Monday, August 25, 2014

August Showers Bring Me Bites

Dearest Family,

I have officially lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 months now.  And what do I have to show for it?  50.  That's right 50 stinkin' mosquito bites!!!  I got 29 on my right leg, 20 on my left, and one on my arm.  I have been an itchy miserable mess!  It seriously looked like I had chicken pox, and at one point Sister Baros was worried enough to suggest calling Sister Sweeney.  I worried about bed bugs for a little bit, but since the bites are only on my calves where my skirt doesn't cover, I think they're just skeeter bites.  Ay ay ay I finally got itching cream today, but they're healing now.  I'm sure I'll get more this week though!  Sister Baros tells people she doesn't need bug spray because she has me to attract them!  Not cool!  Haha

The reason for the bug bites puts a smile on my face though :)  It rained 5 times this week!!!  Every night we would bike home to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning, sometimes it would rain as we biked, but more often it starts once we are home, or in the middle of the night.  It really cooled things down for a few days!  If 90 is cooled down....heck it felt like 70 to me!  

My new bike!

My new bike is a ginormous blessing!  I am noticing less knee pain because my legs can actually extend when I pedal now!  And I don't look like I'm riding a way too small bike!  Oh and pedaling is 3x as easy!   I don't think Sister Baros likes it, because I'll pedal like normal and end up 50 yards ahead of her cause my tires move me so fast :)  It's so fantastic!!  I bought a bike pump, and air gauge so I can take care of it and prevent flat tires now too !

Lorenzo came to church all by himself again yesterday!  This time he walked in at the end of the 2nd hour, so really just in time to say the closing prayer (and he did great!) and then go to sacrament with us.  After the sacrament the Bishopric told him their coming to visit him at his house, and a lady in the ward invited him and his family to Family Night in their home tonight!  The miracle of the member missionary work in sacrament was tremendous!  Remember Lorenzo is not a member, but his daughter Yasury is less active.  Yasury and the girls did not come with him again, but he asked me and Sister Baros if we would please work with her to help her come back to church.  For a second I forgot he wasn't all ready a member!  He asked us when we are coming over next, and told us we are going to help him with his English and he'll help us with Spanish.  We were practicing after Sacrament and one of the things he knew how to say was "Give me kiss."  hahaha I don't know how long I laughed!  He kept telling us we're beautiful and great girls.  We told him to bring his wife, but she likes hanging out in Wal-mart all day everyday so he said she wouldn't come.  So funny!  I will send a picture of him.

Speaking of learning Spanish, I have been getting tons of compliments lately.  As for training, I want to train so bad!  I would love helping someone with their first experience in the mission field.  Sister Grooms said that after I went on exchanges with Sister Doolhoff last week, Sister Doolhoff told Sister Grooms, "Sister Short is going to be a trainer."  That made me feel so good!  I'm glad she thinks that I work hard enough, and love the work enough to train a brand new missionary.  I don't know if I'll really get to, but I want too!  

The temple last Tuesday was incredible.  For 2 hours, I got to sit in the temple and not think about all the stuff we had to do, all the problems our investigators have, and just be peaceful and quiet.  So nice!    Afterwards we took pictures outside with our zone and some of the English sisters that were there too.  This wasn't one of the huge mission wide temple trips, just 2 zones at a time.  But it was still a nice experience!  Afterwards 8 of us went to get lunch, but me and Sister Doolhoff didn't want sub sandwiches, we wanted Wendy's so we walked across the parking lot to get some.  We ordered, got our food, and went to walk back to the sub shop but it started pouring on us!  We ran back to Wendy's (maybe 10 feet away) and by the time we got there we could wring out our clothes!  Crazy Arizona rain!

Rocio is still having a hard time keeping commitments.  She doesn't feel ready for baptism, she wants to know more she says.  Really she just can't commit to quit drinking tea or obey the law of chastity.  She just got a 2nd job, so we are meeting with her less frequently now too.  I don't know what to do with that woman!  She's so ready, but so so stubborn.

