freaked out that his arms might get cut off, but he told us he prayed about service and then served a kid at school.  He also said that in Scouts they gave him a stack of pass along cards to give out, so he went to school the next day and gave them ALL away.  He said one kid wiped his sweat with it, but others liked it :)  Such a good little missionary!  Apparently, he got grounded for eating too much food, so he couldn't come to church, we have to check up on that this week :/

Me and Daniel

Emmanuel did not get baptized :/  I got up the guts to knock on his door again this week, then I knocked again, I knew someone was in there so I went to the window and knocked, haha then I knocked again thinking I could see Emmanuel sitting on the couch.  Well.  It wasn't Emmanuel, it was his dad!  He turns around and gives me the look of death, so I waved.  And ran!  We haven't seen Emmanuel since.  Ay poor kid, we are going to have to drop him soon :(  If he doesn't have parent support, he can't come to church, so he can't get baptized.  So sad :( 

Our investigator Julio talked to his boss about working on Sundays this week and his boss told him he could have them off starting next month.  We are very excited for him!  We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and were able to answer his questions about the Fall of Adam.  He wondered why a sin would be required for the plan to continue.  We read 2 Nephi 2:22-25 and that was it, he understood!  The Book of Mormon is key to answering questions!

Some guy tried to trade bikes with me this week.  He was riding this red beach cruiser down the road and I yelled out "Me gusta su bicicleta!" (I like your bike) He said "Quiere cambiar?" (Want to change?)  I told him no and that I needed my bike, he asked why.  Haha finally I told him my mom bought it for me, so I couldn't sell it.  At that point he finally dropped it, but it was a tempting offer!  Speaking of bikes.  Muchisimas gracias for my new bike!  We are going to Landis today to pick it up and I am so excited!!  I'll stay away from garbage cans I promise :)  Riding bikes in the rain is my new favorite thing :) We did it twice this week!  Once with Sister Grooms, and once with Sister Baros.  With Sister Baros last night it was kind of freaky because there was quite the lightning show, the lightning was horizontal and curled sometimes!  That was cool!  Some guy told us there was a tornado warning on the news for Phoenix so we raced home at 8pm in the rain.  We then wondered if he really just didn't want to talk to us.  Ha Ha - probably true.

Yesterday I was looking through my journal and realized that one year ago today, was my first day of living on my own in Cedar City!  Those two semesters were so helpful in preparing me to leave home for a mission!  I don't know how I would have survived otherwise.

Thank you for my 2 month package!  I've eaten....almost everything all ready :)  I decided I have to make myself work harder during exercise time everyday because my cookie and milk intake has increased!  Luckily, my daily bike riding helps me stay more fit than I was pre mission!  Today I ran a mile in stomach hurts from running that hard now, but I'm sure proud of it!

I think that's about it for this week!  A lot of good things happened for sure, we had a couple of rough days where the sun was relentless and we were super exhausted, but like we tell everyone who asks us why we are riding our bikes at 4 in the afternoon, we get strength from Heavenly Father.  He really is watching over his servants, and it's because of him that I have the strength to pull my exhausted body out of bed in the morning just to repeat the process :)

Thank you so much for the letters this week, for the package, the bike, the thoughts and the prayers.  I could not be here without knowing how much support I have from my family back home.  I'm quite the blessed missionary :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Sister Short

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