Monday, August 25, 2014

August Showers Bring Me Bites

Dearest Family,

I have officially lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 months now.  And what do I have to show for it?  50.  That's right 50 stinkin' mosquito bites!!!  I got 29 on my right leg, 20 on my left, and one on my arm.  I have been an itchy miserable mess!  It seriously looked like I had chicken pox, and at one point Sister Baros was worried enough to suggest calling Sister Sweeney.  I worried about bed bugs for a little bit, but since the bites are only on my calves where my skirt doesn't cover, I think they're just skeeter bites.  Ay ay ay I finally got itching cream today, but they're healing now.  I'm sure I'll get more this week though!  Sister Baros tells people she doesn't need bug spray because she has me to attract them!  Not cool!  Haha

The reason for the bug bites puts a smile on my face though :)  It rained 5 times this week!!!  Every night we would bike home to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning, sometimes it would rain as we biked, but more often it starts once we are home, or in the middle of the night.  It really cooled things down for a few days!  If 90 is cooled down....heck it felt like 70 to me!  

My new bike!

My new bike is a ginormous blessing!  I am noticing less knee pain because my legs can actually extend when I pedal now!  And I don't look like I'm riding a way too small bike!  Oh and pedaling is 3x as easy!   I don't think Sister Baros likes it, because I'll pedal like normal and end up 50 yards ahead of her cause my tires move me so fast :)  It's so fantastic!!  I bought a bike pump, and air gauge so I can take care of it and prevent flat tires now too !

Lorenzo came to church all by himself again yesterday!  This time he walked in at the end of the 2nd hour, so really just in time to say the closing prayer (and he did great!) and then go to sacrament with us.  After the sacrament the Bishopric told him their coming to visit him at his house, and a lady in the ward invited him and his family to Family Night in their home tonight!  The miracle of the member missionary work in sacrament was tremendous!  Remember Lorenzo is not a member, but his daughter Yasury is less active.  Yasury and the girls did not come with him again, but he asked me and Sister Baros if we would please work with her to help her come back to church.  For a second I forgot he wasn't all ready a member!  He asked us when we are coming over next, and told us we are going to help him with his English and he'll help us with Spanish.  We were practicing after Sacrament and one of the things he knew how to say was "Give me kiss."  hahaha I don't know how long I laughed!  He kept telling us we're beautiful and great girls.  We told him to bring his wife, but she likes hanging out in Wal-mart all day everyday so he said she wouldn't come.  So funny!  I will send a picture of him.

Speaking of learning Spanish, I have been getting tons of compliments lately.  As for training, I want to train so bad!  I would love helping someone with their first experience in the mission field.  Sister Grooms said that after I went on exchanges with Sister Doolhoff last week, Sister Doolhoff told Sister Grooms, "Sister Short is going to be a trainer."  That made me feel so good!  I'm glad she thinks that I work hard enough, and love the work enough to train a brand new missionary.  I don't know if I'll really get to, but I want too!  

The temple last Tuesday was incredible.  For 2 hours, I got to sit in the temple and not think about all the stuff we had to do, all the problems our investigators have, and just be peaceful and quiet.  So nice!    Afterwards we took pictures outside with our zone and some of the English sisters that were there too.  This wasn't one of the huge mission wide temple trips, just 2 zones at a time.  But it was still a nice experience!  Afterwards 8 of us went to get lunch, but me and Sister Doolhoff didn't want sub sandwiches, we wanted Wendy's so we walked across the parking lot to get some.  We ordered, got our food, and went to walk back to the sub shop but it started pouring on us!  We ran back to Wendy's (maybe 10 feet away) and by the time we got there we could wring out our clothes!  Crazy Arizona rain!

Rocio is still having a hard time keeping commitments.  She doesn't feel ready for baptism, she wants to know more she says.  Really she just can't commit to quit drinking tea or obey the law of chastity.  She just got a 2nd job, so we are meeting with her less frequently now too.  I don't know what to do with that woman!  She's so ready, but so so stubborn.