Daniel's brother agreed to sit in on Daniel's lessons now!  Carlos is a sophomore and we are meeting with him and Daniel tonight.  We let Daniel choose the lesson so he can help us teach and he picked Plan of Salvation.  In Daniel's words its more like the "Plan of the three Towers."  He's so set on getting to that top one! :)  Earlier this week Daniel was telling us to look up a song on YouTube.  He kept calling it Madding season, but then he told us some of the lyrics, and I think he was reading the title wrong.  Me and my companion walked away cracking up.  Yes Daniel, that's exactly what that song is called!  Don't you forget it!

Oh Jensyn, last night we walked into a members house and her boys were watching Scooby Doo.  I couldn't resist-- I told Sister Baros about astronaut food :)

And Karsyn, imagine moving Grammy, but with dozens of boxes of jewelry.  Dora Zamora moved to a new house down the street, and she has as much stuff as Grammy, but it's all wacko stuff!  I thought about taking a picture for you, because after organizing her jewelry closet, I thought, "this will be Karsyn in 50 years!!!"
I may have told a little white lie this week :p  You see we went to the Ramos family home for dinner on Wednesday.  Everyone except the mom is a member, but she loves missionaries and was excited to have us over for dinner!  She made a special Tacos.  Imagine my horror!  The best part was, that the other stuff she had for us to put in the taco was coleslaw drenched in mayo.  She asked us before we started eating if we had allergies and I said, "well sometimes fish makes me sick, but I can try it."  This conversation is in Spanish.  So she thinks I'm telling her that other people don't cook it enough so I get food poisoning.  I gave up trying to explain and decided to grin and bear it.  So I take the first bite.  NOPE.  Couldn't do it.   I slyly started letting the fried fish fall out of my taco onto my plate.  Well there was a she noticed.  Dang it.  She asked if I wanted a quesadilla, and why I wasn't eating it, because she promises it won't make me sick.  So I finally just said. " Um.  It's like an allergy."  Ohhhh now she's begging me to eat a quesadilla, offering me allergy medication, and educating me on how much I would have to eat before I have an allergic reaction because she's a nurse.  Then I felt kind of bad, but hey it is like an allergy!  I have an attack!  The panicky kind!

Thank you for sending me those letters from the Short Family!  I loved them!  I can't even explain how happy little notes and letters make me as a missionary!  There's nothing worse than an empty mailbox :)

This week I only went on one exchange with Sister Grooms, but we got to go in her area which is always nice, because we have a car!  Remember rat lady though in her area?  This time she had a flippin snake!!!!  Whenever Sister Grooms tells me we're going to see the Beard family I always have a mini heart attack and try not to notice my surroundings while I sit there clutching my backpack for dear life.  Sleepovers at Sister Grooms house are always entertaining too.  Their roommates Sister Jackson and Heuea are hilarious!  They like to goof off and wrestle which is such a nice relief for my  cooped up personality!  I have to be so proper at home :)  Sister Jackson even says "Don't tell anyone, but you're my favorite :)"  I can't wait for post mission reunions with some of these girls!  Sister Jackson is my same age and we will have so much fun together!  Except she's a BYU fan.....everyone here is!!!!! :(

My spiritual experience this week was in regards to a less active 19 year old named Elsy.  We were out one night, had 30 minutes of proselyting time left, and no where to go.  We started riding to a potential investigators house, but as we neared Elsy's street I had the thought to go visit her.  When we got there she told us about her day, and it had been one rough day!  She said she came home and read the Book of Mormon, because she needed something uplifting.  And then when we came over she said it was so nice, because she always feels better when the missionaries come over and talk with her.  I was so glad I had followed that prompting. Heavenly Father knows his children, and I love being his hands to help them :)

I love you!!!! Have a great week, and keep being missionaries.  Member missionaries are the most important thing in the world!!

