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Training, Toasty, Tans and Tostadas!!

Hiking Squaw Peak
Buenas Dias Familia!
I can't believe I am on week 6!!  I'm halfway done training already!  And oh man it was hot.  It was a different kind of hot this week though.  Not just an "Oh my goodness the air is like the inside of an oven,"  More like "Oh my goodness gracious I'm being roasted over an open flame!"   The car thermometer on Tuesday said 127.  I think in reality it was 114, but at that point it all feels the same!  I still have yet to get sunburned though.  My tan on my arms is so deep though...I've never seen my skin so dark!  Everyone comments on's funny :)  

My leg vs. my arm

 So this week I had some pretty miraculous experiences, some hilarious experiences, and then some other fun stuff!
First the funny experience of the week :)  So yesterday at church one of our less active families came to church.  Yasury is the mom and she has 3 little girls (the ones that think we look like princesses from Frozen) and then Yasury's non-member friend came with them!  Every one says it's a miracle we have gotten Yasury to church twice in a row because she hasn't been in so long, no matter what missionaries are here!  We felt pretty accomplished :)  Well every time she comes to church, or we are at her house she usually takes a picture of me.  Sometimes with Sister Baros too, but usually just me.  I didn't even think much of it, but yesterday I finally asked her when she took one in Relief Society why she was taking pictures.  She's been sending them to her little brother!!! Hahahahaha!  I cracked up!  I said "Sister!  I have 17 months left!!"  She told me "He will wait."  Oh man I was dying....last time I let her take a picture of me!   Oh man, I love that family so much.  

This week we had a lesson with Daniel about missionary work.  We gave him a pass a long card to give away and he started naming off friends he all ready had in mind to give them too!  It was so cute :)  We told him at the beginning, "Daniel did you know you can be a missionary right now?"  His eyes got wide and he got so excited!  I love that kid :)  

Rosio is our newest joy.  She is maybe 21ish and has a 16 month old daughter Analisia.  Rosio lives with her parents who are members, but hasn't been baptized because she didn't want to feel like she did it because her parents did.  I told you a couple weeks ago she now has a baptismal date!  Again the other missionaries told us that was a miracle, and that they've been working on that for a while.  The best part is that Rosio really trusts us.  She told us about a couple experiences she's had recently that only her mom knows about and has asked us not to share them.  We are so glad that she feels safe to confide in us.  She has chastity issues with Analisia's dad, but she told us this week, "I'm just going to tell him that I want to get baptized so he has to follow the chastity thing with me."  That was the first time we heard her confess that it's really something she wants and is looking forward too.  She set the date for her baptism I think because she knows it's right, but since then her desire to be baptized has grown immensely.  We hope....sometimes we get our hopes up with people and then they crush our dreams, but we keep hoping :)

Francisco was an incredible experience this week.  Me and Sister Baros are biking down a busy road at 8:30ish one night; it's dark, there's weird people on the streets, and it was starting to rain.  Usually at night we don't talk to people when we bike past them because it's risky and kind of dangerous.  But we are biking past this bus stop and the man sitting there hollers hello.  So we respond, and I slowed down (I don't know why) and Sister Baros keeps pedaling full speed ahead.  I turn my head and hear the man holler "Are you guys from the church?"  Now I stop and yell for Sister Baros.  Wondering if this guy is legit, or drunk I tell him that yes we are from the church.  He says "I know.  I could feel the Spirit when you went by!"  WHAT?!  Now I'm excited :)  Sister Baros comes back and we discover that his name is Francisco, he has tons of faith, and was really interested in our message.  So what did we do?  We taught him the restoration at the bus stop in the rain.  He loved it!  He told us the Spirit was testifying the truth to him of what we were teaching.  We got to the part about the First Vision and it was my turn to talk.  I started in English, but for the life of me could not find the words to speak. I told him I usually teach in Spanish, he was a Latino so he said "Do it in Spanish then!"  So I switched to Spanish and the words flew off my tongue way better than I could have even tried in English.  It was incredible!  After I finished he told me he felt like crying.  I was just grinning from ear to ear and me and Sister Baros kept looking at each other like "Is this guy for real?"  So we asked him for his number so we could meet him again.  He told us he didn't know his number, but he would call us.  My heart kind of fell.  That's how people brush us off.  Well that night Francisco called our phone and gave us his address and number and told us how excited he was to meet again.  The only bad part...his address is not in our area :(  We were devastated!  We gave his info to the other missionaries, who aren't even in our branch :(  It was so sad, but at the same time, we were so glad we found him.  Had I not stopped, and I'm convinced the Spirit stopped me, we would not have found Francisco, who is so prepared it kills me!

