Monday, August 11, 2014

2 Months!!

Isa, Yasury & Hermana Short
Querida Familia,

No one believes I've been out here 2 months.  I usually hear, "that's it?! It feels like you've been here forever!"  Then I think, "oh no, if 2 months feels like forever, what is left?!?"  Nah I'm 1/9 of the way done and excited to see what I can do with the next 8/9 :)  My companion told me people say that because I work like I've been out for 4 or 5 months all ready.  That was a nice compliment!  Then again the only reason I learned to work like that is because she always abandons me and Sister Grooms in little Mexico and leaves me to fend for myself!  I had to learn quickly :)  

Another part of why I like to make sure I work hard is because it hit me this week that these are the only 18 months that I have to give completely to my Savior.  Before I came, and after I'm home I have to worry about school, work, and starting a family.  But for now I can focus solely on learning and spreading the gospel.  What a blessing it is to be able to dedicate this short period of time to him.  It may not feel short some days, but compared to eternity, this year and a half is nothing. 

Hermana Baros and I with Yasury's girls!
We had a sad experience this week :(  Every Friday we have 3-4 hours of weekly planning, which is where we sit down and plan for every single investigator for the next 7 days, and how to strengthen the work in our area that week.  Well, we spent probably 2 and half hours this past Friday planning Emmanuel's baptism.  He's 10 and has been super excited for baptism.  His interview was supposed to be Saturday night, but he mysteriously disappeared with his dad that night, so he missed his interview.  The next day we biked to his house to see if he was coming to church and his dad answered the door.  He told us "No tocan nada mas!  No tocan!"  Which means "Don't knock on this door anymore!"  He said it multiple times -not so kindly, then shut the door in our faces.  So now there is no baptism this week, we aren't welcome at Emanuel's door, and we don't know how to contact the poor kid to let him know why we haven't seen him in a few days!  His dad is  a scary looking guy and we don't want to anger him.  So we are going to try praying, biking to his house this week, and hoping Emmanuel's outside.  Ay so sad!  Emmanuel has had so many baptismal dates!  And something has happened every time!  

In exchange for something sad, we had a miracle this week.  Julio accepted a baptism date for September 13th!  I can't remember if I've talked about Julio before.  He had a baptism date last year, but cancelled the day of.  We've been trying to find him for weeks, finally found him at home, and now he wants to attend church, relearn all the lessons, and be baptized!  He even had a Gospel Principles manual that he likes to read.  Maybe he wasn't quite prepared last year, but we can see that now he is ready.  We are very excited to see him progress!  

The fence we painted :)
Liliana also accepted the baptismal invitation this week!  Last week we asked her to be baptized and she said "Si!"  And we said "Si?!"  then she said "oh!  no!  Soy catolica." (I'm catholic) Then this Friday we extended the invitation again and she said "Si!" and we said "Si?!"  and she said "Si!"  Haha I thought she was going to say no again, but she now wants to be baptized.  I'm not sure what changed her answer, but she really wants to follow Jesus Christ and live forever with her daughters, so when we told her baptism was the first step, I think it clicked.  She seems to be a slower learner though, so we have to explain things multiple times and very very simply.  But she's super nice, and seems to trust us more every time we teach. 

Oh Daniel, ready for the quote of the week?  This one is partly my fault.   I was just having a friendly conversation with him before our lesson so I asked him if there are any cute girls in his new 5th grade class.  He said, "Yeah I like one girl named Vanessa!"  I said "Vanessa!  Don't girls still have cooties when you're ten?"  He didn't know what cooties were so I told him they are girl germs.  He said "Oh.  No, but there is a girl in my class that has those!"  I just laughed and then asked him to say the opening prayer.  This is part of his prayer.  "Thank you that the girl with cooties didn't touch me because right now I would be disgusting.  And I would be vomiting."  It was all I could not to slap my forehead and say "Way to go Sister Short!!"  I then had to explain that Jesus wants us to be nice to everyone, even girls with cooties. :)  I need to keep my mouth shut sometimes!

So the new Elder in our branch is Elder Bowns and he is from Orem, Utah straight out of the Mexico MTC.  His first night in the field we are eating with the Curray family and they give us the typical drumstick, white rice, and beans.  Well as we are nearing the end of dinner I notice Elder Bowns has barely touched his chicken so I asked him why.  He whispers to me.  "I'm allergic to chicken."  I just about busted a gut thinking about how much chicken we eat!  He said "I have a pill that if I take it in the mornings then I can eat chicken, but I think I forgot it this morning!  He had all ready taken a few bites and was starting to really worry about whether or not he took the pill.  He must have because he could still breathe, but his companion had to eat the rest of the chicken.  Poor Elder Bowns, he'd better get used to taking his pills!  He looks so little!  He graduated and then left for the MTC 20 days later.  So crazy!

Our district before transfers
Food has been really good this week!  I had delicious guacamole, homemade taquitos, and of course beans and rice.  One night the lady who made the taquitos made rice with "mariscos" meaning seafood.  This lady put octopus, oyster, and crab in the rice!!!  Luckily, she said, "don't eat it if you don't like seafood!"  So me and my companion didn't touch it.  We each ate 7 taquitos instead.  I almost asked her if I could take some home with me.  It's a good thing we don't eat with certain members often, their food is so good I'd gain 50 lbs for sure!  It's hard enough biking back home after eating their food!

As a spiritual thought for this week, I was reading the January 2014 Ensign last week and I read a talk titled "Face the Future with Faith and Hope." By Elder M. Russell Ballard.  He said that today we live in the modern day Sodom and Gamorrah.  Whoa people!   Sodom and Gamorrah were terrible cities!!  The worst of the worst!  But Elder Ballard encouraged us to continue to stand strong despite the terrible environments surrounding us.  We have to be good examples wherever we go, because there are so many people who are making their way to the great and spacious building.  Like we taught Daniel this week.  Hold to the rod!  Then you can have the "delicious apple," as he would say it :)

I love Sister Mackillop!  She got transferred :(

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!
Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer :)
Hermana Short

I love mail!!

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