Hermana Short

Monday, August 18, 2014

Contando Bendiciones

Que Pasa Mufasa? :)

This has been a fantastic week, and I think next week is going to be even better!!  I'm so excited!!  First of all we found out that our temple trip is this Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am soooooo excited.  I feel like not being able to go to the temple whenever I want has been one of the hardest sacrifices of my mission.  I have been craving temple attendance, so I'm pretty sure this Tuesday is going to be the best!  We are going to the Mesa temple which is about 20 minutes away.  The Glendale one is like 90 minutes away, and the new Phoenix one will be about 50 minutes, so for now Mesa is closest to me.  We haven't heard if we get to help with the open house, it's not in our mission, but we will definitely be able to take investigators to the open house.  I don't know if we will have shifts at the open house to help. 

I did go to the Mesa temple this week to walk the grounds and visit the Visitor's Center though!  We took our investigator Rocio, her mom Hermana Barron, and Rocio's daughter Ana.  We watched the Christus, God's Plan for Families Display, and a movie about Christ's life.  Rocio said the Christus was her favorite, it was cool listening to it in Spanish :)  She isn't very open with feelings, but I could tell it was making her think and that she could feel the Spirit.  She probably won't be getting baptized on the 30 because she still won't commit to keep the law of Chastity, but she loves learning and apparently told the Branch President that she still has a desire to get baptized eventually!

Rocio, Ana, Hermana Baros, me, Hermana Barron

Yesterday a miracle occurred.  Yasury is a recent convert/less active member that we work with weekly.  Her parents Lorenzo and Lupita aren't members, but they live with her.  This past week, I passed by their house with Sister Doolhoff to set an appointment for another day and Lorenzo pulled up a chair in front of me and asked me what I was going to teach him today!  Um ok?  My first thought was Word of Wisdom, I don't know why.  So I taught the Word of Wisdom, he told me didn't have any problems with keeping it, and promised me he'd keep it for the rest of his life.  (He's 68)  There were some hilarious parts to this lesson though.  First Lorenzo loves to hug the sister missionaries.  He's such a grandfatherly man and loves missionaries!  So we shake his hand and he pulls us into a hug!  Well hahahaha after his lesson he hugged us again and then we left.  As we are walking to our bike Sister Doolhoff says "Did he kiss you???"  I started laughing and said, "No, did he kiss you??"  she says, "Yes!  On my neck!!!"  I almost died of laughter!  She was so traumatized!!  I'm cracking up just thinking about it!  Come to find out, while I had been chatting with Yasury after the lesson Lorenzo had been calling Sister Doolhoff "Bonita" and trying to figure out the color of her eyes.  Oh man, I seriously can't even tell you how hard I was laughing.  BUT!  That was not the miracle obviously.  So in that lesson I asked Lorenzo why he wasn't at church the past week and he told me he just didn't have time.  I pretended to cry and he promised me with his hand raised that he would come this week.  Eh I've learned not to trust promises from these people.   Sunday we call him anyway and he doesn't answer so we are feeling kind of sad because 0 of our investigators were at church.  We are sitting in gospel principles 2nd hour (Sacrament is 3rd hour) and all of a sudden I hear Sister Baros gasp and her jaw is on the floor.  I look at the door to the classroom and Lorenzo is standing there in a white shirt and tan pants!!  I jumped from my seat and ran all but screaming to greet him.  Lorenzo. Came. To. Church.  He listened intently the whole class, following along in the scriptures and the lesson manual.  And what was the lesson on?  The word of wisdom!!  It clarified things I hadn't covered when I taught it to him earlier.  Divine intervention that I had the thought to teach him that this week! Then he went to Sacrament meeting with us and again was listening more intently than I was!  During the hymns he would share my hymn book and follow along each verse with his finger while I sang the words.  He's such a cute old man!!  He tells us he wants to be baptized in February when his granddaughter turns 8, but we're going to try to change his mind.  He came to church all by himself!  NONE of our investigators do that.  We always have to find them a ride or chase them down.  He's so prepared and willing to learn it's incredible.  We just might have to push him in the font to help him realize it :)

We taught Daniel this week, and I finally got a picture with him!  We taught him about service this week and read the story of Ammon from the Book of Mormon.  He was a little freaked out that his arms might get cut off, but he told us he prayed about service and then served a kid at school.  He also said that in Scouts they gave him a stack of pass along cards to give out, so he went to school the next day and gave them ALL away.  He said one kid wiped his sweat with it, but others liked it :)  Such a good little missionary!  Apparently, he got grounded for eating too much food, so he couldn't come to church, we have to check up on that this week :/