Daniel's brother agreed to sit in on Daniel's lessons now!  Carlos is a sophomore and we are meeting with him and Daniel tonight.  We let Daniel choose the lesson so he can help us teach and he picked Plan of Salvation.  In Daniel's words its more like the "Plan of the three Towers."  He's so set on getting to that top one! :)  Earlier this week Daniel was telling us to look up a song on YouTube.  He kept calling it Madding season, but then he told us some of the lyrics, and I think he was reading the title wrong.  Me and my companion walked away cracking up.  Yes Daniel, that's exactly what that song is called!  Don't you forget it!

Oh Jensyn, last night we walked into a members house and her boys were watching Scooby Doo.  I couldn't resist-- I told Sister Baros about astronaut food :)

And Karsyn, imagine moving Grammy, but with dozens of boxes of jewelry.  Dora Zamora moved to a new house down the street, and she has as much stuff as Grammy, but it's all wacko stuff!  I thought about taking a picture for you, because after organizing her jewelry closet, I thought, "this will be Karsyn in 50 years!!!"
I may have told a little white lie this week :p  You see we went to the Ramos family home for dinner on Wednesday.  Everyone except the mom is a member, but she loves missionaries and was excited to have us over for dinner!  She made a special Tacos.  Imagine my horror!  The best part was, that the other stuff she had for us to put in the taco was coleslaw drenched in mayo.  She asked us before we started eating if we had allergies and I said, "well sometimes fish makes me sick, but I can try it."  This conversation is in Spanish.  So she thinks I'm telling her that other people don't cook it enough so I get food poisoning.  I gave up trying to explain and decided to grin and bear it.  So I take the first bite.  NOPE.  Couldn't do it.   I slyly started letting the fried fish fall out of my taco onto my plate.  Well there was a she noticed.  Dang it.  She asked if I wanted a quesadilla, and why I wasn't eating it, because she promises it won't make me sick.  So I finally just said. " Um.  It's like an allergy."  Ohhhh now she's begging me to eat a quesadilla, offering me allergy medication, and educating me on how much I would have to eat before I have an allergic reaction because she's a nurse.  Then I felt kind of bad, but hey it is like an allergy!  I have an attack!  The panicky kind!

Thank you for sending me those letters from the Short Family!  I loved them!  I can't even explain how happy little notes and letters make me as a missionary!  There's nothing worse than an empty mailbox :)

This week I only went on one exchange with Sister Grooms, but we got to go in her area which is always nice, because we have a car!  Remember rat lady though in her area?  This time she had a flippin snake!!!!  Whenever Sister Grooms tells me we're going to see the Beard family I always have a mini heart attack and try not to notice my surroundings while I sit there clutching my backpack for dear life.  Sleepovers at Sister Grooms house are always entertaining too.  Their roommates Sister Jackson and Heuea are hilarious!  They like to goof off and wrestle which is such a nice relief for my  cooped up personality!  I have to be so proper at home :)  Sister Jackson even says "Don't tell anyone, but you're my favorite :)"  I can't wait for post mission reunions with some of these girls!  Sister Jackson is my same age and we will have so much fun together!  Except she's a BYU fan.....everyone here is!!!!! :(

My spiritual experience this week was in regards to a less active 19 year old named Elsy.  We were out one night, had 30 minutes of proselyting time left, and no where to go.  We started riding to a potential investigators house, but as we neared Elsy's street I had the thought to go visit her.  When we got there she told us about her day, and it had been one rough day!  She said she came home and read the Book of Mormon, because she needed something uplifting.  And then when we came over she said it was so nice, because she always feels better when the missionaries come over and talk with her.  I was so glad I had followed that prompting. Heavenly Father knows his children, and I love being his hands to help them :)

I love you!!!! Have a great week, and keep being missionaries.  Member missionaries are the most important thing in the world!!

Hermana Short

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