I don't know why I always give a food update in my emails, but it entertains me :)  This week we got to go to Chic-Fil-A.  We went with the other Sisters in our branch and Sister Orozco.  We had to bike there, and pay for ourselves, but man those chicken nuggets were worth it :)  I ended up buying tostada shells, the craving was too strong :)  I have tostadas at least every other day for lunch now! 
Tostadas for lunch! (side note from mom.... beans & lettuce, so gourmet -Ad!)

 I was craving cheesecake, and the Branch President's wife just happened to serve cheesecake after our correlation meeting!  Man, I really love the blessing of fulfilled food cravings!  One couple bought us pizza this week.  The wife was so funny, we walk up to her house and she starts going off "Oh mi amor! Pobresitos, ven a dentro, oh mi amor, mi amor!"  for you gringos out there "Oh my love, poor children, come inside, my love!"  It was like a mom talking to her 1 year old who crashed while trying to walk.  So dramatic!  We always say she should be in a soap opera.  She took very good care of us though!  OH and I had the most delicious fajitas this week.  A member in the English ward made them for me and Sister Grooms.  Homemade guacamole and everything!  It was the best meal in my mission so far.  During that meal though I see this odd shadow on the lady's curtains and realized it was in the shape of a lizard!  I said "Um is that a lizard on your curtains?"  It didn't even phase her!  I was freaking out the rest of dinner constantly making sure that slimy creature stayed put.  Apparently they are common.  EWWW!

 The worst animal story this week though was when I was at another one of Sister Grooms investigators houses and I sit down in a chair and realize I'm sitting next to a glass cage.  The thoughts that immediately ran through my head were so panicked!  "Snake? lizard? Gerbil?"  I'm frantically trying to find the animal in the cage, then I see something move....On top of the cage.  A GIANT white rat was out of its cage, and right by my face!  Oh my goodness it took ALL my self control not to run screaming out of the house.  I just calmly stood up, and scooted my chair very close to Sister Grooms!  Ayayay-- that disgusting long tail and those beady eyes still haunt me.  

I had one of my hardest lessons yet this week.  Sister Grooms and I were in my area, which means I teach the entire lesson while she nods her head and says "Si!"  Well we went to Carlos and Veronika, for their first lesson and they gave me a run for my money!  How was I supposed to know they were leaders in their christian church?  They listened well, but at the end when I asked if we could come back the wife told me no.  Then Carlos told me I was taking blessings away from other people, because he already believed in Christ, and was on the same page as me, so I should go find people who were worse off, and needed faith in Christ.  I was on my own! I didn't know quite what to do with that, so I invited them to pray about what we had taught, and then if they felt differently to call us.  Ayayay that was rough!  There was so much potential throughout the lesson, then BAM rejected.  Oh well, there will be more I'm sure :)

Last P-day we got to go bowling!  It was so fun!!  Like a giant party with our zone, and we all felt so normal for 2 Fun.  

This morning we went hiking on Squaw Peak.  I almost died.  It was so steep!!  We went at 5 am so luckily it wasn't hot, but man I was sweating!  We are all exhausted now and planning naps for after emails.  

Well that's it for this week folks, I'll try not to injure myself this week mom!  Oh I didn't even tell you.  I ran into a bar with my head, it probably looked hilarious like a clown who runs into a bar and it knocks them backwards.  Left quite the goose egg though!  I forget how tall I am sometimes and frankly forget to watch where I'm walking :)  Any other sister wouldn't have brushed the dang thing with the top of their head!  Maybe I'm growing...after all...wouldn't want Kars to pass me!
I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!
Sister Short

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