Me and Daniel

Emmanuel did not get baptized :/  I got up the guts to knock on his door again this week, then I knocked again, I knew someone was in there so I went to the window and knocked, haha then I knocked again thinking I could see Emmanuel sitting on the couch.  Well.  It wasn't Emmanuel, it was his dad!  He turns around and gives me the look of death, so I waved.  And ran!  We haven't seen Emmanuel since.  Ay poor kid, we are going to have to drop him soon :(  If he doesn't have parent support, he can't come to church, so he can't get baptized.  So sad :( 

Our investigator Julio talked to his boss about working on Sundays this week and his boss told him he could have them off starting next month.  We are very excited for him!  We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and were able to answer his questions about the Fall of Adam.  He wondered why a sin would be required for the plan to continue.  We read 2 Nephi 2:22-25 and that was it, he understood!  The Book of Mormon is key to answering questions!

Some guy tried to trade bikes with me this week.  He was riding this red beach cruiser down the road and I yelled out "Me gusta su bicicleta!" (I like your bike) He said "Quiere cambiar?" (Want to change?)  I told him no and that I needed my bike, he asked why.  Haha finally I told him my mom bought it for me, so I couldn't sell it.  At that point he finally dropped it, but it was a tempting offer!  Speaking of bikes.  Muchisimas gracias for my new bike!  We are going to Landis today to pick it up and I am so excited!!  I'll stay away from garbage cans I promise :)  Riding bikes in the rain is my new favorite thing :) We did it twice this week!  Once with Sister Grooms, and once with Sister Baros.  With Sister Baros last night it was kind of freaky because there was quite the lightning show, the lightning was horizontal and curled sometimes!  That was cool!  Some guy told us there was a tornado warning on the news for Phoenix so we raced home at 8pm in the rain.  We then wondered if he really just didn't want to talk to us.  Ha Ha - probably true.

Yesterday I was looking through my journal and realized that one year ago today, was my first day of living on my own in Cedar City!  Those two semesters were so helpful in preparing me to leave home for a mission!  I don't know how I would have survived otherwise.

Thank you for my 2 month package!  I've eaten....almost everything all ready :)  I decided I have to make myself work harder during exercise time everyday because my cookie and milk intake has increased!  Luckily, my daily bike riding helps me stay more fit than I was pre mission!  Today I ran a mile in stomach hurts from running that hard now, but I'm sure proud of it!

I think that's about it for this week!  A lot of good things happened for sure, we had a couple of rough days where the sun was relentless and we were super exhausted, but like we tell everyone who asks us why we are riding our bikes at 4 in the afternoon, we get strength from Heavenly Father.  He really is watching over his servants, and it's because of him that I have the strength to pull my exhausted body out of bed in the morning just to repeat the process :)

Thank you so much for the letters this week, for the package, the bike, the thoughts and the prayers.  I could not be here without knowing how much support I have from my family back home.  I'm quite the blessed missionary :)

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Sister Short

Monday, August 11, 2014

2 Months!!

Isa, Yasury & Hermana Short
Querida Familia,

No one believes I've been out here 2 months.  I usually hear, "that's it?! It feels like you've been here forever!"  Then I think, "oh no, if 2 months feels like forever, what is left?!?"  Nah I'm 1/9 of the way done and excited to see what I can do with the next 8/9 :)  My companion told me people say that because I work like I've been out for 4 or 5 months all ready.  That was a nice compliment!  Then again the only reason I learned to work like that is because she always abandons me and Sister Grooms in little Mexico and leaves me to fend for myself!  I had to learn quickly :)  

Another part of why I like to make sure I work hard is because it hit me this week that these are the only 18 months that I have to give completely to my Savior.  Before I came, and after I'm home I have to worry about school, work, and starting a family.  But for now I can focus solely on learning and spreading the gospel.  What a blessing it is to be able to dedicate this short period of time to him.  It may not feel short some days, but compared to eternity, this year and a half is nothing. 

