Friday, June 13, 2014

First Email!!

Hola familia!!

My branch president wanted us to email today just to tell you we are alive and well :)  My companion is Hermana Vargas and she is great, we get a long well.  I am on the BYU campus with all the other Spanish speaking missionaries and it's super open and relaxing!  I share an apartment with 4 latinas including my companion and they're hilarious!  The classes are long....there are three 3-4-hour class blocks every day.  And it's all in Spanish!  There's 8 people in my district, 4 are nativos y 4 are gringos.  They are from Spain, Washington, Texas, Nebraska, Utah, California and 3 of us are going to Scottsdale, one to Spain, one to D.C. one to Georgia and one to Washington.  We all look forward to gym time and meals cause it's a nice release from the classroom!  We play volleyball in one of the gym bubbles. (I explained those in a letter home.)  I feel like I have a ton to share, but it will have to wait til Tuesday.  

I love you all!!  Thank you for my letters!  They made me cry a bit the first night, but otherwise I'm doing really well!  I prayed for strength and I get more and more every day :)  I love singing in Spanish, and eating cereal for most meals :)  Don't worry mom, there is fruit....I will eat some today I promise!  And I had some ham for breakfast.  I got to go study, we teach our first fake investigator Spanish!  Oh and I am a Sister Training Leader all ready.  For the 9 days we are here.  It's kind of crazy, I don't know what I'm really supposed to do yet  besides go to extra meetings on Sunday.  I just found out last night!  Anyway!  I love you, I miss you, have a good day!!!

Con amor, 

Hermana Short

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