Hermana Baros and I with Yasury's girls!
We had a sad experience this week :(  Every Friday we have 3-4 hours of weekly planning, which is where we sit down and plan for every single investigator for the next 7 days, and how to strengthen the work in our area that week.  Well, we spent probably 2 and half hours this past Friday planning Emmanuel's baptism.  He's 10 and has been super excited for baptism.  His interview was supposed to be Saturday night, but he mysteriously disappeared with his dad that night, so he missed his interview.  The next day we biked to his house to see if he was coming to church and his dad answered the door.  He told us "No tocan nada mas!  No tocan!"  Which means "Don't knock on this door anymore!"  He said it multiple times -not so kindly, then shut the door in our faces.  So now there is no baptism this week, we aren't welcome at Emanuel's door, and we don't know how to contact the poor kid to let him know why we haven't seen him in a few days!  His dad is  a scary looking guy and we don't want to anger him.  So we are going to try praying, biking to his house this week, and hoping Emmanuel's outside.  Ay so sad!  Emmanuel has had so many baptismal dates!  And something has happened every time!  

In exchange for something sad, we had a miracle this week.  Julio accepted a baptism date for September 13th!  I can't remember if I've talked about Julio before.  He had a baptism date last year, but cancelled the day of.  We've been trying to find him for weeks, finally found him at home, and now he wants to attend church, relearn all the lessons, and be baptized!  He even had a Gospel Principles manual that he likes to read.  Maybe he wasn't quite prepared last year, but we can see that now he is ready.  We are very excited to see him progress!  

The fence we painted :)
Liliana also accepted the baptismal invitation this week!  Last week we asked her to be baptized and she said "Si!"  And we said "Si?!"  then she said "oh!  no!  Soy catolica." (I'm catholic) Then this Friday we extended the invitation again and she said "Si!" and we said "Si?!"  and she said "Si!"  Haha I thought she was going to say no again, but she now wants to be baptized.  I'm not sure what changed her answer, but she really wants to follow Jesus Christ and live forever with her daughters, so when we told her baptism was the first step, I think it clicked.  She seems to be a slower learner though, so we have to explain things multiple times and very very simply.  But she's super nice, and seems to trust us more every time we teach. 

Oh Daniel, ready for the quote of the week?  This one is partly my fault.   I was just having a friendly conversation with him before our lesson so I asked him if there are any cute girls in his new 5th grade class.  He said, "Yeah I like one girl named Vanessa!"  I said "Vanessa!  Don't girls still have cooties when you're ten?"  He didn't know what cooties were so I told him they are girl germs.  He said "Oh.  No, but there is a girl in my class that has those!"  I just laughed and then asked him to say the opening prayer.  This is part of his prayer.  "Thank you that the girl with cooties didn't touch me because right now I would be disgusting.  And I would be vomiting."  It was all I could not to slap my forehead and say "Way to go Sister Short!!"  I then had to explain that Jesus wants us to be nice to everyone, even girls with cooties. :)  I need to keep my mouth shut sometimes!

So the new Elder in our branch is Elder Bowns and he is from Orem, Utah straight out of the Mexico MTC.  His first night in the field we are eating with the Curray family and they give us the typical drumstick, white rice, and beans.  Well as we are nearing the end of dinner I notice Elder Bowns has barely touched his chicken so I asked him why.  He whispers to me.  "I'm allergic to chicken."  I just about busted a gut thinking about how much chicken we eat!  He said "I have a pill that if I take it in the mornings then I can eat chicken, but I think I forgot it this morning!  He had all ready taken a few bites and was starting to really worry about whether or not he took the pill.  He must have because he could still breathe, but his companion had to eat the rest of the chicken.  Poor Elder Bowns, he'd better get used to taking his pills!  He looks so little!  He graduated and then left for the MTC 20 days later.  So crazy!

Our district before transfers
Food has been really good this week!  I had delicious guacamole, homemade taquitos, and of course beans and rice.  One night the lady who made the taquitos made rice with "mariscos" meaning seafood.  This lady put octopus, oyster, and crab in the rice!!!  Luckily, she said, "don't eat it if you don't like seafood!"  So me and my companion didn't touch it.  We each ate 7 taquitos instead.  I almost asked her if I could take some home with me.  It's a good thing we don't eat with certain members often, their food is so good I'd gain 50 lbs for sure!  It's hard enough biking back home after eating their food!

As a spiritual thought for this week, I was reading the January 2014 Ensign last week and I read a talk titled "Face the Future with Faith and Hope." By Elder M. Russell Ballard.  He said that today we live in the modern day Sodom and Gamorrah.  Whoa people!   Sodom and Gamorrah were terrible cities!!  The worst of the worst!  But Elder Ballard encouraged us to continue to stand strong despite the terrible environments surrounding us.  We have to be good examples wherever we go, because there are so many people who are making their way to the great and spacious building.  Like we taught Daniel this week.  Hold to the rod!  Then you can have the "delicious apple," as he would say it :)

I love Sister Mackillop!  She got transferred :(

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!
Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer :)
Hermana Short

I love mail!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week and a half in a nutshell...

Querida Familia,

I have so much to tell this week!  

The funniest stories are once again from lessons with Daniel.  This week we were reading the chapter in the Book of Mormon when Nephi builds a boat.  We taught him that sometimes the Lord asks us to do hard things, but we still do them.  So at the end of the lesson we ask Daniel to say the prayer and he tells Heavenly Father, "if there is ever a flood again, I will build the boat."  I had to duck my head fast so he wouldn't see me crack up!  Such a sweet heart.  Also, in that lesson Daniel informed us that he baptized his little brother in their inflatable pool.  Hahaha!  Luckily, he understood it was only for pretend.  We were worried for a second.

This week we painted/vandalized a fence!  You see last Thursday we asked Rafael and Laticia if we could paint their fence on Saturday.  They said yes, but they didn't answer their door on Saturday!  We decided to do it anyway :)  We found the paint bucket in their yard and some rock hard paint-brushes that we knew we couldn't paint with.  Sister Baros makes us walk around the trailer park asking people outside if they had brushes!  Luckily someone did, and we painted their entire fence while they were sleeping!  I was thinking the whole time, "if someone painted my families fence while we were asleep my mom would be livid!"  Luckily, we got a text 3 days later from Laticia thanking us, and I could finally breathe easy again.  I was worried we had vandalized rather than served!  

This past week I rode my bike in my first Arizona rainstorm and it was crazy!  First, it was a sprinkle, then slowly it got harder, and soon we were soaked.  We made it to a members house, but the wife wasn't home so we sat on their covered porch in the dark waiting for the other Sisters to come pick us up and take us home.  The cold rain felt good though in that hot air!  

I also crashed my bike this week :p  It was so dumb!   I'm cruising a long on the sidewalk and some clown face had parked his garbage cans on the sidewalk.  I decided I still had enough room to bike by them without getting off my bike and going onto the street.  There wasn't as much room as I thought :)  I went full speed and my handlebar caught the garbage can sending my body flying forward into the bars (leaving a nice bruise below my belly button)  and the force of the handle bars I guess pushed me side ways so I crashed on my palms on the sidewalk (leaving a nice bruise on my right hand) and then rolled over to have the bike come down on top of me.  Luckily, my backpack saved me from hitting my back or head.  I quickly hopped up and moaned while uncontrollably laughing about the fact that I had just crashed into a garbage can. Sister Baros was trying to be concerned, but she couldn't help laughing too.  I drove by that sidewalk the next day and the people had moved the cans back onto their driveway.  Grrr.  I guess every missionary has to have at least one crash though!

Mission magic worked again this week!  I was craving warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.  AND IT HAPPENED!  We went to our less active member Yasury's house and I walked in to the smell of freshly baked cookies, and sure enough they were chocolate chip!  She also gave us toast with nutella.  Every time we ate a piece of toast, she'd put another one in front of us.  I don't know how many I ate!

Mission magic also seems to come with a price for me though.  So my favorite Mexican dish is pozole.  Well that's what a member served us this week!  I thought it smelled different, but I was too excited to care.  After I'd taken a few bites my companion says "I've never had fish pozole before!"  My body freaked out!  My face went red, I started sweating, tears stung my eyes, and my instinct told me to make myself throw it up!  The other missionaries just looked at me like I was crazy.  All of a sudden, I could smell the fish, taste the fish, and I imagined it swimming through my digestive system and was trying so hard not to burst into tears at the fear of it.  My companion made me try to eat more giving me a guilt trip, so I took a few more bites, avoiding the meat, but I just couldn't do it.  Luckily, the member didn't even notice or care.  Now I know to ask what meat I'm eating.  Dumb fish.  I've never experienced a fear of food like that before!

Sister Orozco (Branch RS President) 
Our investigator Rosio made it to church with her mom again this week!  The best part was that she had her one year old daughter Analisia given a name and a blessing in sacrament meeting!  She had to hold her on her lap and at our next lesson she told us she cried during it, and that she loved it.  We were so happy :)  Rosio is still struggling to commit to live the law of chastity, and giving up tea.  She's a very stubborn woman!  

I got chased by a hyena this week!!!!!!  Ok, so it was actually a chihuahua, but it looked like a hyena with the weird fur it had!  Every time I kicked at it, it got closer!  So I ended up running around in circles while at looked at me menacingly and tried to eat my leg.  The Mexicans in the trailed park watching me thought it was hilarious.  Sister Baros kept trying to talk to them, probably glad the dog wasn't chasing her for once. 

That was also when Sister Baros told the Mexican in Spanish that if they ordered the movie on the back of the pass a long card --it came with Sister Missionaries!  The way she said it sounded so wrong!  She immediately started cracking up and the guy kind of chuckled while me and my companion tried to regain our control.  She has made a lot of hilarious mistakes lately.  When we were looking for paint brushes she asked someone "Do you have something we can paint?"  He looked confused and told us "Yeah, the whole trailer!"  Or the time she asked the ward mission leader if he could wash us, she meant to say-- take us.  Oh Sister Baros, in her defense lavar and llevar are kind of similar!

Last night I had a neat lesson with Sister Grooms!  In my area book I found a man who was supposed to be baptized a year ago this month, but cancelled the day of his baptism.  So I felt like we needed to go find him.  For WEEKS I have knocked on his door, and no one has answered.  Finally this week we walked up to his door and saw him sitting on the couch.  But when we knocked he didn't answer.  So we knocked again.   Still no answer.  So we knocked AGAIN!  And he answers and tells us he wants to meet with missionaries again and wants to get baptized!  Right as we were about to leave I had the thought to ask him why he wants to get baptized.  He said because he knows he needs to.  Me and Sister Grooms met with him again yesterday and he told us he can't come to church because he works Sundays.  So we challenged him to tell his boss he'd like to go to church and then pray because in 1 Nephi 3:7 it says the Lord will provide a way.  He told us he would and that he would also pray about a baptism date.  We are so excited!

We are hoping to have our first baptism on August 16th.  Sister Mortensen and Mackillop were teaching 10 year old Emmanuel when we first got to our area, and since he had a baptism date they continued to teach him even though technically he's ours.  Well his baptism date fell through twice because he wasn't showing up for their appointments, so they handed him off to us.  His new date is the 16th and every time he prays in our lessons he prays that he can get baptized soon.  He's so excited, we just have to get him to stick to his appointments!  His mom is very supportive of his decision to get baptized, unlike Daniel's.  So that's a relief!

And that has been the last week and a half in a nutshell!  We will have P-Day again on Monday so you'll get another email soon :)  I'm learning a lot about becoming a good follower..... I guess it's about time I'm the one being bossed, right Jens and Kars?  ;)

Have a fantastic week!  

I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU

Hermana Short
We found a hiking group at the top of the mountain last week.  They made us say a prayer with them, and then take a picture.  I love Mexicans!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfer Week

Transfers are this week and so Adyson's P-Day is on Wednesday.  Check back Wednesday for her latest update!